Free Vashi's Deadpool Premiere Pro Workspace

We’ve talked a lot about how Hollywood is turning to Premiere Pro more and more for big films. A lot of that conversation revolves around one man...Vashi Nedomansky.

Vashi is a film editor with numerous projects under his belt. He’s also a huge proponent of Premiere Pro, and his company has helped many filmmakers make the switch to Premiere Pro for editing.

He worked with David Fincher and editor Kirk Baxter to train them and set up their post production workflow for Gone Girl. Then he worked with director Tim Miller and editor Julian Clarke to set up the post production pipeline for Deadpool.

Vashi is also a big force in the Premiere Pro community with his site Here he writes about all kinds of industry related topics and gives away some really cool stuff.

When working on Deadpool, Vashi created a two monitor Premiere Pro workspace that would help maximize efficiency for editing. Then he gave it away for free on his site.

Interested in learning how the big boys set up their projects? Check out this free Premiere Pro workspace and see for yourself.

The first thing to note is that it is a two monitor workspace, so if you are working on a single monitor setup, it’s not going to be that helpful. But if you do have two monitors, here’s what you can expect to find.

On monitor one, Vashi set up media, effects, and color and audio settings. The entire left half is the media bin. Vashi has even gone ahead and created all of the folders you might need for workflow like sequences, VFX, titles, music, etc. The sequences folder also houses two sequences (Main #1 and Selects). More on that later.

The right half of screen one has a quadrant dedicated to effects, markers, medata, libraries, lumetri scopes, and media browser. These tabs have just about everything you’ll need on a regular basis while editing.

The quadrant below is for audio and includes tabs for your audio track mixer, and audio clip mixer.

Finally, there is a large audio meter strip running down the right side so you always have a handle on volume.

The second monitor is setup for straight editing. Across the top half are the traditional score and program windows to see your clips and your timeline.
Then below, Vashi has set up both of the initial sequences, with the Selects sequence placed above the Main #1 sequence. This makes it easy to dump clips into the Selects sequence and review them before adding them to the Main #1 sequence.

It’s a pretty sweet setup and one that many people will, no doubt, find useful. There are a couple of things to note about the project file when downloading. When you initially setup the download it will download a .zip file but it may look like a .prproj file. If so, just change the extension to .zip before opening.

Once you unzip the file, you may find that the file doesn’t have an extension. In that case, add the .prproj extension before trying to open.

Finally, once you have the setup open, you can save it as a new workspace by clicking window > workspaces > save new workspace.

You can download the custom Deadpool Premiere Pro workspace here.

Hope you enjoy this setup created by Vashi Nedomansky, and be sure to visit his site at

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