Motion Array Announces Premiere Pro Templates

Big news today at Motion Array. We are happy to announce the newest section of our extensive creative asset library…..Premiere Pro Templates!

We are very excited to offer up another way to make your life easier, and give you more time to focus on what you do best in the creative world.

Whether you are a Premiere Pro beginner or a seasoned veteran editor, we think you’ll find these templates to be useful on many levels of your creative workflow.

We decided to add Premiere Pro templates to our library after a lot of good feedback from our users. First off, we know that our templates will never replace a good editor, and we’d never try. Instead, we want these assets to be something that you can use when the time is right, when you are in a pinch, or when budgets are a little tight.

We imagine that our editor base will find all kinds of ways to get creative with the templates and make them their own. They may be a jumping off point for a project, or something that can be a start to finish solution when needed.

Just like with our After Effects templates, our users find all kinds of ways to dissect them, pull elements they need, and sometimes just populate and render. These assets are for you, so use them how you best see fit.

For editors that aren’t familiar with After Effects, our Premiere Pro templates will help serve as a way to get professional graphics into your edits without having to navigate the in’s and out’s of AE.

We are starting with 4 types of Premiere Pro templates for our users. These are Edits, Toolkits, Transitions, and Text. Let’s talk a little about each.

Edits: The Edits templates are just what they sound like. They are fully timed edits that work great with our demo music from our library. They include things like video frames, transitions, and text placeholders.

If you want, you can simply change out the footage and render your project. Or you can rearrange segments, change lengths, and rework to your heart’s content with the template serving as a great outline for your project.

Toolkits: Toolkits serve as a complete graphics package that you can update with Premiere instead of After Effects. They include things like logo reveals, lower thirds, and transitions.

Each Toolkit comes with a unified look, so you can make sure your video feels consistent and eliminate the need to design graphic elements at the last minute, when you could be focusing on the edit.

Transitions: We sometimes underestimate the power of a good transition. So, we want to help with our Premiere Pro Transition templates. These transition packages can be dropped right into your timeline to give you that little extra something to put your edit over the top.

Text: Text templates are straight ahead for your text needs. They contain super cool text animations that would likely take a lot of time to animate in After Effects for Premiere Pro, but we've done the work for you. So, all you have to do is change the text and render. Score!

We are really excited about offering these up to our community and we look forward to seeing how you use them for your projects. Whether it’s just a little something that helps get you out of work on time, saves you a little money, or it’s something that helps you when you aren’t quite comfortable with all of the tools around you, we hope you enjoy our latest addition to the growing Motion Array library.

Interested in taking a Premiere Pro template for a spin, but not ready to use your download credits? Try this free Premiere Pro template that we made just for you.


And when you are ready to delve deeper, be sure to see what we already have available in our library.


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