10 Free Action Movie LUTs

Hey, remember that time we explained what LUT’s were and then gave you 10 LUTs for free?

And remember that time we did a free week of asset giveaways including 70 Free sound effects, 10 Free text presets, and 10 more free LUTs?

Oops, I guess the cat’s out of the bag now. As our free giveaway week continues, today we are giving away 10 action movie LUTs for you to use in all of your projects.

If you don’t know what a LUT is, check out the article we referenced above, but in short they are presets that aren’t presets. What we mean is this. LUT’s contain color data for color grading of video, but that data is stored in a format that can be read by most any editing software. It’s not a preset that can be adjusted by your software’s preset knobs, but they can be very useful because of their flexibility.

The first set of LUT’s we gave away were very popular so we figured why not give away more as part of our giveaway week.

The LUT’s cover a range of really cool color grading looks that are perfect for action movie style grading. We created LUT’s that pop, and LUT’s with some really strong contrast to them. There is a lot to work with here folks.

Here’s a video showing each of the LUT’s in action.

And here’s the link to download the free LUTs.


And, as always, give us feedback on these LUTs in the comments below and link to any projects that show off how you used them.

Look out for another giveaway tomorrow!

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