5 Free Stock Video Resources

Every video editor, animator, designer, and general creative will need stock video at some point. Maybe it'll just be a pretty background for some graphics, maybe b-roll for something the cameraman missed, or maybe it's just that missing link between a good video and a great one.

There are many great sites that sell stock video clips. Sites like Motion Array all feature paid video clips. But there are quite a few sites that offer a range of free stock video clips as well. Let's delve into a few.


Free Stock Video | Pexels

Pexels started out as a free photo website and is definitely worth a look for their photo selection. But they've ventured onto free video clips as well with a growing selection. Their videos are largely in full 1080p HD, but some clips are in 720p HD format.

They have an endless scroll of video clips on the main page as well as a range of categories to choose from like Cars, Tech, and Timelapse to name a few. There is no search option, so get ready to dig in.

All of the videos on Pexels fall under the Creative Commons CC0 license. In short, this means go crazy. You can use any clip for personal or creative projects without the need for attribution. The only rule is identifiable people can't be portrayed in a bad light or offensive manner. So mind you manners people.

Video Monkey

Free Stock Video | Video Monkey

Video Monkey is a new free video site with a fast growing library. Whereas Pexels focuses on live action only, Video Monkey has a combination of live action and animated backgrounds. Look for subway train clips mixed in with geometric backgrounds and fire effects at Video Monkey.

Here you can scroll through the library of content or click on the search button and punch in terms like "street" or "blue" for tailored results. All of the clips are either full 1080p HD or 4K ultra high resolution.

Video Monkey clips are available "100% license free." So, again use these clips to your heart's content. Get creative, go wild.


Free Stock Video | Videezy

Videezy is one in a series of sites offering free design elements to the masses. Some of their other sites include the vector site Vecteezy, and a site for web templates called Themezy. They've cornered the market on the "ezy" suffixes.

Videezy has a pretty large library, but come prepared with what you are looking for. There isn't much in the way of browsing. Searching often leads to a wide range of results. For example, a search for "beach" resulted in 129 clips. The quality varies widely from clip to clip, but there are lots of choices.

Be aware that Videezy also shows results for paid clips on other sites. Just make sure you know what you are picking so you can stick to the free clips if you want.

Videezy asks its contributors to abide by Creative Commons license terms, but there they have their choice of which Creative Commons license to use. This means each video clip may have different rules. Some may allow for commercial use and some personal only. Some may require attribution while others don't. Just be sure to check the license for each clip you download so you can honor the contributor's requests.


Free Stock Video | Mazwai

Mazwai is a free video site with a simple and bold layout. Lots of really pretty scenery make up a majority of the clips. There are lots of high quality clips, but Mazwai isn't big on information.

There is no search or category view, just an endless scroll of clips. So, visit Mazwai when you have a little time on your hands and you want to explore for a bit.

License terms are viewable when you click to download a clip. All of the clips housed under the Creative Commons Attribution license. What does that mean? It means you can use the clips however you'd like but you need to attribute the creator, link to the license, and note if the video has been changed. Follow those rules and these clips can be in your projects.


Free Stock Video | Videvo

Videvo might be the largest library of free video clips with a combination of live action and motion graphic options. There are lots of ways to find what you are looking for including search, category options, and good old browsing.

Categories include things like Nature, Musical, and VFX. You can also sort by what's new and what's most popular.

In order to use clips from Videvo, you'll need to do a couple of things. First, you'll have to register for a free account on the site. Then you'll have to agree to the Terms & Conditions for each clip you download. Make sure to read the terms fully to understand exactly what you can and can't do with the clips.

In basic terms, contributors have two options for licensing. They can use the Standard Videvo license which allows for personal and commercial use without attribution, or they can opt for a Creative Commons license with more restrictions like attribution. Again, be sure to check before you use any of these clips for your project.

These free stock video sites may not have every clip you'll ever need for your projects, that's where some of the paid sites come in, but they can go a long way to help get you started or bail you out in a pinch.

Be sure to thank the contributors and the sites stock site on social media for offering these great free services. And let us know which sites you use for free videos in the comments below.

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