24 Modern & Fresh Presentation Templates for After Effects

After Effects 12/04/2020 7 min read

One of the most common requests you will get as a video editor are After Effects presentation templates. These can be used for corporate and sales meetings, school projects, in-store displays, advertisements, and more–they’re very versatile. And because they’re templates, you can add your own content and quickly create a very professional, impressive production without much effort on your part.

Below, we’ve selected 24 of the best After Effects presentation templates for you to choose from. Some of them are designed around specific content like food or real estate, and others you can use for anything. We’ve also included instructions for how to download these and use them, in part 2. 

Part 1: Our Favorite 24 Presentation Templates You Can Download Today!

1. Complete Presentation

Complete Presentation starts off strong with an animated logo and title page before launching into a visually engaging slideshow with placeholders for your company’s team members and information. It can be customized for any subject but is already arranged perfectly for any organization that would like to introduce itself in a spectacular way.

Download Complete Presentation Now

2. Elegant Corporate Clean

If you have a graphically driven presentation and just need titles & short descriptions for each slide, Elegant Corporate Clean is an excellent template to deliver that in a polished and modern way. It’s a very versatile presentation suitable for any subject matter where visuals are paramount.

Download Elegant Corporate Clean Now

3. Medical Presentation

Building a presentation for a hospital, pharmaceutical company, or doctor’s office? Medical Presentation was designed with that specific content and aesthetic in mind. You can customize it to your own needs, but out-of-the-box it’s already ideal for any healthcare-related video production. 

Download Medical Presentation Now

4. Wiggle Shape Presentation

This presentation is a lot of fun. It’s the ideal blend of whimsical and professional, with just enough style to liven up your sales pitch without going over the top. Hand-drawn video productions can be very expensive to produce, so using this template can convey a lot of production value without breaking the bank. 

Download Wiggle Shape Presentation Now

5. Corporate Presentation

Corporate Presentation is a minimalist, modern template with modern effects and transitions. It’s a great one-size-fits-all arrangement that can go with any subject-matter. All you need to do is drop in your own images and change the text and you’ve got a professional demo ready for the boardroom. 

Download Corporate Presentation Now

6. Moving Presentation

The 3D animations of this template make it really stand out! Drop in your own photos and watch them come to life as rotating pyramids and tessellating backgrounds.  Because of the nature of this template’s animation, it’s best used with background images rather than important image content, so it’s befitting of sizzle presentations, sales videos, or exciting introductions.

Download Moving Presentation Now

7. Modern Presentation

Modern Presentation is a smooth vertically scrolling production perfect for telling your company’s story and moving from one point to the next with continuity. It has 2 aspect ratios, including one that for vertical phones, which is pretty unique for presentations of this type!

Download Modern Presentation Now

8. Food Menu Presentation

If you’re creating a video for a restaurant or catering service, this template is a must-have. It’s splendidly designed for a mouth-watering display of food photography. The fun, animated text titles are just the right length to introduce menu items or highlight key features of your establishment.

Download Food Menu Presentation Now

9. Food and Culinary Presentation

Food and Culinary Presentation is great for advertisements, in-store displays, social media posts, and more. It’s packed with placeholders for delicious images, product info, and even cool infographics. Grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, cooking schools, resorts, food & recipe bloggers can all use this presentation to great effect. 

Download Food and Culinary Presentation Now

10. Stylish Presentation

While many of these presentation templates are more befitting of a meeting room than a commercial break, the Stylish Presentation would be right at home used as a product ad on TV or online. It delivers smooth transitions between simple singular arrangements of text and images, so it’s an excellent presentation to convey an impactful straightforward message.

Download Stylish Presentation Now

11. Edges – Corporate Presentation

One nice thing about this presentation is its strong use of a singular, customizable color, which you can use to easily personalize the template to your company’s brand guidelines. Besides that, this presentation is fairly straightforward. It’s a nice, refined template that communicates professionalism and has room for lots of information.

Download Edges – Corporate Presentation Now

12. Architecture Corporate Presentation

As the only presentation in this list that caters specifically to this industry, this download is a must-have for builders, contractors, construction companies, developers, interior designers, and of course architects. You can load in your perspective shots and add your own design commentary and voila! Fantastic architecture presentation.

Download Architecture Corporate Presentation Now

13. App Presentation

Got a cool new app startup to showcase? App presentation is just what you need for an investment pitch, App Store preview video, or social media advertisement. You can add your app’s screenshots and the template will automatically composite them on sleek renderings of 3D iPhones alongside custom titles to introduce the app’s features.

Download App Presentation Now

14. Product Presentation 4K

This versatile After Effects template is exquisitely designed to exhibit products with flair. There are placeholders for the product name, price, and details, as well as animations to link together multiple screens. You could use this template to show off your whole inventory, or just give multiple details and perspectives of a single product.

Download Product Presentation 4K Now

15. Minimal Presentation

Minimal Presentation has a lot more going on than you would expect from the name. There are placeholders for images, titles, text–and a cool call-to-action screen that’s perfect for sealing the deal. That’s what makes this template a great choice for sales presentations or advertisements.

Download Minimal Presentation Now

16. Website Presentation

Parade your digital properties with the grandeur they deserve in this elegant template created just for websites. Multiple views allow you to exhibit web pages on different devices like tablets, phones, and laptops. There’s really no template better for promoting websites than this one.

Download Website Presentation Now

17. Modern & Clean Presentation

A modular presentation format that is appropriate for any subject matter. With several different slide formats that you can rearrange as you wish, keep things fresh for your viewers. It is also a simple task to alter the color to fit whatever brand guidelines or mood is required for your presentation. 

Download Modern & Clean Presentation Now

18. Instagram Stylish Presentation

Ride the wave of one of the most popular social media platforms with Instagram Stylish Presentation. It displays each slide as an Instagram post with animated popups.  Great for telling your social media story with a little bit of “like” cred. 

Download Instagram Stylish Presentation Now

19. Clean Liquid Presentation

Compared to many of the other professional presentations in this list, Clean Liquid Presentation is pleasant and light-hearted. You can certainly use this one for business, but probably not serious subject matter like a financial forecast. This is a great presentation for advertisements, event planning, product demos, and travel videos. 

Download Clean Liquid Presentation Now

20. School Life

School years fly by so fast and then they’re gone. Memorialize that special time with a school-themed video template. You can just drop in photos, videos, and add comments to create your own animated yearbook. Will leave a big impression when shared with students, friends, teachers, and parents!

Download School Life Now

21. Flying Soul

Take your viewers on a trip with Flying Soul, which takes cutouts and 3D text from your images to assemble a soaring landscape. This presentation will have a big impact, so it’s a fantastic template to use for ads, travel videos, openers, and more.

Download Flying Soul Now

22. Sweet Memories

Let your photos take the viewer on a stroll down memory lane, with Sweet Memories, a picture-frame-themed presentation inspired by nostalgia. A great choice for family videos, anniversaries, weddings, or any production that would like to just look back. 

Download Sweet Memories Now

23. Typography Presentation

Typography Presentation is a dynamic, black & white template with motion text transitions. Its artsy style makes it a good fit for creative-oriented subject matter like photography, design, or dance. You can use it to create a sizzle reel, or promote an upcoming event!

Download Typography Presentation Now

24. Real Estate Clean Pro

An impressive and professional template with one goal in mind: selling property. Just load your property photos and listing information and you’ll have an amazing real estate video in minutes. It’s easy to use, and the results are really fantastic, a must-have for real estate agents.

Download Real Estate Clean Pro Now

Part 2: How to Install & Use Presentation Templates in After Effects 

Once you’ve selected a presentation template from above, downloading and loading it up in After Effects is pretty easy. But just in case you’ve never done it before, we’ve outlined the steps below; including how to customize the template with your own content. 

Download and Open the Template

If you’re downloading any of the above openers from Motion Array, you’ll need to log in to your account first. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, you can create one in a snap!

  1. Follow the link above to the opener page and click Download.
  2. Find the Downloads folder on your computer and unzip the file. 
  3. A folder will appear, open the After Effects folder, and double-click the .aep file.

Customize with Text & Media

If you haven’t already opened After Effects, it should open automatically and load up the template. Once it’s open and you can see it in the timeline, you can begin to customize it to your liking. 

  1. Import any media you’d like to add by double-clicking your Project Window and selecting the images or videos you’d like to add.
  2. You should see your imported footage appear alongside several other folders inside the Project Window
  3. Expand the Edit folder. You should see several folders open up inside, labeled for their contents like Color or Placeholder.
  4. Open up these folders and inside you can find text & media compositions as well settings to change. Double-click any of these to open them.
  5. Customize the template by adding your own content to each composition. To get back to the main timeline just click the Timeline tab below the project window. 

Now you should have everything you need to quickly turn around amazing presentations in After Effects. The 24 templates listed above cover a wide range including just about any subject you could think of! And if you run into any bumps along the way, make sure to bookmark this page so you can refer to our instructions for using the templates in part 2. 

If you enjoyed the selection of downloads listed in this article, we’ve got good news for you! Motion Array has thousands more templates, plugins, effects, and more. It’s the perfect companion for After Effects, so make sure to check it out for your next project!