Learn the Quickest Methods to Create After Effects Typewriter Effects

After Effects 08/04/2023 4 min read

Typewriter effects are a lot of fun and can add a unique style to your video pieces. You can create realistic typing effects to fit the paper, computer, or mobile device backgrounds with a few effects. In this tutorial, we’ll be showing you how to make these trendy effects in Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Part 1: How to Create Simple Typewriter Effects in After Effects

There are two ways to create the Typewriter style effect within After Effects, using the from-scratch Animate button or the AE Typewriter Preset. Try out a few things with both methods to see which best suits your needs.

Option 1: After Effects Typewriter Effect

The After Effects typewriter effect is a pre-set version of the Animate menu option – all options offer the same results, but this is the quickest.

  1. Start a New composition to your preferred size. 
  2. Right-click on the timeline and choose New > New Solid; choose the color background you want.
  3. Select the Text tool and type your title in the Media Viewer; use the Character panel to adjust the size, color and font.
  4. In the Effects panel, search for the Typewriter effect.
  5. Drag and drop the effect to your Text layer; the first keyframe will be placed on your playhead.
  6. Select the layer you need, then press U on your keyboard; to change the duration of the animation, adjust the position of the keyframes.

Option 2: Title Animate Menu

The Animate menu is a little hidden but full of remarkable properties that can be keyframed in various ways. While the Typewriter effect will create the same animation, it’s always cool to know how to make an effect from scratch; and you can use this technique for many other compositions.

  1. Create your composition and add your Title layer.
  2. In the Layers panel, drop down the text layer properties.
  3. Click the Animate button and choose Opacity from the menu.
  4. In the new Animate controls, turn the Opacity down to 0%.
  5. Ensuring that the playhead is at the start of the clip, create a keyframe for the Range Selector Start property, then change the setting to 0%.
  6. Move the playhead and change the Start setting to 100%.
  7. Open the Range Selector Advanced menu and reduce the Smoothness to 0%.
  8. Select the Title layer and hit U on your keyboard.
  9. To adjust the speed of the animation, drag the keyframes along the timeline.

Adding a Cursor

If you create a traditional Typewriter text effect, you won’t need a cursor. However, for modern technology such as computers and smart devices, a cursor may be the flourish your effect needs.

  1. Right-click in the timeline and choose New > Shape Layer.
  2. Grab the Pen tool and make a short line on the screen, a similar height to your text.
  3. Adjust the Stroke setting to create a similar width to your font.
  4. Move your cursor line to the start of the text.
  5. Place your playhead at the top of the timeline and add a Position keyframe.
  6. Move the player line to the end of the title animation and move the cursor line to the end.
  7. Play through your animation, pausing and adjusting the cursor to sync with the text; remember, the cursor should always precede the title, and you may need to change your title animation keyframes to fit.
  8. When you are happy with the cursor’s movement, hit T on your keyboard and return the playhead to the top of the timeline.
  9. Create an Opacity keyframe at 100%. 
  10. Move forward 5 frames and create a second keyframe, reducing the Opacity to 0%.
  11. Select both keyframes and right-click > Toggle Hold Keyframe.
  12. With both keyframes still highlighted, hit Cmd+C or Ctrl+C on your keyboard.
  13. Use the arrows keys to go to the second keyframe and move forward 5 more frames.
  14. Press Cmd+V or Ctrl+V to paste the keyframes.
  15. Continue along the timeline pasting the keyframes every 5 frames to create a flickering effect.
  16. If you want to change your cursor to a Horizontal type, hit R on your keyboard, then hold Shift+A.
  17. Change the Rotation to 90º and adjust the anchor point to align with your text.

If you’re a Premiere user, you can create this effect using a similar keyframing technique – follow the steps for Option 1 but use the Linear Wipe effect instead.

Part 2: 6 Cool Typewriter Effect Presets for After Effects

1. Retro Typewriter Titles

The Retro Typewriter Titles pack comes with a massive 124 presets and is ideal for any editor looking to expand their effects library quickly. The styles include right, left, and center-aligned types, all with a trendy retro look.

Download Retro Typewriter Titles Now

2. Typewriter Animation Presets 

The Typewriter Animation Presets pack includes 50 modern and fun writing styles. Along with traditional typewriter styles, the collection boasts a variety of effects, including a twist in, tracking, fade up and decode.

Download Typewriter Animation Presets Now

3. Typing Titles

The Typing Titles pack is a fun collection of 20 presets with a quirky, bold design. Ideal for social updates and stories videos, the effect includes forward and backward text effects, each with a ramped speed giving a natural feeling to the type.

Download Typing Titles Now

4. Type On Titles Presets

The Type On Titles Presets is a pack of 50 organic style typewriter effects ideal for opening title sequences and credits. The effects of traditional Cursors include underscoring and angled brackets, with and without opacity effects.

Download Type On Titles Presets Now

5. Typewriter Text Presets

Typewriter Text Presets is a fantastic pre-set for an animator looking to create realistic type-on-paper effects. The pre-set includes speed control, but more impressive is the Bevel settings, allowing you to make the crucial indented look.

Download Typewriter Text Presets Now

6. Typewriter Text Animation Presets

The Typewriter Text Animation Presets pack is a powerful set of 15 pre-sets with a modern, clean look. The collection mixes a variety of transitional effects with the Typewriter effect, creating cool spin, twist, and tracking type-on effects.

Download Typewriter Text Animation Presets Now

Typewriter effects are a fun and easy way to display titling in your videos. While the traditional typewriter effect might feel a little outdated, you will create something unique and engaging by mixing it with other text effects. If you like the retro feel of this After Effects typewriter effect, why not learn some other retro video effects.