Get Unlimited Downloads with our new Unlimited Library

Hey guys!

We’ve got some super exciting news coming your way this morning with the launch of our brand new Unlimited Library!

This awesome collection of products is available to all paying Motion Array members—no ifs, buts, disclaimers, or catches. Simply download however many Unlimited Library products you want without ever having to worry about it cutting into your plan’s premium download credits.

At present, our Unlimited Library contains over 2300 files, including Premiere Pro templates, After Effects templates, stock music, and stock video—most of which were authored by Motion Array’s very own co-founders (thank guys!)—but this number is projected to flourish bigtime over the coming months, to the point where our Unlimited Library eventually evolves into one big bottomless pit of free awesomeness. Noice roight?

Oh, and to make searching for these unlimited freebies even easier, we’ve also added an ‘Unlimited Library’ tab into our filter system so you can hone in on the bacon with one quick click of the mouse. To see what sweet products our Unlimited Library already has on offer, why not head over there right now and take a little peek?

Happy bargain hunting kids!

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