Take Audiences Back With Our Long Shadow Effect!

Looking to channel those swinging sixties vibes? Or maybe you just want to get some more color up in your vids? Then look no further than this ultra retro Long Shadow plugin!

Long Shadow Premiere Pro Plugin from Motion Array on Vimeo.

With this plugin you’ll be able to apply long shadows to both text and objects within your videos, all while maintaining total control over the direction, depth, and color of your shadows.

As you’ll can see in this trailer, Long Shadow is one of those super fun, eye-popping effects, making it perfect for promo videos, YouTube intros, or anything where you’re trying to create a bit of buzz and excitement.   Use it to give your videos a bit of extra style, or to completely separate it from the crowd!

Long Shadow is the third in a long line of Premiere Pro plugins to be released by Motion Array over the coming months. Just like all our other plugins, it comes GPU-accelerated and once installed, will work just as seamlessly as any other drag-and-drop effect in Premiere Pro (maybe even better in some cases).  But best all, it comes at absolutely no additional charge to all paying Motion Array members!  Simply go to the Long Shadow download page and grab it for yourself.

Oh, and if you wanna learn how to install Motion Array plugins to Premiere Pro, just check this tutorial out!

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