30 Adrenaline Pumping Sports Intros For After Effects

After Effects August 26, 2020 6 min read

Creating intro sequences for your sports videos needn’t be a time consuming and challenging task. After Effects intro templates are a great way to try new styles and create complex sequences in just a few clicks. There’s no shortage of templates available online, so to save you even more time, we’ve compiled a list of the top 30 adrenaline-fueled sports intro After Effects templates.

Part 1: 30 Action-Packed & Energetic Sports Intro After Effects Templates

1. Sports Package

Showcase your sports event photos or footage in this action fuelled After Effects template. Featuring 11 media placeholders, 1 logo, and 27 text placeholders, Sports Package will give your highlights videos a professional finish. 

Download Sports Package Now

2. Sports Intro

Sports Intro has a wide range of edgy editable elements to create energetically animated transitions to keep your audience motivated. This After Effects template is a fantastic all rounder that is ideal for high-intensity sports footage, exercise classes, and so much more.  

Download Sports Intro Now

3. Dynamic Sports Intro

Dynamic Sport Intro offers a funky and impactful template that is super easy to use with 27 text placeholders, 13 image placeholders, and 1 logo placeholder. Perfect for sports product videos, showreel, or intro to your portfolio. 

Download Dynamic Sports Intro Now

4. Sports Action Opener

This clean and professional-looking After Effects template have a high-tech feel, with clear text elements and quick transitions. The split-screen design allows plenty of space for your media elements, ideal for sports related business presentations.

Download Sports Action Opener Now

5. Instagram Sports Stories

The Instagram Sports stories pack is a modern and refreshing design, with cool color filters and a structured graphical flourish. The 6 media and text placeholders work seamlessly as a full video, but can also be broken down into mini-stories and portrait video flyers. 

Download Instagram Sports Stories Now

6. Action Sports Fast Opener

This action-packed opening sequence is perfect for short messaging, with bold, colorful text animations. The fast media transitions and oversized flourishes make this intro exciting and engaging for your audience.

Download Action Sports Fast Opener Now

7. Extreme Sports Intro

The Extreme Sports intro features a grungy design with beautiful brushstroke style video frames and transitions. The simple text elements allow your message to stand out, while the unique design makes an impressive introduction.

Download Extreme Sports Intro Now

8. Urban Sports Intro

This dynamically animated Instagram Stories sequence is ideal for various video projects, including sports, music, and events related content. The super easy to use template has 15 media and 12 text placeholders, perfect for short, bold messaging.

Download Urban Sports Intro Now

9. Sports Slideshow

The Sports Slideshow project offers a range of unique splits screen layouts for your images and media, highlighted by colorful filters. The film reel transitions move the viewer speedily through 29 media layers, with big, bold text elements flashing across the screen.

Download Sports Slideshow Now

10. Speedy Sports Intro

The Speedy Sports Intro is precisely that; speedy! At just 16 seconds long, the 10 media placeholders zoom by in an action-packed sequence, with huge glitchy text effects highlighting your message. Perfect for short, eye-catching intros.

Download Speedy Sports Intro Now

11. Dynamic Extreme Sports Intro

The Dynamic Extreme Sports Intro never stops moving, as your media elements slide, zoom, and twist around the screen. This dramatic template is the perfect opening sequence for your sports shows and web series.

Download Dynamic Extreme Sports Intro Now

12. Sports Opener

This Sports Opener is clean and trendy with smooth media transitions and simple text elements. Where it truly stands out is its use of color effects, flicking each image/video element from monotone to full, in a glitchy, grungy style.

Download Sports Opener Now

13. Sport Glitch Opener

The Sport Glitch Opener is a trendy, fast past After Effect template. With easy to edit placeholders and text layers, this fun and glitchy design are sure to grab your audience’s attention.

Download Sport Glitch Opener Now

14. Sports Players Intros

The Sports Players intro does what the title suggests; it introduces your players. With full-screen typography elements for players’ names and information and uniquely designed video frames for player footage, this template is sure to impress your team and their fans.

Download Sports Players Intros Now

15. Sport Trap Intro

The Sports Trap Intro is a clean and dynamically animated template, with plenty of space for your messaging. The film reel style transitions move smoothly though your media, while the bold text animations and graphical flourish give the template a modern look.

Download Sport Trap Intro Now

16. Intro Sport

Sport Intro is a stylized intro sequence, with zooming, spinning media transitions, and clean, simple text elements. The template also features many sports-themed HUD graphic flourishes, giving the intro a hi-tech feel.

Download Intro Sport Now

17. Sport Trailer

The Sports Trailer mixes a vintage tone with modern video elements. The color filters and glitchy 8bit style background feel retro, while the glitchy transitions and geometric shapes feel clean and modern, creating a genuinely unique opener.

Download Sport Trailer Now

18. Dubstep Sport Event

The Dubstep Sports Event intro sequence offers cool zoomy transitions, trendy text animations, and subtle graphic flourishes. With 61 media placeholders, this template is ideal for intro sequences and showreels.

Download Dubstep Sport Event Now

19. Sport Promo

Sports Promo is a clean and professional-looking opener, with cool distortion style media transitions. The smooth title animations provide colored boxes with alpha text elements, making your message stand out in front of your media elements.

Download Sport Promo Now

20. Sport Drift Slideshow

The Sports Drift Slideshow is an energetic and dynamic opening sequence. With simple slide and zoom transitions and clean text elements, this templates wow-factor comes from the trendy, colorful graphic flourishes throughout.

Download Sport Drift Slideshow Now

21. Professional Sport Event

This clean and modern template provides a professional and eye-catching opener for your sports videos and content. The boxed photo wall style layout moves swiftly around the screen, and includes a cool slide, flip and zoom transitions.

Download Professional Sport Event Now

22. Sport Opener

While this template may be called Sports Opener, it would suit a wide range of video types, including new product promos, events videos, and music content. The film-reel style transitions with a flickering grunge effect are stylish and engaging.

Download Sport Opener Now

23. Dynamic Sport Opener

This template offers a massive 44 media placeholders, but the dynamic, speedy animations keep the sequence short. With cool spinning and swiping media transitions, and a unique graphical flourish, this eye-catching opener is sure to impress.

Download Dynamic Sport Opener Now

24. Fast Sport

This modern intro template has utilized color filters to emphasize your media content while offering various branding options. With 17 media placeholders, you will have plenty of room to create showreels, presentations, and promo videos.

Download Fast Sport Now

25. Action Extreme Intro

For sports of the more extreme nature, this impactful After Effects template has everything you need to keep your audience motivated. Give your sports promos, workout videos, competition, or highlights reel a raw and powerfully animated edge. 

Download Action Extreme Intro Now

26. Modern Intro

This awesome template is a super-fast, dynamically animated whirlwind of an intro. With scribble flourishes and bold text elements, the sequence could become overwhelming for the viewer. However, the black and white design with bright color animations makes this sequence clean and modern.

Download Modern Intro Now

27. Dynamic Sport Rock Opener

The Dynamic Sport Rock opener is a fast-paced, glitchy design with 30 customizable media placeholders. The trendy, urban style makes this template ideal for sports-related content as well as music and events videos.

Download Dynamic Sport Rock Opener Now

28. Sport Frames Slides

If you need a template specifically for social media videos, Sport Frames Slides is the After Effects template you need. Dynamically animated and featuring 12 editable text layers and 12 media placeholders, it’s great for slideshows, highlights videos, and event announcements. 

Download Sport Frames Slides Now

29. Sports Intro

This kinetic After Effects template has loads of transitioning effects and text animations to compliment high-energy sports. From skydiving to skateboarding, showcase your extreme sports footage in a template that was built for it. 

Download Sports Intro Now

30. Sport Broadcast

Offering a slick and cinematic design, Sports Broadcast is a versatile After Effects template that is as well organized as it is easy to use. Fast-paced yet modern, this is ideally suited for short opening sequences, social content, or slideshows. 

Download Sport Broadcast Now

Part 2: How to Edit Sports Intro Templates in After Effects

After Effects intro templates are structured to make customizing them as simple as possible, all you need to do is check the folder structure and find the compositions labeled Edit.

  1. Download and open your chosen After Effects template. The project should open with the Final Comp timeline.
  2. In the Project Bowser, find the Edit comps. These will usually be divided into Media and Text comps.
  3. Open each of the Media Comps in turn, and replace the Placeholder image with your media. Adjust the positioning and size until you are happy with the look. Next, go through each of the Text Comps, and change the messaging, font and text weight to your design.
  4. Finally, if there is a separate Color Edit comp, open in your timeline and select the layer. In the Effects Browser, you will be able to edit the colors for the entire project.