Create A 10 Second Ad Spot With The Motion Array Unlimited Library


Hi guys! Jordan with Motion Array and today we’re  going to go over how to create a 10 second advertising spot in just 5 minutes! So let’s get into it!

How To Create A 10 Second Ad With The Motion Array Unlimited Library

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What you saw was a quick 10 second spec spot I created to advertise a 2 for 1 deal happening for an  imaginary coffee shop. This kind of ad is great for when you only have a limited time to engage your audience, social media being a great example.  

Making these sorts of quick advertisements can feel even more challenging sometimes than regular advertisements, but they don’t have to.  So we’re going to show you how we created this one, with just some stock footage and titles from Motion Array.

All the elements used in this 10 second clip are from Motion Array’s unlimited library!  It's got thousands of assets that include templates music and video at no additional cost to your existing paid membership.  So I searched the unlimited library to see if there was a coffee cup and find that there's actually 3 versions with the same lighting conditions.  So i got the idea to go from the close up shot to the medium shot to add some variation. And because it’s from the unlimited library, I don’t have to worry about it costing me anything extra or using any of my paid downloads.

Lastly I grabbed some titles, music, and a badge animation to end off with my coffee shop logo. And with all the elements assembled, and got to work creating the basic structure.  Starting with one shot, going to the next one, and then ending off with a similar colour gradient for the badge to display over top of. v Here the titles already had a nice scribble animation with some sound effects, so it was really easy to make it look nice.  I’ll make one say the 2 for 1 deal, and then the date that it's happening for the second one.

Lastly, I added a coffee cup logo in the after effects project, and tweaked some of the colors to make the logo much more personalized to my project.  Nice, but it’s a little bid bland at the moment, just jumping from one clip to the next. Thankfully the unlimited library also has awesome transitions that I can download to transition my project from scene to scene in a more engaging way.

And with that our project is done! But there’s still something missing, I want it to have a little more of an organic hipster sort of vibe.  Thankfully, you probably guessed it, the unlimited library has overlays that can help make the project look exactly how I want. You can probably imagine how ideas grow and change from the beginning to the end of a project.  So the unlimited library helps to aid creativity by giving you access to files whenever you want at no additional charge, so you can let your creativity run wild with your project.

With the loverlay placed on top, set to multiply, and dropped opacity, our project finally looks complete.  If you were working for a large company, these types of ads, as short as they are, can take weeks if not months to complete! But here we did it in just 5 minutes for no additional cost!  Just think what you could do with the Motion Array Unlimited Library! Thanks so much for watching! And I can’t wait to see what you create!

I hope you found this video helpful. If you did, as always we’ve got lots of other tutorials ready to view for free here at  Please give us a thumbs up and if you’d like to see more tutorials, we’ve got lots of other Premiere Pro TutorialsAfter Effects tutorials, and filmmaking tutorials for you to check out!

Thanks for watching and see you in the next video.

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