30 Stylish & Easy To Use Typography Templates For After Effects

After Effects August 27, 2020 9 min read

You’ve most likely come across many videos with moving text. Maybe you fancied the kinetic typography and would want to use it in your next project, but not sure where to start. With the After Effects Typography templates, you can quickly add animated text to your images and videos without needing to acquire any expertise in tools. 

Given below are 30 of the best Typography templates for After Effects that you can download right away. We have even included a detailed how-to tutorial so that you can implement them easily. 

Part 1: 30 Amazing Typography Templates for After Effects

1. Trap Typography Promo

Want your debut dance or music video promo to scream above the veterans? Trap Typography Promo is a dynamic black and white AE template that is unassuming, minimalistic, and yet bold enough to grab the attention of your audience.

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2. Free After Effects Typography Templates

Your upcoming presentation doesn’t have to be boring. Shake things up using these Free Typography Templates. With a whopping 20 text placeholders, this template allows you to convey a lot of information creatively and in a fun way. The myriad animation styles are ideal for jazzing up a corporate video or an explainer video.

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3. 40 Title & Typography Animations

With the new 40 Titles & Typography Animations template, you can make your upcoming product or corporate video exciting and engaging. Create fantastic lower thirds and titles instantly. Customize fonts and animation styles to match your style. Download this dynamic typography free after effects template right away. 

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4. Giant Typography

Keep your product or event video short, but be clear to send your message to your viewers with the help of Giant Typography template. Quick transitions, 16 full-screen title animations, and a full-color controller. Perfect for travel vlogs, film trailers or music and dance video teasers. 

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5. Kinetic Typography Titles

Capture attention, set a tone, and entertain your viewers by using kinetic typography in your commercial or music videos, teasers, and short films. Download Kinetic Typography Titles to quickly add fast-moving and flashy full-screen title animations to your reels. The template is easily customizable and does not need any extra plugins. 

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6. Kinetic Typography Slideshow

Add a larger-than-life dynamism to your music videos, travel vlogs or movie trailer with the sensational Kinetic Typography Slideshow. This AE template offers 12 text placeholders, 13 image placeholders, and 1 logo placeholder for you to personalize as per need. Makes for a great intro to your presentations or event video. 

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7. Typography Promo

Typography Promo AE template consisting of 9 image or video placeholders, 1 logo placeholder, and 18 text placeholders are perfect for various types of projects – trailers, product promo, teasers, slideshows, intros, and openers. Dynamically animated, urban styled, and minimalistic black and white design. Download to radically up the ante of your upcoming video production.

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8. Bold Typo Opener | Stomp Kinetic Titles

Want your dance video or fitness vlog to exude pumped-up energy? With Bold Typo Opener, Stomp Kinetic Titles animations is a no-brainer! An upbeat and peppy AE template with its colorful transitioning effects, energetic text animations to spice up your vacation and family photos. This template is all you need to create amazing short intros for your YouTube or Facebook videos.

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9. Extract Typographics Pack

Did someone ask for full-title animations with adjustable color controllers? We present to you the amazing Extract Typographics Pack. This animated AE template offers 10 title animations and ample customization options to enhance your social media, commercials, and events videos or TV shows.

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10. Modern Clean Typography | Kinetic Titles

Use Modern Clean Typography animations for all your upcoming travel, YouTube, or product videos to create killer intros in minutes. With a massive variety of dynamic kinetic style text animations and eye-catching transitioning effects with options for changing colors, this is the AE template you’ve been waiting for. 

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11. Stomp Kinetic Typography | 2 In 1

Create a fresh, urban, and explosive introduction for your presentations, fitness vlogs, or Instagram Stories using the cutting-edge Stomp Kinetic Typography template. Fast text animations, dramatic transitioning effects, 14 customizable text layers, and 5 media placeholders are some of the offerings of this template. It also contains 2 different aspect ratios. 

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12. Abstract Typography

Explore the unique design and infinite beauty of unreal flow with this Abstract Typography animation template. Available with awesome text animation styles, transition effects, and glitch art, the template can breathe into the most lackluster subjects – corporate presentations, political campaign videos, or explainer videos. 

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13. Typography Promo

Typography Promo is an upbeat, energetic, and fast-paced promotional AE template with smooth transitioning effects. Use this template to leave your viewers in a psychedelic state. Thanks to 2 aspect ratios, you can easily create stunning music or dance video promos for all devices. 

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14. Typography Stomp Opener | 2 In 1

Impress your viewers with the cool-looking, energy-filled, and dynamically animated Typography Stomp Opener template. Use it to pump up event videos, TV shows, or film teasers. 

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15. Typography Stories Pack

With Typography Stories Pack, your product videos will never look the same again. Think of modern and trendy designs, cool background, amazing text animations, and customizable color options; this template has it all.

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16. Stomp Typography

Level up your TV show, fashion channel, or travel videos using these amazing and beautiful Stomp Typography animation. It’s high-powered and vibrant transitions with irresistible text animations will create excitement in your audience. This snappy AE template is the ultimate way to tell your story and get your peers interested. 

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17. Creative Typography Intro

Spirited and lively, the Creative Typography Intro After Effects template will add some pep to your travel, home video, movie, or event reels. It’s a cool way to show off your portfolio and fashion photos. Available in full HD resolution, implement it into your video in a snap.

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18. Unit Typography Opener Promotion

Up the ante of your travel or fashion photos for Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp Stories using the bold and cheeky Unit Typography Opener Promotion AE template. Its expressive colors, dynamic animation styles, and variety of fonts ensure that your reel makes a lasting first impression. 

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19. Fast Typo Promo 1

Fast Typo Promo 1 is a groovy and memorable AE template featuring rhythmic animation styles and ultramodern transitioning effects. Download and start using it for your lyric music videos, film teasers, or sports and fashion photos. Even your family holiday pictures are dynamically enhanced using these animations. 

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20. Dynamic Typography Opener

Add some groove and character to your upcoming food vlog intro using Dynamic Typography Opener. Smooth text animations, snazzy transitioning effects, and editable text that are high points of this AE template. Available in 4K version and plugins are not needed. 

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21. Modern Fast Stomp Opener |Typography 

Modern Fast Stomp Opener Typography template is an impactful and punchy style animation. They are perfect for creating thunderous introductions to your upcoming Facebook or YouTube preview. Download now and experiment with its high-octane transitioning effects and striking animation text styles.

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22. Kinetic Quick Promo

Create a dazzling visual effect using Kinetic Quick Promo for all your future video intros. 20 text placeholders and animations will let you quickly tell your story and leave a positive influence. For every element, there is an individual color controller and you can customize to match your brand. It’s ideal for teasers and promotional videos. 

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23. Abstract Clean Typography

Once you use the Abstract Clean Typography template, you’re bound to fall in love with monochrome and simplicity. Tell your story, advertise your products or show off your spectacular fashion photos using this AE template. The text animations and creative transitioning effects will add oomph to your videos and still photo slideshows. 

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24. Bright Typography Glitch

Upsell your fashion and clothing channel using Bright Typography Glitch template. This animated AE template comes with vibrant colors, quirky text animations, and debonair transitioning effects. Announce an upcoming sale or the launch of a new product by simply customizing the template’s elements to suit your brand tonality. 

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25. Typo Scenes

Have pure fun creating your next presentation, vlog or product video with Typo Scenes. The AE template comes with awesome scenes, varied font styles, myriad hues and tones, creative motion, breathtaking animations and 20 trendy designs. Very easy to personalize, it has great responsive design time and is also available in 4K. It’s time for your videos to shine!

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26. Typographic Titles Pack

Give life to letters with the Typographic Titles Pack. Create beautiful full-screen animated text for your game, art, logo reveal, presentation, or music video production. Thanks to the modern and clean animation intro, you can get your viewers hooked right from the start.

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27. Typo 3 In 1

Captivate, impress, and delight – this is what the stunning new Typo 3 in 1 template is all about. Use it for your Facebook page, dynamic poster, animated email newsletter, or even your YouTube channel. With 10 gorgeous looking scenes in three aspect ratios, this AE template is what you need to boost your images and videos. 

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28. Typography Scenes 

Running out of ideas for your next lifestyle video or presentation? Don’t worry because the Typography Scenes AE template is here to your rescue. This template brings to you 10 creatively animated scenes that you can easily incorporate into your video. 

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29. Typography Creative Sports 

Some people watch sports videos for the love of the game and others for the glitz and glamor. With the Typography Creative Sports AE template, your sports and fitness video production can reach and impact both the audiences. Use the 9 freakishly amazing text animations to make your video the talk of the town. 

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30. Unique Typography 

Promote your brand or your Youtube channel with the Unique Typography AE template. You’ve nailed the theme, the pictures, and the music. Let this template add extra efforts to your production with its text animations and eccentric transitioning effects. It’s also great for pepping trailers, teasers, business slideshows, and TV show intros and outros. 

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Part 2: How to Use Typography Templates in After Effects

Unique titles can be created within minutes using a Typography template. To understand the process of using a typography template in after effects, we will be using the 40 Title & Typography Animations by DaniMotion.

Step 1: Explore the Project

To begin, open the Text folder under 01. Edit Comps. Here all the 40 Title templates are present. To view them, expand the folder and double-click on Pre-comp to open them in the Layers panel. Go through the templates and select a title template to edit.

Step 2: Editing the Template

Open the template in the Layers panel to begin editing. To see the effects applied on any of the layers, select the layer and go into the Effects panel.

Step 3: Editing the Text

Other than editing the effects in the Effects panel, the text can also be updated using the Text tool. The font style, font color, and font size are all adjustable.

Part 3: Steps to Make Your Own Typography Effects in After Effects

To create a Typography Effect on your own:

Step 1: Basic Setup

Create a new project with a blank composition with the desired resolution and frame rate.

Step 2: Inserting text

Next, using the Text tool, insert a subtitle. Then create a pre-comp of it by right-clicking on the layer and selecting Pre-comp. Open the Text Pre-comp by double-clicking it. Right-click and select Composition Setting and change the comp dimensions to be just big enough to contain the text.

Step 3: Adding effects and Animation the Effects

Next, come back to the main comp. And add the Motion Tile effect by right-clicking the text comp, and then going under stylize, or go into the Effects panel and select it from there. There are numerous effects that can be used, so make sure to go through them to better understand what to use and when to use it. Edit the Motion Tile attributes and key accordingly to get the desired effect.

Step 4: Adding the Final Title and Finishing Touches

Next, add the title, set its font, size, and its color. Then add a solid layer right under the title. And using a rectangle tool, create a mask on the solid layer. Finally, under Track Matte for the solid layer, add Inverted Alpha Matte from the Title layer.

And that’s how a simple Typography Title is created. There are many options and effects that can be tinkered with, so make sure you give it time and explore the effects to understand better the use case for different effectors in After Effects.

Part 4: Pro Tips To Use Typography Effects in After Effects

Make use of masks as transitions. You don’t need to be flashy with your animations all the time. Show off your creativity with a clean reveal.

Make use of shapes to help your title stand out. Also, shapes are great for adding extra layers to your scene. 

Experiment with font styles and sizes as per your brand guidelines. But make sure they can be easily read and understood. 

Do you need to add animated text to your upcoming video? Start downloading these both free and paid After Effects Typography templates and effortlessly combine moving text with your media, resulting in a video that will blow your audiences’ minds.