35+ Finest Intro Templates for After Effects (Free & Paid Downloads)

After Effects 01/11/2021 6 min read

Creating an intro sequence for your videos can take just as much time as creating your film did. However, your opening sequence is incredibly essential when it comes to capturing your audience’s attention and drawing them into the story you want to tell. After Effects Intro Templates can be a huge time saver, and also allow you to create more advanced sequences.

Part 1: Our Top 40 After Effects Intro Templates Picks

1. Free Parallax Opener

The Free Parallax template is a stylish and sleek looking opener, with 8 media and text placeholders. Perfect for tech-based videos, the smooth transitions and dynamic text are sure to impress your viewers.

Free Parallax Opener Download 

2. Free Fast Modern Promo

This free intro template has a fast and modern design, with prominent, bold text elements and smooth transitional wipes. The Free Fast Modern Promo is an incredibly versatile template that would suit a range of uses.

Free Fast Modern Promo Download

3. Free Short Opener

This template is simple, short, and powerful. With 4 editable text and 3 media placeholders, your messaging needs to be brief. However, the dynamic transitions and bold design make this awesome intro versatile and memorable.

Free Short Opener Download

4. Free Star Wars Opener

This fun Star Wars-inspired opener offers you the ability to use the iconic scrolling text and galaxy theme. This intro may not be practical for branded videos but is a lot of fun, perfect for youtube videos and event slideshows.

Free Star Wars Opener Download

5. Free Cinematic 80’s Style

The Cinematic 80’s Style intro video is a fun retro way to open your video projects. The nostalgic design with neon glitch effects is beautifully designed and dynamically animated. This title template is perfect for any project with an 80’s vibe.

Free Cinematic 80’s Style Download

6. Free Stomp Opener

The free Stomp Opener is an exciting and energetic video project, perfect for bold messages and stunning images. The fast pace makes this intro perfect for Youtube openers, social media campaigns, and pitch videos.

Free Stomp Opener Download

7. Free Intro Template

This Free Intro Template for After Effects is a stylish and modern video opener. The simple design and bold text make this perfect for business presentations, slideshows, and promotional videos.

Free Intro Template Download

8. Ripped Grunge Opener

Add grungy and cool hand-drawn scribble effects to your footage and images using this opener for After Effects. The rip animations add a layer of energy that is perfect for your next sports promo or  fitness project.

Download Ripped Grunge Opener Now

9. Fast Urban Intro

Infuse your videos and images with a futuristic neon look that is perfect for your upcoming party invitation. Bold and colorful text animations are definitely to grab the attention of all your viewers! Definitely a great way to introduce your next event.

Download Fast Urban Intro Now

10. Kinetic Typography Intro

While it is a more classic black and white style template, the creative text animations and smooth transitions make this a modern chic design you need to download for your arsenal. It comes with 4 different size options so you can use it in all your social media campaigns and promos.

Download Kinetic Typography Intro Now

11. Street Style Opener

This hip 90’s style opener is layered with cool graphics and street-style animations. It is perfectly designed to launch an urban fashion brand, as well as post product sale promos.

Download Street Style Opener Now

12. Triple Freeze Frame Urban Opener

If you are looking for a fresh new social media design, look no further than this urban opener. The eye-catching freeze frames that fill the screen and turn with animated text graphics will add a new level of energy to your videos.

Download Triple Freeze Frame Urban Opener Now

13. Urban Opener

This unique, grungy-looking opening title sequence is perfect for trailers, music videos, and documentary films. The split-screen and cropped video effects, with dynamically animated flourishes, give this template a gritty, urban feel.

Download Urban Opener Now 

14. Atmospheric Typo Opener

The Atmospheric Typo Opener template has a modern and graphical design, with a continually shifting style. This intro is very stylized and would work perfectly for fashion, music, or sports promos.

Download Atmospheric Typo Opener Now 

15. Stylish Opener

This funky video intro is perfect for fashion or product videos and event promos. Containing 21 text and 4 media placeholders, the bold color blocks and dynamic text animations allow plenty of room for your messaging.

Download Stylish Opener Now 

16. Colorful Opener

Perfect for digital marketers, influencers, and YouTubers, this colorful, bold template contains 9 text and 8 media placeholders. The simple media and text transitions are highlighted perfectly by the dynamic graphic design flourishes. 

Download Colorful Opener Now 

17. Universal Slideshow Opener

The Universal Slideshow Opener is a versatile and unique template, sure to grab your viewer’s attention. The project includes 11 individually animated scenes for you to mix and combine, with dynamic transitions taking you from one to the next.

Download Universal Slideshow Opener Now 

18. Dynamic Opener

The upbeat and energetic opening sequence template is perfect for trailers, teasers, and promo videos. The glitchy transitions and titles fit perfectly with the simple color palette split-screen effects.

Download Dynamic Opener Now 

19. Future Opener

This glitchy, futuristic opening sequence is perfect for trailers, promos, and music videos. With 11 images and 9 text placeholders, the Future Opener project can also be used for movie title sequences.

Download Future Opener Now 

20. Store Trendy Opener

The Store Trendy Opener is an action-packed introduction to your videos, with energetic transitions and an eye-catching design. With 16 editable text layers, this project is sure to grab your audience’s attention and share your message.

Download Store Trendy Opener Now 

21. Dynamic Typography

The Dynamic Typography intro sequence offers smooth text animations with funky graphical flourishes. This simple but powerful template is excellent for business promotions, social media updates, and website videos.

Download Dynamic Typography Now  

22. Creative Typography Intro

With 19 text and media placeholders, the Creative Typography template has plenty of room for your images and messages. The bold modern design makes this project perfect for longer title sequences, or a stand-alone video.

Download Creative Typography Intro Now 

23. Logo Opener

This beautiful and dynamically animated intro sequence is incredibly versatile and could be used across a range of project types. The fast and smooth transitions take you seamlessly from image to image, while the simple title animation provides bold messaging. 

Download Logo Opener Now 

24. Intro

The Creative Typography video is perfect for corporate presentations, showreels, and slideshows. The bright, bold text and colorful media filters offer easy branding customization, perfect for your client projects.

Download Intro Now 

25. Urban Opener

Urban Opener is a powerful After Effects template that includes 11 text, 7 media, and 1 logo placeholder. The slip screen wipe transitions and smooth title animations are sure to impress your clients and viewers.

Download Urban Opener Now 

26. Modern Opener

With 20 images and 15 text layers, this Modern Opener is perfect for longer title sequences or standalone videos. The sleek and straightforward design and bold text elements work perfectly with the minimalist color palette. 

Download Modern Opener Now 

27. Opener Typo

This fast, glitchy typography intro is perfect for short, punchy messaging. The distorted split-screen media transitions move swiftly from image to image, while the color filters offer a unique design. Great for short product videos, events promos, and slideshows.

Download Opener Typo Now 

28. Glitch Intro

The Glitch Logo intro is a simple project containing 2 versions; one text layer and one logo placeholder. The project offers a simple opening slate, with a cool stylized glitch effect, so your audiences know who you are from the first frame. 

Download Glitch Intro Now 

29. Dynamic Brush Intro

The Dynamic Brush intro is an artistically designed project, perfect for creative and arts-based showreels and slideshows. The animated brush stroke video frames transition seamlessly from image to image, finishing with a logo placeholder.

Download Dynamic Brush Intro Now 

30. After Effects Intro

This simple titles Intro template is a big, bold opener to your video projects. The modern, sleek animation utilizes split-screen and glitch effects to transition the viewer between 8 media placeholders, while the 9 eye-catching titles shout your message proudly.

Download After Effects Intro Intro Now 

31. Intro Template

This Intro Template has a trendy, grunge style design with unique glitch effects. Not only do the titles use digital distortion to create movement, but the video transitions also contain a warp distortion, pulling and stretching the image into the next. 

Download Intro Template Now 

32. Dynamic Intro [No Text]

As the title suggests, the Dramatic Intro template contains no text elements. Instead, you are treated to 11 dynamically animated image slides, that speedily wipe between your media elements. This project is incredibly versatile and can be combined with other templates to add text is needed.