50 Premiere Pro Templates To Make The Best Videos

If you work in video post-production and are yet to avail yourself to the wickedly wonderful world that is Premiere Pro templates, then drop everything you're doing and go brush up on the basics right this second. Go on! GO!

But for those of who are familiar with Premiere Pro templates, we advise you to stay right where you are. That’s is because we just compiled a list of our most adored and in-demand templates and think you’ll be pretty interested to see what made the list.

From the top...

1. Action Transitions

Get those fast-paced, high-octane feels with this action pack containing 30 unique transitions.

2. 200+ Pack: Transitions, Titles, Sound FX

Okay so this template here is like the motherload—a MASSIVE mixed of everything you could possibly need from awesome transitions and animated titles to sound effects and FX assets galore! If you’re looking for something to help kickstart your creativity, this here is it!

3. Motion Animator

Inside this insanely easy-to-use pack you’ll find over 150 Bounce, Dynamic, Smooth, and Stop Motion animations. Not only that, every effect inside the pack is modular meaning you can combine it with others to make your very own animations.

4. Transition Mattes Toolkit

Do you absolutely LOVE transitions? Okay sweet! Well here’s 500 more for you to play around with. What’s more, they’re totally customizable so you can flip, reverse, blur, and apply all the textures you want.

5. Ultimate Transition Pack

Okay so maybe 500 transitions are little too much for you. You wanna keep it short and simple. In that case, the Ultimate Transition Pack is right up your alley. While it only comes packed with 44 transitions, they’re up there with some the most eye-popping effects you’ll ever have the pleasure of working with!

6. Call Out Titles

If you’re in the business of making tutorial or explainer videos then you’re definitely going to want to hook yourself with some sleek call out titles. This pack here, with its three different types of fully customizable titles, is our numero uno recommendation.

7. Split Screen Pack

Integrate all the latest and greatest split screen effects into your videos with this kickass template! Inside you’ll find a mixed bag of ready-to-composite split screens as well as 11 animated elements to create your very own!

8. Quick Whip Transitions

Look for a way to keep your viewer’s attention hooked? Check out these eye-catching quick whip transitions. You can tinker with the speed and direction of each asset so it matches the flow and vibe of your video to a tee!

9. Glitch Pack

Here at Motion Array, we love a good glitch effect. So much so that we sometimes just give them away for free! But if it’s full kit kaboodle you’re after, then we recommend this pack here. Ten transitions, three logos, five titles, and five presets for shot—what more could you want?

10. Light & Blur Transitions

Trying to tug at those heartstrings? Then allow us to present this Light & Blur Transitions template. All ten assets in the pack are based on organic light leaks to give your videos that elegant, emotion feel.

11. VHS Pack + Presets

The beloved Video Home System may be long gone, but its legacy lives on! With this edgy VHS Style Pack, you can pay homage to the MTV-era and stylize your videos to make them look as though they were recorded on your dad’s a 1998 camcorder.

12. 8 Minimal Titles

Almost always, our videos are going to need titles. And instead of using the same-old ones found within Premiere Pro, why not spruce things up by wheeling a few new ones. We’re not talking anything too Just some clean, crisp new designs….like these ones here!

13. Bokeh Transitions

Trying to throw a classy wedding or birthday slideshow together? Do yourself a favor and check out this Bokeh transitions kit first. It comes with eight different transitions, all of which serve up that soft, elegant blur effect that when paired with the right song, will create sentimental slideshow magic!

14. Social Media Video Graphics

Social media videos are a great way to reach thousands of people, and with the right titles, you can reach even more. With these clean, stylish titles included in this pack, you’re sure to stop scrollers in their tracks and reel them right into where you want them.

15. Grid Promo

We all love a good grid promo. And if you’re in the business of making promo videos for fashion, products, or sport, you probably love them even more. A simple grid can take your videos from meh! to marvelous with just a few clicks and for anyone in need of a new template, be sure to check our Grid Promo!

16. Flash and Strobe Transitions

This awesome template serves up a bevy of eye-fetching flash and strobe transitions that are perfect for any revved-up, sports or music videos. All transitions come with customizable effects so you can tinker away to your heart's content.

17. MultiFrame Kit

Get your artsy on and create your very own multi-frame compositions with the MultiFrame Kit template. Just select your layout, throw in your media, tweak the borders and voila: you have your very own video collage.

18. Rhythmic Typography Opener

So you want titles that burst onto the screen and grab your viewers’ attention with nanoseconds? Three words: Rhythmic Typography Opener. Within this super snazzy, super modern kit, you’ll get 62 text holders and 18 media holders, making it a perfect and practical choice for anyone making dynamic promo videos on the regular.

19. Light And Scratches Transitions

If you’re on the hunt for some transitions to help give your videos an upbeat, trendy, or dare-I-say hipster feel, then you must check out this killer template. Inside you’ll find 14 unique scratch and 32 light leak transitions to stylize your videos into visual bursts and happiness.

20. Credit Roll

I think we can all agree that the credits titles that come with Premiere Pro (God bless its cotton socks) are a tad bit basic. If you want the closing minutes of your movie to be just as sleek and spectacular as the movie itself, then we highly recommend hitting up this Credit Roll template to see which of its six title options work for you.

21. 88 Multi-Shot Transitions

Perfect for promos or slideshows, this multi-shot transition templates comes with 10 different silky smooth transitions that can be customized to appear and move in a plethora of different ways. Also works beautifully with photos!

22. 70 Magic Transitions

Hold onto your magic hats, because boy oh boy do we have a treat for you! This spellbinding templates services up 70 of the most screen-dazzling transitions you’ll ever lay your eyes on. And best of all, it’s an absolute cinch to use! All you need to do is select your transition, drop in your media, and’ll have created a little slice movie magic!

23. Premiere Pro Mockup Toolkit

This photorealistic Apple iPhone and MacBook Pro mock-up template makes demo-ing apps and online services a total breeze! All the footage comes included so it’s as simple as dropping your screen grab videos or animation into the placeholder timelines and bada-bing-bada-boom: you’re done!

24. iPhone App Promo Kit

Alternatively, if it’s a minimalist that feel you’re going for, then perhaps this iPhone App Promo kit will be more up your alley.

25. Cinematic Double Exposure

Over the last few years, opening titles have really come into their own (think True Detective, The Walking Dead, House of Cards). If you’ve just been charged with drumming up an equally edgy opening sequence and are at a loss for where to begin, we suggest checking out our super popular Cinematic Double Exposure template. Included you’ll find 15 placeholders and titles, all of which can be easily customized.

26. Double Exposure Freeze Opener

Like the opener template above, this one serves up all the same emotional gravitas BUT with the added element of freeze frame effect. It’s pretty epic if we don’t say so ourselves.

27. Kinetic Titles

If you rely on text to help tell your stories, then why not shake things up with this stylish kinetic titles template. It comes with 12 unique animated titles that can be combined with one another and/or scaled and repositioned to your preference.

28. 40 Lens Zoom Transitions (+45 Sound FX)

Want to add some va-va-voom with the za-za-zoom? With this lens zoom transitions template it’s super easy. Every transition comes with a pre-placed sound FX so all you need to do is drop your media and voila!

29. Text Messages For Premiere Pro

If you haven’t already, chances are at some point you’re going to need to add animated text messages to one of your videos. This template is up there as one of our most popular, offering up six different styles of text messages including (don’t panic) iOS!

30. Social Media Bundle

Likewise, social media graphics are something that you may not currently be using, but will probably need to at some point in the future. This comprehensive Social Media Bundle comes packed with lower thirds and over a dozen Follow us and Find us bumpers to help you create everything you need from business presentations to promos!

31. Epic Parallax

This template is like the ultimate shortcut for taking a video from great to ermagod amazing! Featured within are twenty image and video placeholders and twenty text placeholders that are guaranteed to make your presentations and promo videos impress.

32. 60+ Big Pack

Want a little bit of all the good stuff? Then look no further than the 60+ Big Pack. It comes crammed with over 35 transitions, 10 action color presents, 6 overlays, 10+ sound FX, and more. It’s no wonder our members are going bonkers for it!

33. Urban Promo

A good promo template can make life a billion times easier and the Urban Promo template is one of the best examples of this. It’s engaging, unique, and with a few tweaks here and there, can be easily wheeled out and recycled again and again.

34. YouTube Toolkit

An absolute must-have for all YouTubers, this template provides animated buttons, a stylish opener, video holders, logo intros, as well calls-to-actions. It also leaves no stone unturned, allowing you to throw in sound FX (for clicks, pop-up notifications, etc.) for totally free!

35. Calm Typography

Sleek and modern isn’t everyone’s jam and if that’s the case with you, then you’ll definitely want to check out this Calm Typography kit with it’s super chill animated titles.

36. Liquid Transitions Pack

Likewise, if you want your transitions to carry a little more character as well, then this pack of 32 hand-drawn liquid transitions might just be the thing for you. All colors (as well as the background music) can be altered to your liking.

37. Travel Slideshow

This super fun template is one that works for well for both pros and amateurs. If you have a bunch of snaps or vids from a recent vacation, why not merge them with this template and create a share-worthy trip down memory lane!

38. Call Out (Title with Description)

There are few call out titles that allow you to pack in more than, well...just a title. But not this template! With the Call Out Title with Description template you can also chuck in a descriptor which, judging by how many time this puppy gets downloaded, we’ve come to learn is very important for a lot of you.

39. Grunge Ink Pack

This snazzy pack of titles, transition, and logo animation is ideal for giving your project a little extra kick of spunk. What’s more, it’s insanely easy to use and renders like a dream!

40. Modern Parallax Slideshow

Parallax scrolling meets corporate vibes—that’s this slideshow template a nutshell. If you need to impress colleagues or wow investors, this template is definitely worth checking out!

41. Facebook Cover Video

In case you haven’t heard, facebook covers are the hot new thang. And this template here is your surest bet to creating one that stands out. Its modular structure is easy to edit and allows you to play around with up to ten placeholders and titles. Woot woot!

42. Customizable Timer

If you need to incorporate an on-screen timer that doesn’t look like it was plucked straight from Premiere Pro’s video effect menu, then we strongly recommend giving the Customizable Timer template a whirl. The font, size, color, direction, and duration are all fully customizable, making it a great alternative to the standard timecode effect.

43. Modern Corporate Titles and Lower Thirds

It’s no secret that corporate videos can sometimes be a little, oh, how do say...bland? But with these swish titles and lower thirds, you can ensure your corporate presentations and slideshows completely sidestep this stereotype and stand out from the pack.

44. Glow Titles

Speaking of titles that don’t suck, do yourself a favor and check out these gorgeous Glow Titles! They may not work for every occasion, but when used well (exhibit A: this preview video) they really hit it out of the park. We especially recommend for any fashion, fitness, or tech-relation videos.

45. Fast Typography Slideshow

There’s nothing that sucks viewers in faster than a high-tempo, in-your-face promo. And with this Fast Typography Slideshow template, you can whip one up yourself in just a few clicks.

46. Wedding Titles & Transitions

What kind of a listicle would this be if we didn’t include a shout out to our most downloaded wedding template? The Wedding Titles & Transitions bundle provides a modern, stylish that our members love and, if you ever decide to say I Do, we think you’ll love too!

47. Cinematic Opener

While the Cinematic Opener may not be as beguiling as the openers listed above, it definitely offers way more versatility. Its clean, modern feel enables it to work with anything and everything from corporate presentations to informational web series to news and current affairs-based videos.

48. Geometrical Dynamic Slideshow

If you’re someone who often finds themselves making videos about fitness or extreme sport, then it’s time to say hello to your new little friend: the Geometrical Dynamic Slideshow template. It comes packed with 17 unique transitions, stylish lower thirds, and a heart-racing slideshow template.

49. 170 Shapes Transition Presets

While shapes may seem kinda basic to some, they cannot be underestimated. Especially when it comes to this awesome collection of templates. Learn how versatile the humble circle, triangle, and square can be 170 transitions presets, and 40 additional effects,11 logo openers. There is seriously something for everyone in this bag of goodies.

50. Old Film Titles

Last but not least, we’re taking thing all the way back with this super cute Old Film Titles template. Create that atmospheric, yesteryear intro you grandma would be proud of!

If you’ve just read all this thought Holy Guacamole, these look amazing. But I don’t have any enough money to sign up for a membership and download them, you can rest assured that Motion Array offers a huge range of free Premiere Pro templates as well. To access them, all you need to do is hook yourself up with a Free plan here!

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