How to Create Blurry Titles in After Effects (Plus Templates)

After Effects 14/08/2022 4 min read

A fantastic way to transition titles, graphics and video clips is with a blur effect; it’s simple, stylish, and easy to create. After Effects has several blur effects that can be used in different ways to create incredible title transitions. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a sleek and cinematic text blur in After Effects.

Part 1: How to Create a Simple Text Blur in AE (with video)

There are many ways to add a text blur in After Effects. The simplest is with the Gaussian Blur; this handy effect can be used on any visual layer type giving you complete control over the direction and blur amount.

  1. In a New Comp, grab the Text Tool (T) and click in the viewer; type your message and use the Character Control panel to adjust Font, Weight, and Color.
  2. Use the Align panel to center your title to the canvas size.
  3. Hold Alt and double-click the Pan Behind tool on the toolbar to center your Anchor Point to the Layer.
  4. In the Effect Controls panel, search for Gaussian Blur and add it to your text layer.
  5. In the Effect Controls panel, uncheck the Repeat Edge Pixels box.
  6. Play around with the Blurriness Amount and Direction until you are happy with the look.
  7. Place your playhead where you want to transition the title and create a keyframe for Blur Amount.
  8. On your keyboard, hit T to open the Layer Opacity controls; set a keyframe at the same position as Blurriness Amount.
  9. Move the playhead along your timeline to where you want the title transition to finish; change Blurriness to 0.
  10. Create a second keyframe for the opacity; using the keyframe arrows, move back to the first Opacity keyframe and change the Value to 0.
  11. Drag the keyframes along the timeline to change the speed and order in which the animation happens.
  12. Finally, select all the keyframes and hit Command/Control + C to copy them.
  13. Move your playhead to where you’d like the title to transition out and hit Command/Control + V to paste them.
  14. Select the Out Keyframes and right-click; choose Keyframe Assistance > Time Reverse Keyframes.

Part 2: How to Create an Epic Text Blur Reveal in AE (with video)

One of the best things about blur effects in After Effects is combining them with numerous other styles. So let’s look at how to use Text Blur, Scaling, and Tracking to create epic fullscreen titles.

Step 1: Creating a Text Blur Effect

The first step is to create the Blur Transition; however, we will not be using the Gaussian Blur this time. Instead, let’s explore the Animate menu.

  1. In a New Comp, add your title layer and adjust the styles to your preference.
  2. To center your text, use the Align panel and hold Command/Control while clicking the Pan Behind tool to center your Anchor Point.
  3. Twirl down the layer to see the options; click the Animate button in the Layer panel and choose Blur.
  4. Under the Range Selector Advanced Settings, set the Shape to Ramp Up and turn on Randomize Order.
  5. Adjust the Blur amount setting until you are happy with the look.
  6. Under the Range Selector settings, create a keyframe for Offset; adjust the setting to -100.
  7. Move along the timeline 2-3 seconds and create another offset keyframe at 100.
  8. In the Layers panel, click the Add menu and choose Properties > Opacity.
  9. Find the new Opacity controls under Range Selector and change the setting to 0.
  10. Highlight your keyframes and right-click > Keyframe Assistant > Easy Ease.

Step 2: Creating a Scaling Effect

Adding a slow scaling effect to your titles is a quick and easy way to create a more cinematic look. The slowly shrinking or enlarging titles gives the audience a sense of scale.

  1. Select your title layer and hit S on your keyboard.
  2. With the playhead where your layer begins, create a keyframe for the Scale Settings.
  3. Create a second keyframe at the end of the title layer.
  4. Adjust the size of your text layer to get bigger or smaller over time; the longer the title, the slower the movement.

Step 3: Creating a Tracking Effect

Tracking is another quick and easy way to produce an epic-looking title sequence. Tracking animation changes the space between the characters without changing the size of your Text.

  1. The first step is ensuring your text is in centered paragraph alignment. To do this, click the middle icon in the Paragraph panel; you may need to realign your title and Anchor Point to the center.
  2. Go to the Animate menu in the Layers panel and choose Tracking.
  3. Under the Animator 2 Tracking Options, play around with the Tracking amount to see how it works.
  4. Create 2 keyframes in the same position as your scale animation and adjust the Tracking Amount to suit your needs.

Top Tip: Text scaling and tracking work with many other After Effects transitions; play around with the Animate menu to see what you can create.

Part 3: Top 5 Blurred Text Templates for After Effects

If you’re looking for a specific blurry style or don’t have the time to create effects from scratch, Motion Array has a range of incredible templates ready to download and customize.

1. Blur Typography Stories

Download Blur Typography Stories Now

The Blur Typography Stories Pack includes 5 stunning portrait designs with a fun blurred gradient look. The titles and media transitions offer a speedy drop-blur look with fun lava lamp-style gradient backdrops.

2. Typographic Trailer

Download Typographic Trailer Now

The Typography Trailer template includes a massive 33 title placeholders, ideal for intro sequences and presentations. The slick style includes blurred glitch text animations with stunning focus-pulling particle backgrounds.

3. Glitch Titles

Download Glitch Titles Now

The Glitch titles pack includes 9 stunning badge style typography elements, ideal for fullscreen titles, lower thirds, and simple messaging. The fun glitch style is mixed with a blur to give a subtle flickering look.

4. The Age Cinematic Title

Download The Age Cinematic Title Now

The Age Cinematic Title template is a fantastic opening sequence ideal for intros, presentations, and showreel elements. The template includes 8 titles and media placeholders with blurred bokeh and light effects transitioning your viewer through your message.

5. Golden Premium Titles

Download Golden Premium Titles Now

The Golden Premium TItles template offers 8 text and 1 logo placeholders ideal for intro sequences and film credits. The golden light show provides a fantastic backdrop to the slow transitional title effects.

Blur Effects are incredibly versatile and can suit most brands and project types. Now you know how to create beautifully epic blurry title transitions in After Effects, why not check out these other incredible title animation styles? If you’ve not gotten enough of the cool blur look, follow our handy guide to creating Zoom Motion Blur Transitional effects in AE.

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