Get Inspired: Motion Graphics Inspiration Resources

We at Motion Array try our best to inspire you with great After Effects templates, but there are lots of really amazing resources out there highlighting some of the best "MoGraph" work around. From demo reels, to high-end commercials, to experimental work, you can find anything you need to get your creative juices flowing if you know where to look.

Let's shed some light on some of the many sites highlighting great motion graphics work every day.


Motion Graphics Inspiration | Motionographer

Motionographer was one of the earliest sites bringing attention to great motion graphics. It was originally started by Justin Cone and called Tween. He later expanded the site and changed the name to Motionographer.

Motionographer highlights an exceptional motion graphics piece each day accompanied by an in-depth blog post explaining the piece. Sometimes, the creators are interviewed, and there is often additional creative shared like storyboards or behind the scenes footage.

This is a great resource, not just for inspiration, but also for learning more about how things are made and about the industry in general.

Along with the special highlight pieces, Motionographer features an "inspiration" section. This section has a lot more work with less details about each project. There is often just a simple description about each piece, but there is a lot of work to view and get inspired by here.


Motion Graphics Inspiration | Stash

Stash Media has been highlighting great motion graphic and visual effects work since 2004. They initially put out an in-depth magazine with accompanying DVD, but they've since moved to an online-only platform.

Now Stash has a bi-monthly edition of their digital magazine that features in-depth case studies of 30 or so pieces. Memberships for the magazine content start at $13 a month for a year subscription and feature loads of information for the knowledge hungry.

But if you aren't quite ready to commit to a monthly membership, fear not, Stash features free mograph inspiration pieces daily. Each video comes with a short description of what it is, and often credits. So, kick back and enjoy some free inspiration. Then consider the premium content from the folks at Stash.

Shit Showreels Say

Motion Graphics Inspiration | Shit Showreels Say

Sometimes you want a large scale overview of what the people around you are working on. Look no further than Shit Showreels Say. SSS is a Vimeo channel moderated by Peter Quinn and Nathan Nutley. Multiple times a week they add new showreels to the channel from artists and studios around the world.

Just in the past year or so they've managed to collect nearly 500 awesome reels, with more coming each week. You are sure to find something inspiring among the work here which ranges from super polished 3D to hand drawn animation work.

And each reel is linked from the contributor's channel, so if you like a reel, simply click through and see what else that contributor has been working on in more detail.


Motion Graphics Inspiration | Motional

Motional is a creative cookbook run by the team at First Image. The First Image crew creates some great motion graphic pieces so they know how to curate good work as well.

Motional has tutorials, resources, and tips. But more importantly for this article, they have a robust inspiration section. It's broken down into three parts, blog, motion, and still.

The blog section is updated regularly with new work and short write-ups describing the pieces. There are sometimes extras like storyboards as well. Because the blog sometimes hosts motion work and sometimes still work, the other two sections are just breakouts depending on what you want to look at.

If you're really feeling frisky, click the random tab on the right to be taken to a random entry. You may just find exactly what you didn't know you were looking for.

Squeeze Me

Motion Graphics Inspiration | Squeeze Me

Squeeze Me is a handy dandy tool for finding all of the inspiration above plus a whole lot more. Managed by Justin McClure, Squeeze Me is a single page that aggregates many of the best sources for motion graphics inspiration, tutorials, articles, etc.

The interface is easy to navigate with sections broken out for things like news, tutorials, and jobs.

Although Justin isn't himself creating the content, it's a great landing page to point you to all of the inspiration you could want in a single sitting.

There are loads of great projects being born into the world each day. Luckily, there are some dedicated teams and individuals combing through to find the best, so folks like us can enjoy and be inspired. If you have a favorite inspiration resource of your own, let us know in the comments.

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