18 Must-Have After Effects Glitch Transition Templates

After Effects 05/08/2021 5 min read

Glitch transitions are modern and stylish effects you can incorporate into your videos to get from one scene to another or introduce a logo. They can be used in place of other transitions like wipes and lens flares and give your footage a kind of edgy, digital vibe that works brilliantly when paired with appropriate sound design. If you are looking for eye-catching glitch transitions in After Effects, there are plenty of templates available in Motion Array.

Part 1: 18 Impressive After Effects Glitch Transitions for Creatives

1. Glitch Transitions

These 25 glitch effects are incredibly easy to use in After Effects, without any plugins needed. Simply drag and drop them onto your timeline and render in just moments. Guaranteed to bring any footage to life.

Download Glitch Transitions Now

2. Fast Glitch Transitions

Digital, abstract, and exciting, there are 6 unique glitch transitions in this pack to play with. Each has a variety of shapes and colors and is usable in a wide range of content, from fashion videos to corporate promos and technology product reviews.

Download Fast Glitch Transitions Now

3. Glitch Transitions With Titles

The cool thing about glitch transitions is using them to introduce logos and titles. This template comes with the text reveal built-in, so all you need to do is line up the footage and replace the text with your own to create instant results.

Download Glitch Transitions With Titles Now

4. Glitch Transitions Vol 2

The glitches in this transition pack have a cool static vibe to them. Great for transitioning between camera shots in sci-fi and horror films, with a security camera or hidden camera vibe.

Download Glitch Transitions Vol 2 Now

5. Glitch Transitions Vol 4

Choose from 15 glitches of a variety of textures and colors in this transition pack. Available in 4K and HD, all you need to do is drag them onto the timeline and arrange your media to get the perfect transition.

Download Glitch Transitions Vol 4 Now

6. Pixel Glitch Transition

The pixel glitch transition warps the image into a screen of pixels, shifting into the next scene. It’s a cool way of digitizing your footage and perfect for any kind of retro, digital, or video game-style content.

Download Pixel Glitch Transition Now

7. No Signal Glitch Transitions

This is a fun template playing on the idea of loose connections in security cameras. It definitely would make a brilliant addition to your thriller short films or YouTube technology review videos.

Download No Signal Glitch Transitions Now

8. 24 Digital Glitch Transitions

This mammoth pack contains a wide variety of styles of glitch transition, from shifting pixels to warping images and static blow-outs. With vertical, horizontal, zoom, stretch and distort effects all included, you’re bound to find something you like. 

Download 24 Digital Glitch Transitions Now

9. Glitch Text Transitions

Here’s a different take on the glitch transition – instead of warping the footage, try shifting the text itself. This is a great way to animate text from one sentence to another on screen, and it’s dead easy to apply the effect to your timeline as well.

Download Glitch Text Transitions Now

10. 35 Glitch Transitions

With such a huge array of transitions available in this pack, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect one. Text glitches, full frame static transitions, all in different colors and shapes and textures for every possible project are available here.

Download 35 Glitch Transitions Now

11. 10 Glitch Transitions

Choose your favorite from these 10 transitions, all in a variety of colors and shapes. You can use these glitch transitions in pretty much any kind of project you like – from tech reviews to holiday videos.

Download 10 Glitch Transitions Now

12. Digital Glitch Transitions

Slick, modern, effective – what more can you ask from a pack of glitch transitions? With no plugins needed, these are ideal for those of you just starting out with After Effects who want quick and crowd-pleasing results.

Download Digital Glitch Transitions Now

13. Glitch Text Transitions + Background

Choose from 10 text transitions and 6 background transitions, all with a variety of glitch styles. Add them to your presentations, TV show titles, branded content, or personal videos to create awesome glitch effects throughout.

Download Glitch Text Transitions + Background Now

14. Glitch VHS Text Transitions

If you’re looking for instant results to enhance your projects, try these glitch VHS transitions. Give your text transitions a retro VHS vibe with different colors and different amounts of distortion to choose from.

Download Glitch VHS Text Transitions Now

15. 10 Glitches

Swap out the media in this pack for anything you like – text, footage, or images – and these 4K glitches are guaranteed to make your transitions look fantastic. They’re edgy, modern, and even include a short video tutorial.

Download 10 Glitches Now

16. GlitchMaker Toolkit

If you’re looking for more customization in your glitch effects, try using this glitch maker toolkit! A great plugin that features more than 60 transitions, 60 title animations, 60 overlays and 200 sound effects for you to create your own glitch transitions from scratch.

Download GlitchMaker Toolkit Now

17. Glitch Logo

Using a glitch transition to get to a logo is a cool, eye-catching way of introducing your branding in your video. This pack contains two different versions in 2 aspect ratios for you to keep consistency across your projects.

Download Glitch Logo Now

18. Glitch Shape Transitions

Probably the cleanest of all the transitions, these shapes slide across the screen beautifully to reveal the footage or image beneath it. It’s a cool effect and super easy to use as well. Simply drag and drop and replace the media in the project.

Download Glitch Shape Transitions Now

Part 2: Tips on Using Glitch Transitions in After Effects

So, you’ve decided to incorporate some glitch transitions into your video. Glitch transitions are particularly good for transitioning between scenes in high-energy, modern projects like promos, commercials, presentation videos, and not, for instance, in slow-burn dramas.

What’s next? Here are some tips and tricks on how to use them successfully and when you might want to avoid using them.

1. Add Sound Effects

They will help carry your footage through to the next scene and avoid the transition being jarring. Use a sound effect that matches the look and feel of the transition, like a record scratch, glitch sound, or static.

2. Be Careful Where You Place Them 

Don’t cut off any important text or key moment of an image. It’s best to leave a scene as early as possible and enter the next scene as late as possible, but if you’re using a transition, the footage gets shortened further, so be mindful you’re still getting your message across.

3. Avoid Jump Cuts 

You want your transitions to be seamlessly integrated into your film, and jump cuts can be confusing for the viewer if they’re not placed deliberately.

4. Use with Purpose

This will ensure you’re getting the best effect possible. Be careful where exactly you’re using them, and don’t scatter them liberally for the sake of it.

5. Get Creative

Try transitioning between text, logos, or other graphical elements. You can also add glitch effects to your main subjects for a cool look to match the beat of the song.

Glitch Transitions are exciting, dynamic effects guaranteed to add interest to your videos. They can be used in pretty much any piece of video content if the style is right and any part of the video, from transitioning between clips to animating text and revealing logos. All you need to do is choose the template you like the best, download it and replace the media with your selected clips. Pay careful attention to how and where you’re using glitch transitions in After Effects to create the best possible results.

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