Top 40 Multi-Purpose After Effects Project Templates for Creatives

After Effects 25/06/2021 6 min read

Whether you’re new to After Effects or a seasoned pro, Motion Array’s templates can save you a lot of time and help you achieve compositions beyond your skillset. Sometimes, they can even help you learn new skills as you go. Having your own library of template assets is a must-have for any video editor, so we have a list of our top 40 multi-purpose After Effects project templates.

40 Free & Paid Project Templates for After Effects

1. Free Urban Intro

Fast-paced and modern in design, Urban Intro offers a potent mixture of effects to create eye-catching projects. This template is perfect for event videos, opening credits, slideshows, and presentations.

Download Free Urban Intro Now

2. Free Parallax Opener

The Free Parallax Opener includes 8 media and text layers in a swift and stylish video template. The cool spinning parallax wipes offer depth to your media, while the modern text and graphic elements provide clear and concise messaging.

Download Free Parallax Opener Now

3. Free Modern Fast Promo

The Free Modern Fast Promo project is an energetic and trendy template, ideal for short business promotions or openers. The glitchy swipe transitions are upbeat and eye-catching, while the colorful title elements make a bold statement.

Download Free Modern Fast Promo Now

4. Dynamic Stylish Hip Hop Opener

This dynamic and energetic opener template is ideal for music, events, and sports-related content. The project mixes full-screen typography elements with your media and graphic backgrounds to create a stylish, captivating video.

Download Dynamic Stylish Hip Hop Opener Now

5. Abstract Promo Slideshow

Abstract Promo Slideshow offers a range of highly stylized effects to create a unique look and feel. This template will help your fashion reel, portfolio, product launch, or live event videos stand out from the crowd.

Download Abstract Promo Slideshow Now

6. Animated Typo Elements

The Animated Typo Elements project is both an incredible promo template and a library of assets to use in your projects. The fun cartoony style mixed with a vintage computer interface design makes this template genuinely unique.

Download Animated Typo Elements Now

7. Dynamic Urban Promo

The Dynamic Urban Promo contains 6 media and 19 text placeholders, ideal for music promos, events coverage, and showreels. The template mixes full-screen typography and images with glitch transitions to move your viewers through your shots.

Download Dynamic Urban Promo Now

8. Travel Opener

The Travel Opener project offers a striking, vintage design, ideal for travel content and photo slideshows. The relaxed waves like graphics and gradient background offer an eye-catching frame to your media and titles.

Download Travel Opener Now

9. Traveling Opener Slideshow

Display your holiday photos, video clips, or presentations in an exciting, easy-to-use template with the Traveling Opener Slideshow. Kinetically animated text and media placeholders, this stunning template is sure to impress your audience.

Download Traveling Opener Slideshow Now

10. Travel Intro

Containing 5 media and 10 title placeholders, the Travel Intro template is a bright and colorful opening sequence. The framed media and bold masked text look unique, while the graphic flourishes add some flair.

Download Travel Intro Now

11. Esports Wargames League Opener

Esports Wargames League Opener has everything you need to give your gaming videos that professional finish. Showcase all the best bits for your online tournaments, e-sports championships, and so much more. Energetic and modern in design, this is a must-have for all gamers.  

Download Esports Wargames League Opener Now

12. Gaming Channel Opener

Ideal for any gaming-related content, the Gaming Channel Opener features 3D console controller graphics alongside a connected lines and dots design. Your media is displayed through triangular windows with modern, clean title elements.

Download Gaming Channel Opener Now

13. ESports Event Opener

The eSports Opener is a stunning template video that can be used for much more than sports-related content. The clean and minimal video frames with cool stenciled text elements customize this project to your brand simply and stress-free.

Download ESports Event Opener Now

14. Glossy Dark Opener

The Glossy Dark Opener is ideal for games-related content, with 3D Tetris-like blocks slotting into place. The dark and cold design takes your viewer swiftly through your titles before landing on your logo in a chilling 3D space.

Download Glossy Dark Opener Now

15. Ink Titles

The Ink Titles project displays your media through artistically designed ink clouds. The slow animation gives the impression of your images bursting into a cloud and melting away, while the minimal text makes your media the center of attention.

Download Ink Titles Now

16. Double Exposure Slideshow

The Double Exposure Slideshow allows you to use one image to mas the other, creating a compelling, double exposure look. The double exposure effect works best with images with contrasting detail, such as a city skyline over a model’s face.

Download Double Exposure Slideshow Now

17. Collage Art Promo

With 14 media and a massive 42 text placeholders, the Collage Art Promo is a unique and eye-catching template. With paper-like effects and trendy magazine cut-out style titles, this template won’t work for every project but is sure to impress your audience.

Download Collage Art Promo Now

18. New History Documentary

The New History Documentary turns your video project into a book with cool vintage paper-style pages. The brush stroke transitions, headline titles, and fun ink splash flourishes make this template ideal for any history-based content.

Download New History Documentary Now

19. Mono Typography Promo

The Mono Typography Promo offers a black and white style design with modern typography elements. The stark contrast works best with bold imagery, ideal for photography, modeling and acting showreels.

Download Mono Typography Promo Now

20. Energy Music Visualizer 

The Energy Music Visualizer is an incredible template that lets you turn your titles into pulsating energy stencils. You can choose any font and the template does the rest! Ideal for any project the requires a wow factor.

Download Energy Music Visualizer Now

21. Event Promo

Slickly designed with the corporate world in mind, Event Promo offers a range of high-quality tools to create elegantly animated projects. Ideally suited for trade shows, conferences, and exhibitions, if you need an awesome all-around business-based template, then look no further. 

Download Event Promo Now

22. Online Event Promo

The Online Event Promo template is a modern and stylish video project, ideal for business presentations and showreels. The colorful overlays allow for easy branding, while the structure provides space for all your event-related information.

Download Online Event Promo Now

23. Fashion Typography

Although called Fashion Typography, this template is incredibly versatile and can be used across various project types. The single-word title cards allow for bold and dynamic animation across all platforms with 3 formats provided.

Download Fashion Typography Now

24. Fashion Opener

Ideal for photography and modeling showreels, the Fashion Opener is a dynamic and colorful video template. Featuring a film reel-style media frame that swiftly scrolls by and full-screen typography for stand-out messaging.

Download Fashion Opener Now

25. Stylish Fashion Opener

The Stylish Fashion Opener is another versatile template with fun scrolling split-screen transitions. The dynamic animation highlights the bold typography, while the graphical elements offer a unique flourish.

Download Stylish Fashion Opener Now

26. Stylish News Intro

This incredible video template is ideal for when you need to deliver a short message fast. The constantly moving media and text placeholders are highlighted by the flickering graphical flourishes and bold color overlays.

Download Stylish News Intro Now

27. Podcast Intro

This template is ideal for Podcast intro sequences, but the modular format also makes it a perfect option for any music-related content. The beautiful text animations appear and dissolve into audio waves, giving a unique and bespoke look to your projects.

Download Podcast Intro Now

28 Sports Intro

With 27 media and 40 text placeholders, the Sports Intro template is a library of assets suitable across many project types. The fast-paced transitions and flashy title animations are modern and trendy, while the bright color overlay provides easy branding customizations.

Download Sports Intro Now

29. Hard Extreme Trailer

If you need a fast and furious template to give your extreme sports videos an edge, then Hard Extreme Trailer is for you. Fully loaded with 16 editable text layers, 8 media placeholders, and 1 logo placeholder, this explosive template is ideal for highlights reels, sports promos, and so much more. 

Download Hard Extreme Trailer Now

30. Dynamic Urban Opener

The Dynamic Urban Opener project is an energetic and creatively animated template featuring 11 photos and 7 text placeholders. The design is littered with glitchy graphic flourishes and grunge textures for a unique look.

Download Dynamic Urban Opener Now

31.Title Swagger

Title Swagger is a stunning title template, ideal for music, tech, and events-related content. The project features beautiful glow stencil text with a hi-tech pulsating light show background for a sci-fi feel.

Download Title Swagger Now

32. Neon Instagram Stories

Featuring 5 unique designs, the Neon Instagram Stories pack provides a consistent social media presence for your brand. The bold text elements and masked media placeholders are minimal, while the liquid lava backgrounds make these videos stand out.

Download Neon Instagram Stories Now

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