Top 23 Realistic After Effects News Templates Ready For Broadcast

After Effects August 31, 2020 7 min read

Make your next best news announcement with these versatile After Effects News templates. Distinguish your video journalism projects from the rest with a realistic touch and custom look. Create bold and contemporary content to share your latest news. We have also put together a tutorial so that you can implement them without a hassle.

Part 1: 23 Notable After Effects News Templates

1. News Broadcast Package

The News Broadcast Package with myriad broadcast elements, animations, and on-air graphics is exactly what you need to refresh the look of your news channel. From sports update to fashion trend coverage and weather reports to political broadcasts and breaking news stories, this After Effects template has everything you need to broadcast your story.

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2. News Package

The News Package After Effects template consisting of an intro, customizable logo holder, split-screen with two video holes, and a live screen with video hole sets the stage for you to break the breaking news for the day. Be it relating to fashion, politics, sports, or art & culture, the use of personalized background and lower thirds will take your audiences’ attention. Not to mention, the smooth transition.

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3. News Opener 

Openers are the most important part of your broadcast. Luckily for you, the News Opener After Effects templates make creating news openers easier than ever before. The template is packed with pre-rendered 3D scenes that are easily customizable. You don’t need plugins and the template supports full HD resolution. 

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4. Breaking News Promo

Don’t just break the news. Make your viewers clutch the side of their seats by using animations and attention-grabbing colors. Whether you are breaking important news about sports, politics, science, or tech, take the help of the Breaking News Promo After Effects Template. The template can also be used to announce your next breakthrough. 

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5. News Graphic Ultimate Giant Pack

Make use of the News Graphic Ultimate Giant Pack animation template. Create amazing content quickly by choosing your font from sundry options, changing the color of the lower thirds, and adding mind-bending animations. Available in full HD, make your news reports broadcast-ready in an instant.

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6. Streaker

Running out of ideas to introduce your next documentary or aspiring to start your social media news channel? The Streaker AE template is a 4K resolution template with dynamic motion graphics, unique animation styles, and simple customizable options. Rearrange the sequence to make longer videos or use it just as an epic video intro.

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7. News Intro

Easily create staggering and eye-catching video intros for your upcoming broadcast with the help of animations suitable for things like travel videos, nature documentaries, or any recent adversity. The News Intro After Effects template can even help you put a terrific spin to your home video production or weather reports.

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8. News Opener

Bank on New Opener to help you with your upcoming juicy news reveals. The dynamic and simple After Effects template is perfect for any kind of news opener and allows you to cover every angle of your news story. Make use of the mind-blowing text animations, attention-grabbing design, and groovy transitions to create your upcoming broadcast. You will need Element 3D by Video Copilot to run the template. 

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9. Morning News Intro

Level up your broadcasts with Morning News Intro. This After Effects template is inspiring, bright, and dynamic, and is perfect for a morning show opening or for your upcoming movie that needs a realistic news crawler. You can also use this template to reveal important news in the morning assembly at school. 

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10. New Graphics 4K

Make use of the crackling new New Graphics 4K animation template for your next coverage video. Cover breaking news, report on wildfires, or break the latest sports news in a professional style by downloading the template and creating TV-ready broadcasts.

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11. News Intro

The animated and intense-looking News Intro After Effects template offers a great combination of effects to help you enhance your media or broadcast. Use this template for a powerful introduction to your sporting events, weather reports, or even short films and documentaries. The 16 customizable text layers give you ample opportunity to be creative.

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12. Political Intro

Build your political career or show allegiance to your political party by building an amazing campaign using the brand new Political Intro After Effects template. Make use of its gorgeous designs, eye-catching transitioning effects, and amazing text animations to impress your audience.

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13. News

Forget spending hours brainstorming introductions for your upcoming slideshow and presentation. Luckily, you have the News Package with its great transitioning effects, impressive text animations, and new-age design to keep your viewers hooked. This After Effects template is available on HD and you don’t need plugins.

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14. News Graphic Pack

Lower third, split-screen, text animations and smooth transitioning effects – everything you need to present your news story professionally is power-packed in the News Graphic animation template. Present your next breaking story on something like marine life controversies using this template and impress your audience.

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15. Breaking News Graphic Package

The Breaking News Graphic Package is the all-inclusive template that you need to create some high-end broadcasts. Create a stunning news report using graphic overlays and make use of the animation styles to capture viewer attention.

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16. News Broadcast Full Package 4K

Wish to create a TV-ready news broadcast channel? Find everything you need in the News Broadcast Full Package 4K After Effects template. Use this template to impress your clients or for your private projects like sharing news stories across social media channels.

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17. Broadcast News Package

Whether you want to broadcast the latest happenings in the political scenario or the trade market, or create a broadcast video for circulating exciting news at your company, the Broadcast News Package is your best bet. It comes with mind-boggling animations, lower thirds, tables, intros and outros. This template can make your future broadcast presentations look out-of-this-world. 

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18. News Opener

Got the latest scoop on Queen Bey or want to make a video revealing the dirty secrets of your friends? Present it in the form of news and for a razzmatazz opening, use the News Opener After Effects template. Fully customizable, easy to use, with quick drag-and-drop features.

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19. News Intro

Make the intro for your upcoming sports, politics, or homicide news story so breathtaking that your viewers will get super pumped for what’s next. You can easily create amazing intros for your video productions and news broadcasts using the New Intro After Effects template. Plugins are not needed for using this customizable template. 

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20. Economy News Intro

Drop the bomb for your upcoming economic channel by creating a short, yet smashing introduction using the new Economy News Intro After Effects template. With 38 media placeholders and a logo placeholder, stupefying text animations, and brilliant transitioning styles, the template is perfect for TV-ready broadcasts. 

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21. Abstract News Intro 

Present your thesis on the latest political changes or keep your audiences updated about the new Netflix shows and documentaries by using Abstract News Intro. This user-friendly After Effects template supports 4K resolution and provides text animations, varied transitioning styles to create a mind-blowing introduction for your upcoming video production. 

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22. Modern News Intro

Up the ante of your political broadcasts, weather reports, and much more by using Modern News Intro. This After Effects template offers refreshingly new text animations and designs that are in vogue. Drag-and-drop videos or images in the 9 media placeholders and personalize the text. You’re done!

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23. Dynamic Broadcast

Dynamic Broadcast is the After Effects template for creating energetic and dramatic broadcasts of politics, finance, fashion, and so much more. The dynamic and stylish designs, along with a simple drag-and-drop feature makes the template ideal for your promotional videos.

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Part 2: How to Edit After Effects News Templates

The news intro template is an excellent starting point for creating professional-looking intros. To use Motion Array’s News Intro template, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Download & Open Template

Download a news intro template from the Motion Array website, and open the project file in After Effects.

Step 2: Explore the Project

Once the news intro template opens, start by exploring the project. In the Project panel, three folders can be found, 01. Edit Comps, 02. Final Comp and 03. Others. For now, ignore the final comp and others folder, and expand the Edit Comp folder. Inside it, four more folders exist, namely, Color Control, Images, Sound, and Text.

Step 3: Tweaking the Color

Under the Color Control folder, Color comp is found double-click to open it in the Layers panel. In the Color comp, under CC, the color for each element can be tweaked in Effects.

Step 4: Replacing the Placeholders with Images

Next, go into the Images folder in the Project panel. Here multiple image comps can be found. Open each of them one by one and replace the placeholder image with the selected image.

Step 5: Editing the Sample Text

Under the Text folder, several text comps exist. Open each individually and edit the Text layer in them using the Text tool. The font style, font color, and font size can also be tweaked.

Step 6: Sound

The News Intro Template already comes with a background track that is suitable for a News Telecast styled intro. The audio track can be changed and tweaked by opening the Sound comp under the Sound folder.

Step 7: The Final Comp

Under the 02. Final Comp the main comp is present. Open it and review the changes made, and further tweak in the 01. Edit Comp elements to achieve the desired result.

To create a more customized, more unique intro, the animation style, and animation speeds can also be adjusted with ease.

Part 3: Top Tips for Using After Effects News Templates

Choosing the right font for your broadcast is crucial in determining your video’s ability to convey information. The text should be neat, simple, and legible, yet distinctive.

Incorporate muted color palettes and color gradients to match the gravity of news being reported.

Include a mix of mainly 3 major headlines with calls to action in your news intro to give the audience ample information to know what to expect next.

Ready to create a newsroom of the future? Download any or all of these After Effects News Templates and enhance your future video productions or news broadcasts.