27 Most Popular Teaser Templates for After Effects Film Editors

After Effects 17/06/2021 7 min read

Congratulations, you’ve made your film! But how do you encourage people to watch it? You could post links everywhere on the internet, but without a little taste of what your film has to offer, not many people would sit down to commit to it.

This is where a teaser comes in handy. A few seconds’ overview of your project will give people a sense of the tone, story, and what lies in store. The Motion Array marketplace includes plenty of After Effects teaser templates. Let’s take a look at some of the top 26 you can download today.

Part 1: 27 After Effects Teaser Templates for Great Film Intros

1. Space Documentary

If you are working on a sci-fi and ultramodern project, this template has just the right amount of sleek title sequences and a stylish combination of futuristic elements. A spectacular introduction to your cinematic trailers and movie teasers.

Download Space Documentary Now

2. Teaser Trailer

Make a great opening to your new film project with these smooth text animations and warped transitions. An inspired futuristic look and feel that will blow away your viewers!

Download Teaser Trailer Now

3. Stellar Strangers

Amazing text screens that transition from scene to scene and provide a dynamic cinematic look and feel that will impress your audience. You can even use it to showcase new products and events. Simply download the After Effects file and get started right away.

Download Stellar Strangers Now

4. The Venom

Open up your videos with a powerful text animation that showcases amazing lightning particle effects to wow your audience. Match these glitching title effects to the beat of your soundtrack to have a strong introduction to your footage.

Download The Venom Now

5. Damaged Film

Easily overlay your footage with an old scratchy look that introduces a horror or thriller movie. Perfectly designed to transform your clips into a professional cinematic film. A wicked introduction to your TV shows as well!

Download Damaged Film Now

6. The Criminal Project

The Criminal Project template is a stunning combination of grungy live action-footage and motion graphics that offer a great way to intro your next investigative segment or criminal tv shows. Focus on the nitty gritty details to entice your viewers to want to see more!

Download The Criminal Project Now

7. Distortion Of Time

Slow yet with immense detail, with sculptures breaking down and dissolving away offer your teasers an out-of-this-world effect. Start off your historical channel, art event, or documentary broadcast right with smooth text animations and modern cinematic style.

Download Distortion Of Time Now

8. Cinematic Teaser

Drag and drop your media into seven placeholder files in this After Effects template to create a gritty teaser trailer for your film or video game. With plenty of grain, lens flare, and exciting text animation, this is guaranteed to draw attention.

Download Cinematic Teaser Now

9. Action Teaser Trailer

Combine your text and footage with lens flares, dust and smoke effects, text animation and stylish animation to create an impactful teaser for your action film. Short films, movies, video games, and sports promos would all look awesome when created with this template.

Download Action Teaser Trailer Now

10. Cinematic Teaser Trailer

Want to excite audiences about your film packed with robots, spaceships, asteroids and gun battles? This cinematic teaser trailer is the perfect After Effects project to get the adrenaline pumping.

Download Cinematic Teaser Trailer Now

11. Epic Opener – Teaser

Combine videos and images with stylish transitions and text effects to create an awesome opener for your epic films. Use this as a standalone teaser trailer or as an intro sequence for your film, TV show, or video game.

Download Epic Opener Now

12. Cinematic Teaser

Dark and grungy with plenty of attitudes, this After Effects project will let you create an awesome teaser trailer in minutes. Simply swap out the placeholder media, change the text, and boom – an instant cinematic teaser.

Download Cinematic Teaser Now

13. Dark Teaser

Replace up to five image or video placeholders with your own files, and edit the text to create your own version of this raw but exciting teaser. This would make a brilliant intro to your horror movie or TV show, and there are no plugins needed.

Download Dark Teaser Now

14. Epic Sports Teaser

Is extreme sports more your scene? Get on your skateboard, open up your wingsuit, and get moving with this wicked After Effects template. Replace the 21 image and video placeholders to customize it with your own footage, and edit the text.

Download Epic Sports Teaser Now

15. Teaser Titles

If you’re looking for a big, powerful, impactful text to draw the attention of new audiences then this is the After Effects template for you. With 14 editable text layers and no plugins needed, it’s easy to jump in and get started, creating awesome results in minutes.

Download Teaser Titles Now

16. Corona Covid-19 Teaser

This template is built around the theme of pandemic imagery and footage, with text animation and geometric designs to accompany it. But there’s no reason you couldn’t use this template for other projects too. Simply swap out the images and edit the text to create your own spin on this awesome teaser.

Download Corona Covid-19 Teaser Now

17. Documentary Teaser

Give your documentaries a retro vibe with old-school film effects and scratches. Easy to use with no plugins required, you can switch out the placeholder files for your own to customize it to your liking. Whatever you’re making your documentary about, whatever story you want to tell, this is the After Effects template for you.

Download Documentary Teaser Now

18. Epic Teaser Intro

Glossy 3D text, lens flare, impactful textures, and awesome transitions make this an incredible teaser for your epic fantasy and sci-fi films. You don’t need plugins to get the most out of this After Effects teaser templates.

Download Epic Teaser Intro Now

19. Short Aggressive Teaser

What’s the best way to attract someone’s attention to your video? With HUGE WORDS. As well as the dynamic text animations there are plenty of textures and particle effect overlays to play with too but without the need for any plugins.

Download Short Aggressive Teaser Now

20. Hostel of Damned

Do you dare enter the hostel of the damned? If you’re making a horror film, a Halloween-themed event, or a spooky escape room, this is the perfect creepy teaser to advertise it to your audiences. Replace the videos with your own and create an instantly scary experience.

Download Hostel of Damned Now

21. Plexus Teaser Titles

Here’s something a little different. Play with some cool geometric shapes and flashy particles to create a space-themed teaser in After Effects. Replace the four image and video placeholders, and edit the five text layers to create something unique. 

Download Plexus Teaser Titles Now

22. Sport Teaser

Kick-off your sporting events with modern, clean designs of text and transitions. It’s never been easier to create your own sports teaser by dragging and dropping your own footage, adjusting the colors, and editing the text. 

Download Sport Teaser Now

23. Sky Trailer – Teaser

The text floating high on clouds in this teaser video makes this a perfect After Effects template to use as a trailer for your festive films and family dramas. Replace the text and the footage with your own to create fast results.

Download Sky Trailer – Teaser Now

24. Space Teaser

Telling a thrilling story about cosmonauts and their far-flung adventures? This is the template for you. It’s an impressive title sequence with warping transitions and dynamic text, perfect for film trailers, TV show intros, and even commercial videos.

Download Space Teaser Now

25. Grunge Trailer – Teaser

Distorted text, splashing colors, and explosive particles all come together to make this eye-catching teaser for your projects. Whether you’re making a sports promo for your products or a trailer for your movie, this will look great on any screen.

Download Grunge Trailer Now

26. Racing Teaser Trailer

Do you feel the need for speed? Replace the footage and edit the text in this downloadable After Effects teaser template to create a fast and furious trailer for your film. No need to download any plugins to go with it, and it even comes with sound effects.

Download Racing Teaser Trailer Now

27. The Invaders

If you’re looking for a spooky title sequence for your chilling movie, you’ve found it. Dirty text and jerky, unnatural transitions conjure a truly spooky atmosphere guaranteed to scare your audiences. Replace the footage and edit the text to make it your own.

Download The Invaders Now

Part 2: How to Use Teaser Templates in After Effects

Using these teaser templates in After Effects is a straightforward process. In fact, the hardest part is choosing your favorite one! Once you’ve done that, download it and prepare to import your own footage.

1. Open up the project and import (CMD/CTRL + I) your chosen footage.

2. Open up the dropdown in the project window titled PLACEHOLDERS. Double-click on a comp to open one.

3. Drag and drop your video clip into the placeholder comp of your choice.

4. Navigate to a TEXTHOLDER comp and replace the text with your own.

5. Open up the FINAL comp to see your changes taking effect. Now simply render the comp to your chosen location and start using your teaser!

One of the hardest parts of creating a teaser is knowing how much to give away and how much to keep back for the main event. Choose footage that gives a sense of tone and some key moments without revealing so much that audiences won’t need to see it for themselves.

When choosing a template, consider the tone of your film. Some of the templates are designed for sports events, or racing films, and wouldn’t be suited to your horror-themed short film. Likewise, your teaser is unlikely to be successful if you pick an epic sci-fi teaser for your family drama. Take some time to think about what you are trying to advertise, and make sure you have chosen the correct style of After Effects template.

If you want to tease your audiences with something exciting, an After Effects trailer template is the best way to do that. Use these templates to create a short snippet of your film or event to give a taste of what’s to come, then share it on social media or even TV. To use the templates, simply download the project, swap out your own files, and render. That’s it! Whatever you decide to create, just make sure the tone is right for your project. Enjoy!

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