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Hi guys! Jordan with Motion Array and today we’re going to look at how to get the most out of the search feature here at

How To Search In The Motion Array Marketplace

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So if you’re looking for a type of file, preset, or template on motion array’s marketplace, it will really help to know how best to tell the website what you’re looking for.  So to start, let’s head on over to the Motion Array Marketplace. But even before we get there, we can see that when we hover over the Marketplace tab, we get a dropdown of subcategories that we can click on to shortcut our way to what we want.  If you want motion graphics, royalty free music, or stock footage, you can jump to each of those subsections right from here. But for us, we’re just going to hit the marketplace tab.

Once we’re here, you can see that there are similarly tabs with subcategories to help you start to refine your search.  And they’re broken up into distinct categories.

But probably the feature you’ll find yourself using the most is the search bar here.  Type in the keyword of the type of file that you’re trying to find, and once you search, you’ll be given a list of files that match your description.  

Now here’s something that’s important to keep in mind.  Whenever you search, your keywords get saved. So for example we just searched for water, and if we want to keep searching, it will add that keyword to our search so now it’s refining our search to an even smaller and more specific list of results, hopefully giving us exactly what we’re looking for.  

But if you want to reset your keywords or if you made a mistake and want to remove it, it’s simple.  Under your search tags here just delete the ones you don’t want to be applied, or hit clear all to get rid of all the tags and start fresh.  

Great!  But there’s a lot more features here in the marketplace that can help you find what you’re looking for.  

Right now you might notice that we’re searching through the entire catalogue of motion array files.   But if we know the kind of file we’re looking for, let’s say premiere pro templates for example, then we can choose this category search through only the Premiere Pro templates.   And the more categories we choose, the wider this search can be made for. But if we were to make a search right now, we would only be searching through premiere pro templates.

But it doesn’t just stop there.  If we drop down this category we can see that not only can we refine our search to Premiere Pro templates, but also the categories that are within that as well.  Right now we’re searching through ALL premiere pro templates, but if we choose for example, only free items, you can see that our search would only be looking through the free items of this category.  Same thing if we were to do this with titles, or transitions. And we can search through multiples of these sub categories as well. So you can see that using search tags in combination with filter results can get you very fast and effective searches.

And lastly, you have 2 more degrees of controlling your searches up at the top here.  Here by default your listings, after the most applicable, will appear by the most recently uploaded.  But you can change that to show items by popularity, as well as, by ones that we’ve designated as awesome, in addition to items that you may have recently viewed.  

And finally you can control to what degree of recency the items you’re searching through have been uploaded.  If you only want the products that have been most recently uploaded, you can refine the cut-off to when products would have to have been created in order to be included in your results.

And guys, that’s just been a basic overview of how to use the search features in Motion Array’s Marketplace.  I hope you guys found this video helpful. If you did, you might find some of our other videos helpful, like creating your own video portfolio website, as well as how to use our video review system.

Thanks so much for watching, and I can’t wait to see your next video!

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