22 After Effects Showreel Templates to Highlight Your Best Work in 2020

After Effects 28/08/2020 6 min read

Creating a showreel is an artform in itself. It can also be a hugely time-consuming and daunting task. Selecting the best moments is one thing, but how do you piece it together in a fluid and eye-catching way? It can be difficult to devote time to creating a showreel when you’re also busy working and creating videos.

So here are 22 After Effects showreel templates to kick-start your showreel. Simply boot up the project, swap out the assets, and create an instant high-quality showreel. Read on to find out how best to use the project.

Part 1: 22 Amazing After Effects Showreel Templates for Any Video Project

Each of these projects is compatible with Adobe After Effects, so all you need to do is download them and open up the project to get started. Let’s dive in.

1. Showreel Opener

Edgy, modern, and eye-catching, this showreel project contains 11 editable text layers and 12 media placeholders to swap out your images and footage. Kick off your presentations with this energetic showreel introduction.

Download Showreel Opener Now

2. Cinematic Showreel

The dynamically animated overlay in this project creates a beautiful texture over the footage, combined with transitions and an incredible parallax effect. No plugins needed, simply swap out the footage for your own videos or photographs and showcase your best work in an exciting, modern and cinematic way.

Download Cinematic Showreel Now

3. Production Reel

Split the frame into multiple layers and create an exciting, fast-paced showreel with this After Effects showreel template. Use images or videos to showcase your best work. Render it in no time to create instant results.

Download Production Reel Now

4. Show Reel

With 12 image/video placeholders and five editable text layers, this beautifully animated showreel is a clean and professional way to show off your projects. Soft light leaks and clean text animations bring this together into a single, incredible result.

Download Show Reel Now

5. Modern Production Showreel

This atmospheric slideshow can be used as a showreel on its own, or as the intro sequence for a larger project. With smooth, professional transitions, tracked text and textured overlays, this showcase for your images and videos creates an incredible result every time.

Download Modern Production Showreel Now

6. Wedding Reel

Cinematic, clean and professional, the design of this showreel project is perfectly suited to any wedding or celebration video. Simply replace the 12 placeholder images and you’ll have an instant stylish video, without needing a single plugin.

Download Wedding Reel Now

7. Sport Showreel

Fast-paced, modern and energetic, this showreel is ideal for sports related content. With glitching and distorted effects, modern text and dynamic transitions, there’s a lot to be excited about in this project. Add in your sports footage and get an instantly professional result.

Download Sport Showreel Now

8. Modern Reel

Warping footage and animated text combine to create this stylish modern reel with eye-catching design. It works for any kind of content, and all you need to do is swap out the placeholders for your own footage and images to create an instant showreel.

Download Modern Reel Now

9. Sliding Showreel

There’s a lot to be excited by in this modular After Effects project. With sliding text and images, glitch transitions and incredible light leaks, it will bring any showreel to life. Use it on its own or combine it with another project to create an opening sequence.

Download Sliding Showreel Now

10. Light App Promo Minimalism Showreel

Do you have an app to showcase? Want to do so in a clean, minimalist way? This After Effects showreel template is for you. White, simple, professional, with options to swap out the mobile device for your own design. 

Download Light App Promo Minimalism Showreel Now

11. Dynamic Reel

Stylish, modern, with plenty of exciting movement and energetic animated overlays, this reel feels young and different. Replace the footage with your own to create an instantly refreshing showreel.

Download Dynamic Reel Now

12. Urban Demo Reel

Party hard with this frenetic showreel template, or opener for a music-themed YouTube channel. It’s easy to use with both images and videos – simply open the project and swap out the placeholders for immediate results.

Download Urban Demo Reel Now

13. Awesome Showreel

Texture, layered images animate on to the screen in a smooth and professional way in this After Effects showreel template. It’s an enormous project that contains 49 editable text layers and 21 placeholders for photos and videos. Change the colors and fonts and customize it completely to your liking.

Download Awesome Showreel Now

14. Dynamic Sports Reel

Swap the images and videos for your own assets, and boom – an instant energetic showreel, perfect for sports videos. Glitch transitions and textured overlays make this a fast-paced and exciting project, with 12 visual placeholders and one logo to replace.

Download Dynamic Sports Reel Now

15. Showreel

This showreel is created with a cinematic effect in mind, and the dynamic and text transitions flow in a clean, fresh way. Use it as an introduction to your presentations or as a standalone showreel and create immediate high quality results.

Download Showreel Now

16. Clean Production Reel

Showcase your next great event with this After Effects showreel template. There are 70 smooth animated image or video placeholders and 10 editable text boxes to play with. In just a few short clicks you can customize it entirely to your liking by changing the colors and text lines.

Download Clean Production Reel Now

17. Urban Fashion Reel

Edgy, fast and urban, this is a perfect template to use in a music video or to showcase your hip hop-themed photos and videos. Simply swap out the placeholder files, change the colors, fonts and texts and hit render.

Download Urban Fashion Reel Now

18. Showreel Opener

Smooth, clean transitions and textured overlays make this a perfect showreel project for any kind of content. Whether you’re making a commercial, showcasing your professional photos or just want to share your travels with your friends, this is a highly adaptable project.

Download Showreel Opener Now

19. Inspire Show reel

Subtle light leaks, smooth transitions and clean text animations create this truly inspirational show reel that lives up to its name. This is an After Effects showreel template for those who want their work to be beautiful and cinematic, and there are no plugins needed.

Download Inspire Show reel Now

20. Glitch Reel

This HD After Effects project is a combination of dynamic transitions, glitch effects and text animations that combine to create a fast-paced showreel. Edit the text, drop in your own media, and hit render. Great results in no time.

Download Glitch Reel Now

21. Ink Cinematic Reel

This showreel is modelled in the style of ink droplets, with transitions that blossom and flow across the screen. Use this project as a standalone showreel or the opening sequence to a film or YouTube channel. 

Download Ink Cinematic Reel Now

22. Clean Cinematic Reel

The clean cinematic reel in this After Effects project is filled with beautiful sliding transitions, light leaks, and text animations. Perfect for a corporate slideshow and presentation or anything for social media.

Download Clean Cinematic Reel Now

Part 2: How to Edit & Use Showreel Templates in After Effects

Once you’ve chosen your favorite After Effects showreel template from Motion Array, download it and open it in Adobe After Effects.

Step 1: Go to File > Import > File and select the footage and images you want to include in the project.

Step 2: In the Project Window, drop down the Edit Comps folder to reveal Image comps and Text comps.

Step 3: Double-click on the edit comps to open them. Change the text using the Text tool and add in your own images to your liking. 

Step 4: When you’re happy with the results, open up the Final Comp and hit Render.

Try and choose something that fits the style of your work. For example, if you create sports videos, maybe a slow beautiful showreel isn’t the best way to showcase that. Conversely, if you specialize in wildlife photos then a fast-paced and frenetic project won’t put them in the best light.

If you want to create a showreel for your work, there’s no need to create something from scratch. The Motion Array Marketplace has an enormous range of After Effects Showreel templates to choose from, so enjoy exploring them and finding your favorite. Once you’ve picked one, simply download it, import your own images and videos, change the text, and render the Final Comp.