Direct Publishing To YouTube And Vimeo With Adobe Media Encoder

Saving time is kind of a thing of ours. We are always looking for good ways to save a little time, so we (and you) can spend more time being creative...or playing foosball. We don’t judge.

Today’s tip is about speeding up the process of publishing to YouTube or Vimeo. We know that many of you put work up on these two sites all the time, so you might find this quite handy.

This tip is for the Adobe users out there. We love the rest of you, but we’re talking about Adobe Media Encoder, so you know the drill.

Adobe Media Encoder is a great tool for converting your videos or audio for all sorts of outputs. And it also has plenty of presets that you can drag onto your clips for output.

A couple of those outputs are specifically set up for YouTube and Vimeo. By loading these presets, you will automatically generate video files that are ready to upload to the above sites.

But Media Encoder goes an extra step by adding in a publish setting. Within the publish setting tab, there are options for FTP and Creative Cloud, but there are also options for YouTube and Vimeo.

In order to directly publish to these video hosting sites, you’ll need to first give Media Encoder permission to do so. Here are the steps for setting up direct upload to YouTube and Vimeo.

1. Load your video clip in Adobe Media Encoder.

2. Add a preset for YouTube or Vimeo.

3. Click on the preset settings, and click the Publish tab.

4. Select the output location, Vimeo or YouTube.

5. Click the drop down arrow for your destination.

6. Click “Sign In” and enter your login credentials.

7. Your browser will launch, letting you sign into your YouTube or Vimeo account.

8. Next you’ll see a confirmation screen to allow Media Encoder to publish for you. Click “Allow”.

9. Fill in all of the other information you’d like from the publish settings like tags and description.

10. Relax.

It’s really quite simple to set up direct publishing to YouTube and Vimeo, and once you are logged in and confirmed with your accounts, it’s even easier.

This is just one more simple way that you can save yourself some time on the tedious side of video making in order to allow you to focus on more important things. And if you publish to YouTube or Vimeo (or both) frequently, you should find this tip really useful.

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