Over 600 Free & Paid After Effects Transitions & Presets to Download

After Effects 02/05/2022 6 min read

Adobe After Effects is a powerful animation tool, allowing you to create stunning compositions from scratch. To learn more about its robust features and how to use After Effects templates, presets, scripts, and expressions check out our recent article.

As an editor, anything you can do to save time or improve the production value of your work is worth a shot. We have created this massive list of over 600 After Effects transition templates and presets. Let’s get started.

Part 1: 18 Most Popular After Effects Transitions (Over 400 Options)

Top 3 Free Templates with Over 50 Transitions

1. 20 Free Transitions

This awesome pack contains 20 stunning shape wipe transitions, with trendy Parallax effects. The zoomy movements are a sleek and stylish take on a transitional circle, triangle, square, and star wipes.

Free 20 Transitions Download

2. 30 Free Line Transitions

The 30 Free Transitions project is a great all-rounder template and a must-have for any After Effects animator. The subtle line elements add trendy, customizable elements to these simple yet stylish transitions.

Free 30 Line Transitions Download

3. Letters Transitions

Letter Transitions create dynamic movements between your media using single, full-screen letters. The fun transition style is perfect for business promotions, music videos, and event films.

Free Letters Transitions Download

Top 15 Paid Templates with Over 350 Transitions

1. 250 Transitions

The Transition pack contains a massive 250 transitional movement effects, including camera movements, shapes, glitches, brush andiInk effects. If you are looking to boost your After Effects tools, this is the pack for you.

Download 250 Transitions Now

2. Useful Transitions

Useful Transitions contains 100 speedy camera movements and glitch effects. The simple yet stylish movements are perfect for typography and motion graphics video work, such as business presentations, showreels, and slideshows.

Download Useful Transitions Now

3. Cyberpunk Glitch Transition

Cyberpunk Glitch Transitions is a pack of 10 brightly colored and energetically animated motion effects. The glitchy, distorted movements are ideal for music and events videos, title sequences, and awesome showreels.

Download Cyberpunk Glitch Transition Now

4. VHS Transitions

This super simple template provides 16 dynamically animated retro VHS transition effects. Use these for a cool retro feel to your projects, or mixed with other effects to create impressive found footage films.

Download VHS Transitions Now

5. Camera Transitions

If you need something straightforward but striking transition set for your stunning video and photography project, this is the template for you. Including quick zooms, camera rolls, and blurs, this versatile pack is sure to impress your audience.

Download Camera Transitions Now

6. 170+ Transitions

Ideal for typography and motion graphics projects, this set of 170 wipe transitions includes nearly every shape and layout you can imagine. Super simple to use, this pack is a must-have for any editor looking to upgrade their suite.

Download 170+ Transitions Now

7. Mash Transitions

This super cool transition pack offers a unique mash-up of fractal energy effects. Your audience is moved through your media with a watery blurry effect, giving the impression of water on a pane of glass.

Download Mash Transitions Now

8. Media Transitions

The Meda Transition pack contains 32 clean and colorful transitional effects. Ideal for business promotions, the customizable color options allow you to add branding to your transitions.

Download Media Transitions Now

9. Quick Whip Transitions

This pack contains 15 fast and versatile whip transitions, perfect for fast-paced video projects. The blurry, film roll effects are ideal for trailers, showreels, and slideshows.

Download Quick Whip Transitions Now

10. RGB Liquid Transitions

The RGB Liquid Transitions pack contains 16 energetic and colorful transitional effects. The beautiful glitchy, distorted effects are ideally suited to game trailers, events promos, and music videos.

Download RGB Liquid Transitions Now

11. Dynamic Transitions

As the title would suggest, this pack contains 20 awesome, dynamically animated transitions. The slick and impactful effects include camera roll, zoom, and three-layer split wipes.

Download Dynamic Transitions Now

12. Rotation Transitions

Rotation Transitions contains 16 impressive circle rotation effects, spinning from one shot to the next. These bold statement effects work best with landscape and abstract images to enhance the look and feel of your project.

Download Rotation Transitions Now

13. 34 Transition Pack

This pack contains not only 34 Transitions; it gives you 12 fresh and creative transformation effects as well. With a glitchy, distorted style, this template is ideal for TV shows, corporate videography, and promotional videos.

Download 34 Transition Pack Now

14. Transition In Flux

Transition in Flux is an impressive template slideshow, with 12 different transitions, 48 media placeholders, and 12 editable text layers. The graphical Venitian Blind style transitions offer a modern and dynamic design to your projects.

Download Transition In Flux Now

15. Disordered Transitions

This awesome pack contains 14 abstract transition designs, perfect for online content creators and businesses looking to add some color to their transitions. The unique kaleidoscope style is sure to catch the attention of your audience.

Download Disordered Transitions Now

Part 2: Over 200 After Effects Transition Presets You Can Download Today

1. Universal Seamless

The Universal Seamless preset pack offers a range of incredibly versatile zoomy, rotating transitions. Simply drag and drop to your media layers to quickly create awesome motion graphics videos.

Download Universal Seamless Now

2. 50 Glitch Transitions

The Glitch Transitions Preset pack includes 50 impressive and trendy transitional movements. The Glitchy effects include distortion and RGB glitch, perfect for music videos, event promos, and showreels.

Download 50 Glitch Transitions Now

3. Optic Zoom Transitions

This set may contain just 12 presets, but they are impressive and powerful presets, sure to grab your viewer’s attention. The warped zoom gives your media an elastic feel, bouncing your audience from one shot to the next.

Download Optic Zoom Transitions Now

4. 100 Preset Transitions

If you enjoyed the 20 Free Transitions pack on this list, but want more, this is the pack for you. More sleek and stylish zoomy shape transitions, ready to drag and drop to your media layers.

Download 100 Preset Transitions Now

5. 50 Text Transitions

If you are looking for text transitions, this is the pack for you. Unlike the others on this list that work with your media elements, this set of 50 transitional effects zooms, rotates, and swipes your titles on and off the screen.

Download 50 Text Transitions Now

6. Flash Transitions

Ideal for fashion, travel, and event videos, the Flash Transitions pack offers a variety of light leak-style effects. These fast and classy movements take your viewers through your media in a flash.

Download Flash Transitions Now

7. Power Zoom Transitions

Power Zoom Transitions contains 15 beautiful and powerful transitional effects. The super fast zoom with bulging lens effect is excellent for a wide range of video projects but would be especially impressive for photography showreels.

Download Power Zoom Transitions Now

8. Trendy Perspective Transitions

This dynamically animated preset pack uses stunning 3D sliding effects to pull your media off-screen. Offering a unique perspective style to your transitions, this pack would work well with motion graphics backgrounds as well as live-action footage.

Download Trendy Perspective Transitions Now

9. Mirror Spinning Transitions

As you can probably tell, this pack of 8 creatively animated transitions includes a seamless mix of mirror and spinning effects. These unique transitions are ideal for corporate communications, slideshows, and presentations.

Download Mirror Spinning Transitions Now

10. Particles Transitions

Particle Transitions contains 14 plexus-style movement effects, ideal for promotion films, event videos, and showreels. The smooth slide movements pull the light elements in your shots to create a glitchy stream of light.

Download Particles Transitions Now

Part 3: How to Use After Effects Transitions Templates & Apply Presets

How to Use After Effects Transitions

  1. Create your project and layout your footage as you would like.
  2. Go to File > Import > Transition Project
  3. The Transitions Project will appear in your Project Browser. Go to the Final Comp under the Transitions Project.
  4. Find the Transition you want to use, select it, and hit Cmd+C or Ctrl+C to copy.
  5. In your own Timeline, paste (Cmd+P or Ctrl+P) the transition above the points where two clips meet. Adjust the position of the Transition so the cut is hidden.

How to Apply After Effects Transition Presets

  1. Unzip to Download Plugins folders and copy (Command or Control + C) to the Transitions folder.
  2. Go to Applications > After Effects > Presets and paste (Cmd+P or Ctrl+P) the Plugins folder. You may be asked for your password.
  3. Launch After Effects and the Transitions will be in the Effects folder.

After Effects transition templates and presets are a great way to build your animation tools, allowing you to create new and exciting compositions. We’ve shown you over 500 effects ready to download today, but if that’s still not enough for you, check out this article about video transition effects.

Adobe After Effects is a powerful animation tool, allowing you to create stunning compositions from scratch. To learn more about its robust features and how to use After Effects templates, presets, scripts, and expressions check out our recent article.

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