17 Top Quality Free After Effects Logo Templates (Plus 10 Paid Assets)

After Effects 27/08/2020 8 min read

Your logo deserves the best, so we’ve put together a stellar list of free After Effects logo reveals available to download.  There’s a lot of unique templates to choose from, so you can choose the style that fits your brand identity the best. And best of all they’re super easy to use, so you won’t need to waste any time to produce studio-quality results. 

Below, you’ll find 17 of the best free logo intros available online. After that, we’ve also listed 10 amazing premium logo templates available to producers. Whichever way you go, these templates are sure to leave an impression with your viewers. 

Part 1: 17 Free After Effects Logo Templates for Beginners

All you need to do to gain access to these incredible downloads is create a free account at MotionArray.com. From there, you can easily download and install any of these logo templates to produce stellar opening sequences in no time!

1. Simple Promo

It’s all in the name with Simple Promo. This template allows you to lead up to the logo reveal with a few choice images, plus you can customize all the colors to fit your brand. Overall, it’s a straightforward logo opener that will suit just about any organization. 

Free Simple Promo Download

2. Hi-Tech Logo Reveal

Step into the Matrix with this dazzling digital display, concluding with your logo. Hi-Tech Logo Reveal is an edgy, space-age logo opener that will leave a big impression on your audience. If you’re creating an introduction for a media company, technology company, or any digital product, give this one a download and see how it fits!

Free Hi-Tech Logo Reveal Download

3. Elegant Logo

A glossy and classic logo intro for a sophisticated brand, Elegant Logo delivers exactly what the name implies. It’s short and sweet, so you can wow your audience quickly before moving on to the content of your video. There’s also a text layer, to add a message or slogan below your logo image. 

Free Elegant Logo Download

4. Glitch Logo

Glitches are all the rage in video editing. There’s just something spooky and cool about the RGB chroma aberrations and retro static effects of a good glitch introduction like this one. While it might not be a perfect fit for any company, Glitch Logo would work great for entertainment, production, music, or related industries. 

Free Glitch Logo Download

5. Blue Action Logo Reveal

There’s something fun and refreshing about this concise logo reveal. There are aquatic distortions and fun patterns, plus a cool transition from your logo to the beginning of your video. Truly a fun logo reveal that can work for any number of brand identities. 

Free Blue Action Logo Reveal Download

6. Instagram Summer

Need that perfect logo opener for a square aspect ratio? Instagram Summer lets you quickly animate a few images and titles before revealing your logo at the end. It makes a great opener for influencers, fashion brands, portfolios and more! 

Free Instagram Summer Download

7. Logo Up

Need a splash of color to liven things up? Logo Up’s vivid, spinning patterns can be adjusted to match your brand’s colors with just a few tweaks. It’s a short, energetic logo intro that’s perfect for creative companies, and cheerful brands. 

Free Logo Up Download

8. 3D White Logo

3D White Logo is a smooth, polished animation with no frills. It communicates high class and expertise and will leave your audience impressed with the professionalism of your brand. There’s also room for you to input your own text below the logo image, which is a perfect place for your companies slogan.

Free 3D White Logo Download

9. Valentine Neon Logo

Valentine Neon Logo is a unique template that leverages the retro coolness of neon lights to deliver romantic overtures in a remarkable new way. Choose from either dark rose background, or neon heart composition, with customizable illuminated text!

Free Valentine Neon Logo Download

10. Light Rays Logo Reveal

Mesmerizing glimmering light reveals your logo in a brilliant display, followed by a custom text reveal, cut through the background as if by high-powered lasers. Light Rays Logo Reveal is a stunning animation that will truly impress your viewers.

Free Light Rays Logo Reveal Download

11. Fast Opener [No Text]

Have a story to tell alongside your logo? Fast opener gets the message across with an engaging slideshow leading in to the final logo opener. With 10 dynamic image placeholders you can pack a ton of content into this little template. 

Free Fast Opener [No Text] Download

12. Clean Light Logo

Clean light logo is so gentle it just might give you tingles. Full of light and brilliance, this animation makes a very charming logo reveal for your next project. It’s wonderfully suited to a variety of brands including health, fashion, and wellness brands.  

Free Clean Light Logo Download

13. Logo 01

This is a fantastic, spacey logo animation that’s short and snappy. It looks professional and conveys high production value, so it’s a great choice for conveying credibility and expertise. Best of all, it’s super easy to use. Just drop your logo in and presto! 

Free Logo 01 Download

14. Grunge Logo

This lively 3D logo template looks like something out of a video game. It’s definitely unique, so if you’d like your brand to stand out you might want to consider giving Grunge Logo a download. There’s also an editable text layer to add a message or company name. 

Free Grunge Logo Download

15. Sphere Logo

Sphere logo is a concise display with adjustable colors to fit your brand. It utilizes 3D highlight and shadow effects, and also gives you plenty of room to add both a title and subtitle. Overall it’s a versatile logo opener that can be used for just about any organization. 

Free Sphere Logo Download

16. Camera Lens Logo

Zoom out, and then in with this cinematographic After Effects template that brings camera production into focus. It’s stunning and to-the-point, and will surely wow your videos audience. Because it highlights camerawork, this logo opener is especially appropriate for production companies, photographers, videographers, vloggers, and even news oriented content. 

Free Camera Lens Logo Download

17. Minimal Logo Klick

Less is more with this startlingly simple logo reveal. What’s great about this logo reveal is how contemporary it is; it will fit right in with any tech company or digital property. Sometimes video doesn’t have to be cinematic! 

Free Minimal Logo Klick Download

Part 2: 10 Popular After Effects Logo Templates to Download Today

Now the above free logo templates are really something special, but if you’re a professional video editor you might be looking to take your productions to the next level. A paid membership to Motion Array will give you access to a nearly unlimited number of effects, plugins, and templates. We’ve selected 10 of the best logo reveals available on Motion Array for you to review below, check them out! 

1. Pixel Logo

Wow, this logo opener is next level. It’s bright, colorful, and engaging–definitely an attention-grabbing introduction to your brand and video. Of course you can stylize the colors however you want to make this flashy short fit right in with your video.  

Download Pixel Logo Now

2. Audio Spectrum Logo

You’ve got to see (or hear) this opener to believe it! Audio Spectrum Logo dynamically displays an animated equalizer that responds to your music. Watch your intro song come to life in a fantastic display of pulsing light behind your logo. Perfect for production companies, DJs, event planners, and more.

Download Audio Spectrum Logo Now

3. Light Logo

Fan of Stranger Things, Spielberg Movies, or Synth Wave? If so, Light Logo might be the perfect opener for you. It’s smokey, spooky, and cinematic–with a style all its own. You can also use this template for a main title sequence. 

Download Light Logo Now

4. Digital Tech Logo

Here’s an ultramodern After Effects template that really stands out. The combination of particle effects, depth-of-field simulation, and 3D geometric plexus patterns creates a memorable sequence to kick off any video and show off your logo in a unique way.

Download Digital Tech Logo Now

5. Video Wall Logo

Got a lot of videos or pictures to show off with your logo? Video Wall Logo has stunning 54 media placeholders to showcase your content, giving the final logo reveal a grandiose entrance.

Download Video Wall Logo Now

6. 3D Stomp Logo Reveal

Yin and Yang, light and shadow; explore the duality of existence in rhythm and style with 3D Stomp Logo Reveal. This memorable logo reveal works best with monochromatic logos, and will surely leave an impression with your viewers. 

Download 3D Stomp Logo Reveal Now

7. Distort Glitch Logo Reveal

There’s a lot going on with Distort Glitch Logo Reveal. Plug in your logo and watch the magic as this template fizzles and flashes across the screen. These stunning effects are certainly attention-grabbing and will make a great opener for media companies, event organizers, music acts, gaming, or other modern companies.

Download Distort Glitch Logo Reveal Now

8. Photo Diamond Logo

Have an easy-going brand that’s got a story to tell? Photo Diamond Logo gives you 15 image or video placeholders to share your organization’s imagery in a smooth, soothing way before the final diamond logo reveal. It’s a nice, pleasant opener that will warm your audience up for some personable content.

Download Photo Diamond Logo Now

9. Tunnel Logo Reveal

Travel down a space-age tunnel with glimmering lights and high-quality particle effects before materializing your logo front and center. The Tunnel Logo Reveal is futuristic, smooth, and delivers on special effects. This is a very versatile template that is sure to start off your video on the right foot.

Download Tunnel Logo Reveal Now

10. Focus Logo

Bring the camera into the spotlight with Focus Logo, an After Effects animation that showcases camera lens operation in a cool way. There’s also room below for your website or company slogan. This is a wonderful opener for photographers, vloggers, or anyone working in the realm of production.

Download Focus Logo Now

Part 3: Quick and Easy Tips to Make Great Logo Intros and Animations

With this vast library of logo templates at your fingertips, you might be a little overwhelmed. Choosing the right opener, and using it correctly is going to make all the difference in how your audience perceives your logo reveal. We’ve put together 3 hints to help you make sure that your logo intro is the best that it can be. 

Always Use Your Brand Colors

Many of these logo templates include colored elements that you can adjust in After Effects. You can directly extract colors from the logo, or seek out a copy of the brand guidelines (if available) to know what other colors are “on brand”. 

Use Effects that Match Your Brand Persona

If your brand is promoting DIY crafts for children, you probably don’t want to use a glitch logo reveal. Think about your brand’s values and what type of effects and imagery make sense. This will help you narrow down the selection and focus on 1 or 2 options that make the most sense for your organization. 

Always Use Background Textures or Colors

Don’t just splash your logo against a blank background and call it a day! Pay attention to the logo’s aesthetic; some logos look best against white backgrounds, colored backgrounds, textured backgrounds, etc. Usually the most important feature of the background is that it offers a lot of contrast so your logo can stand out. 

Armed with these incredible free After Effects Logo Templates, you should be ready to impress clients and viewers alike. And if you liked what we’ve shown you here, make sure to check out what else is available on MotionArray.com