Over 28 Impressive AE Video Transitions to Own Today (FREE & Paid)

After Effects 28/04/2020 7 min read

Using transitions is a great way to maintain momentum in your videos and add some creative flair to your scenes. Keep the audience engaged and entertained as you flow seamlessly from one shot to the next. Transitions can be quickly achieved in After Effects, and you don’t need to build them from scratch to get the best results. Here are 28 of our favorite AE transitions – both free and paid – that you can download and start using right away.

Part 1: 28 Must-Have AE Video Transitions

1. Free 20 Transitions 

There are 20 slick transitions to choose from in this AE pack. Choose from a range of geometric shapes to transition smoothly from one image to the next. Perfect for bringing image slideshows to life.

Free 20 Transitions Free Download

2. Minimal and Clean Transitions

The 16 transitions in this pack are clean, smooth, and versatile for use in any kind of video project. Whether you’re making a corporate presentation or a promo video for your own small business, elevate the production quality with these transitions.

Download Minimal and Clean Transitions Now

3. Glitch Transitions

These cool glitches punch from one shot to the next, making a real impact. Slick and professional, they would look great in a sports video or fast-paced promo. There are no plugins required so jump straight in and start using them.

Download Glitch Transitions Now

4. Fast Dynamic Transitions

Fresh, modern, and elegant, these transitions will add a professional touch to your videos. They’re super easy to use, too: simply open up the project and swap out your photos and videos to impress your audiences.

Download Fast Dynamic Transitions Now

5. 10 Glitch Transitions

Glitch Transitions are an ultra-modern, edgy way of making your videos more interesting. You can apply them to text, images, videos, or a mixture of all of your assets to create a cool, professional result.

Download 10 Glitch Transitions Now

6. Useful Transitions

Pretty much does what it says on the tin: these transitions really are useful. There’s a whole selection of creative options here, from glitches and zooms to panoramas and light leaks. Pick and choose something that works for your own project.

Download Useful Transitions Now

7. Free Letters Transitions

These letter transitions are a really cool way of subtly incorporating your branding or messaging in the video. Choose a letter and splice it with your footage to create an engaging transition, and achieve great results in seconds. Just drag and drop within After Effects. 

Letters Transitions Free Download

8. Scale Reverse Transitions

Choose your favorite from 16 clean sliding transitions in this pack. They’re super easy to customize but if you have any issues this pack comes with a detailed tutorial so you can get going right away.

Download Scale Reverse Transitions Now

9. Modern Transitions

Carve up your footage into a thousand pieces with these really cool kaleidoscope effect transitions. There are a massive 73 effects to choose from, so you should have fun finding your favorite to use.

Download Modern Transitions Now

10. Clean Multi-Frame Transitions

This is a really fun transition that splits up your footage so you can have multiple shots in one frame. It’s easy to use by just dragging and dropping your clips in AE, with fast renders and no plugins.

Download Clean Multi-Frame Transitions Now

11. Shake Zoom Transitions

Hold on tight! The transitions in this pack will take you through one shot and straight into another, shaking the whole screen as you go. This is a really versatile effect that would work great in any kind of travel video or commercial.

Download Shake Zoom Transitions Now 

12. Rotation Transitions

If you line up the shots properly, this effect can be absolutely amazing. Make the most of the rotation animation to spin your audiences round and carry them into the next scene. It’s a wild ride and you won’t need any plugins to make it look great.

Download Rotation Transitions Now

13. Free 30 Line Transitions 

Create a smooth and elegant transition between scenes with this beautifully minimal line transitions. There are 30 to choose from and will work brilliantly in any project whether you’re creating a slideshow or a promo video.

Free 30 Line Transitions Free Download

14. Customizable Transition Package

There’s a massive 155 hand-crafted transitions to choose from in this pack, all completely customizable to fit any kind of project. Reveal and enhance your media with no plugins required. What are you waiting for?

Download Customizable Transition Package Now

15. 30 Ultramodern Transitions

Give your work a fresh, sharp edge with these clean modern line transitions. The pack is available in 4K and HD so you can adapt them for any project you like.

Download 30 Ultramodern Transitions Now

16. Transitions

Spin around, warp in, zoom out, take the audience on a real adventure with this pack of fun transitions. You can use them in any fast-paced video and there are detailed tutorials to accompany them.

Download Transitions Now

17. Digital Transitions

Create some digital noise with these glitch transitions that jump from scene to scene in a really fun way. Add them to your social media videos to step up the production quality and give them a modern, edgy feel.

Download Digital Transitions Now

18. Typography Transitions

These transitions combine text, design, and color to create a stunning effect to enhance your videos. Transition smoothly between shots and enhance your video’s message at the same time.

Download Typography Transitions Now

19. Trendy Transitions

Warp the frame in interesting ways with the 8 dynamically animated transitions in this AE pack. They’re super easy to use and work great in any kind of video, from social media videos to TV commercials.

Download Trendy Transitions Now

20. VHS Transitions

Add some nostalgia to your project by using this old school VHS effect. Worn tape and scratch marks make this look like one of the battered old videos you had when you were a kid. Perfect for any project you want to add a bit of energy.

Download VHS Transitions Now

21. Beautiful Bokeh Transitions

Let some light into your videos with these stunning bokeh light leak transitions. These work perfectly in colorful, luxury, and fashion films – anything that needs to have a bright, soft atmosphere.

Download Beautiful Bokeh Transitions Now

22. Motion Transitions

There are 45 energetic transitions to choose from in this pack. Create great results quickly by simply dragging and dropping your footage in After Effects, and take your audience on a journey.

Download Motion Transitions now

23. Quick Whip Transitions

Keep up the momentum of your action videos with these quick whip transitions to jump from one shot to the next. Show off new products or sports games by just swapping out your footage and rendering in record time.

Download Quick Whip Transitions Now

24. Transition Pack

This is a diverse pack with lots of options to choose from. There are 20 transitions to play with, ranging from zooms and wipes to dissolves and geometric transitions. No plugins needed, so just boot it up and get started.

Download Transition Pack Now

25. Transitions in Flux

The photo transitions in this pack are perfect for fashion videos. Clean, elegant, and ultramodern, divide up the screen with beautiful shots and no need for plugins.

Download Transitions in Flux Now

26. Stories Transitions

Are you making some videos for Instagram? You’ll need to get your hands on these Stories transitions. Perfect wipes and zooms and improve the quality of your Instagram videos, whether you’re showcasing your work or selling a product.

Download Stories Transitions Now

27. Transitions

Clean, tidy, and professional, these transitions are perfect for corporate videos and any other no-frills video projects. Beautiful, modern AE transitions that get the job done.

Download Transitions Now

28. Ink Smoke Transitions

This is a stunning addition to any video. Transition to the next shot with a beautiful cloud of ink billowing from the side of the screen. Wow, your audiences and impress your friends with a fantastic professional product.

Download Ink Smoke Transitions Now

Part 2: How to Use AE Transitions

Using AE Transitions is really simple. When you have found the transition pack you’d like to use, open up the After Effects project in the folder.

Step 1: Import the clips you want to transition between by going to File > Import > File then navigating to your clips.

Step 2: Drag the two clips into the Final Comp and line up the edit points.

Step 3: Select your favorite transition and drag it onto the timeline, above the clips you want to transition between.

Step 4: Line the transition up at the edit point, with the marker art exactly the point at which the videos cut.

Step 5: Hit the Star icon in the project next to the transition comp.

Step 6: Preview the edit by hitting the spacebar. The transition should play smoothly at the point at which the videos cut.