10 Premiere Tutorials You Need to Watch

Premiere Pro is a pretty robust editing program. Just about anyone can get into it and create something, but with a little practice, you’ll find that you can do quite a bit more. And of course, one of the best ways to learn the inner workings of Premiere Pro is through tutorials.

We’ve put together a list of 10 Premiere Pro tutorials that you need to watch to help you become a Premiere Pro, a pro at Premiere Pro.

Bonus, we created all of these tutorials ourselves.

1. Separate RGB Effect

Ever wanted to get one of those cool effects where it looks like the RGB channels of a clip separate and glitch? Turns out you don’t need to do this in After Effects or buy some crazy plug-in to achieve this look.

In this short tutorial, we show you exactly how to do it with a few layers and blending modes. Really, it’s super easy, and super cool.

2. Glass Panel Effect

One popular technique that we often see from After Effects designers is the “glass panel” overlay. This is when it looks like there is one or several glass panels in front of your footage, moving along and slightly magnifying the image.

While it is commonly done in After Effects, you can also easily create that same effect right inside of Premiere Pro using some adjustment layers, a few keyframes, a some minor tweaks.

In this tutorial, we show you how to accomplish the whole look in under 5 minutes.

3. Installing & Using Premiere Pro Presets

One of the simplest ways to become a Premiere Pro power user is to take advantage of Premiere Pro presets. Presets make it really easy to add effects, color settings, and the like to your footage without having to do everything by hand all of the time.

While some of you may already know how to use presets, we figured it would be worthwhile to show more novice users how to install and use them. Be sure to check out this super quick tutorial if you are looking to get into the world of presets in Premiere Pro.

4. Create A Glossy Logo

Another really common effect that is used often is the glossy logo effect. And this is another effect that you can pull off in Premiere Pro instead of digging into After Effects if you so choose.

Here, we show you just how to do it using an image of your logo, some ramps, and a matte. Really, it’s that easy. Don’t miss this one.

5. Shuffle Effect

As with most of these tutorials, there is an aim to add some movement to your footage with animation effects. Cool transitions and animations can give just the right visual interest that you need to move a story along.

The shuffle effect that we outline in this tutorial will work great in a lot of situations. It gives the illusion of several copies of your video footage layering on top of each other. And guess what, it’s not that hard to pull off.

It’s built around the echo effect with a few tweaks. We even show you how to ease your movement and add motion blur for that special touch.

6. Tips To Help You Edit Faster

This tutorial isn’t about pulling off one cool effect, it’s about giving you shortcuts to edit faster. Every professional editor knows that time is of the essence, so we figured these tips would be helpful in getting more done in less time.

We’re talking about edit automation, quick reordering, and replacement here. Give yourself the 15 minutes to watch this tutorial and make it up in no time with efficiency in your editing.

7. Create Smooth Animation

In After Effects, the animator’s best secret is the graph editor. The graph editor lets you take total control of the speed of your animation elements, including and fast or slow the elements land in place.

Good news, there is also a graph editor in Premiere Pro. So, if you aren’t into working in After Effects, you can still pull off smooth animations within Premiere Pro.

This quick video shows you exactly how to use the graph editor in under 3 minutes.!

8. Working With Premiere Pro Masks To Track & Apply Effects

Masks can be used to great effect when you want to cover something up in a shot, but did you know that you can easily track a mask as well in Premiere Pro?

In this tutorial, we show you how to create a simple mask and track it to your shot to cover up a logo for example. We then take it a few steps further with tips on how to better blend your mask into the shot.

9. Old Film Look

Here’s another really cool effect that you might find useful for a video project. It’s an old film look.

While the look is easy to achieve, we show you all of the details including coloring the footage, roughening the edges, and adding light leaks and flickering.

And then we show you how to save it as a preset for later use. This tip alone comes in super handy for all kinds of looks you might want to create in Premiere Pro.

10. Premiere Pro Track Mattes

The final tutorial in the bunch is all about using track mattes in Premiere Pro. Track mattes are really useful in creating cool effects over your footage, and they are super easy to use once you know how.

In this super short video, we show you how to bring in a matte and use it as an alpha or luma matte to get the desired effect. Don’t miss it.

Premiere Pro has nearly endless possibilities for creating cool effects and churning out awesome edits. And while After Effects is even more robust for animations and effects, you don’t always have to jump into it if you know exactly what you can do inside of Premiere Pro.

We hope you find all of these tutorials useful and we look forward to bringing you more in the future. If you have a specific effect that you’d like to see us create a tutorial for, leave a comment below and we might just make one for you.

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