10 Mo-Graph Artists To Follow On Twitter

We recently created a post about filmmakers you should follow on Twitter. But there are lots of other people you should think about following on Twitter. If you are a motion graphic designer or just interested in the art form, today we'll give you 10 mo-graph artists that you should definitely be following on Twitter.

GMUNK: @gmunk

GMUNK is a multi-talented artist and director. He's one of the most respected designers in the field having worked on everything from broadcast packages for NickToons to special graphics packages for Beck and the movie Tron. He's always pushing the limits of what people expect can be done in the motion graphic world.

Andrew Kramer: @videocopilot

Andrew Kramer worked as a mo-graph freelancer before starting his immensely popular resource site Video Copilot. With Video Copilot he's been responsible for teaching countless young artists how to use After Effects through his tutorial series. And more recently, he and his team have been creating plug-ins that are becoming industry standard tools for artists.

Fraser Davidson: @FrazDav

Fraser Davidson is a BAFTA award winning director and designer, who has made a name for himself with his unique illustrated style and quirky character animation. Many artists working today look to his style for inspiration. He's even created an online course for character animation in After Effects. When not teaching his tricks, he heads up Cub Studio, working on motion graphic pieces for clients like the NFL and Twitter.

Jorge Canedo Estrada: @jrcanest

Jorge Canedo Estrada started down the path to filmmaking before falling in love with digital design. He's most known for his masterful use of often simple or minimal design elements. Working his way up from a designer at the famed studio Buck, he now resides as art director at another great studio, Giant Ant.

Danny Yount: @dannyyount

Danny Yount is a designer and animator who has made a huge mark on title design. In fact, if you watch tv or go to the movies, you'd be hard pressed to have not seen his work. Some of his more well known titles are in movies like Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man, and in television he's worked on titles like Six Feet Under and American Horror Show, just to name a few.

EJ Hassenfratz: @eyedesyn

EJ Hassenfratz has a rich background as a freelance designer creating work for clients like Chick-Fil-A and Fox Sports. But he's also gained quite a following for his ongoing library of After Effects and Cinema 4D tutorials that he posts at his site He's also created training videos for the popular e-learning site

Ash Thorp: @Ashthorp

Ash Thorp is another envelope pushing motion designer who among other things, has made a name for himself with title designs such as Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, X-Men First Class, and Ender's Game. He's recently been hard at work on a personal project called Lost Boy which will, no doubt, be an exciting project to see launched.

Markus Magnusson: @motionmarkus

Markus Magnusson is a super talented illustrative character animator, who also has a unique style that many have emulated. His light-hearted design sensibilities and animation techniques have led to work from clients like Google, Vodapone, and ESPN.

Dave Chenell: @davechenell

Dave Chenell is a designer, animator, and indie game developer who also spends part of his time as one hlaf of the creative duo Enormous. His beautiful design aesthetic is part illustration, part watercolor painting, and part geometry experiment.

Oliver Sin: @oliversin

Oliver Sin is a freelance designer who mixes multiple illustration techniques from cartoony hand drawn designs to deeply textural graphic looks for a variety of high profile clients. He's put his talents to great use for clients like Samsung, Matador Records, and the World Wildlife Fund. Additionally, he sells some of his illustrations on products through his website.

There are so many talented motion designers coming up with new and interesting ways to push the medium further each day. Start by following these 10 on Twitter and expand from there.

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