20 Easy To Use Call Out Titles for After Effects (Plus Tutorial)

After Effects 22/10/2020 8 min read

If you want to draw attention to something in your video, consider using a call-out title. The Motion Array library consists of plenty of call-out titles in different styles and colors, and all you need to do is pick one that matches your video and download the After Effects project. Whether you’re making a commercial, corporate video, real estate video or short film, call-out titles have an abundance of uses. They’re fairly straightforward to make in After Effects too, and you can follow the tutorial at the bottom of this article for details.

Part 1: Full List of 20 Incredible Call Out Titles for After Effects

1. Free Call-Out Titles

This After Effects template includes 32 different styles of call-out titles for you to use in your videos. Accentuate what’s happening on screen with these clean, smooth and modern animated titles. Perfect for commercials and real estate videos.

Free Download

2. Call-Out Titles

Download the After Effects project from the link below to gain access to 4 different titles and 16 combinations. Change the colors and the text and add them to your videos to pull out key points and facts on screen in a clean and stylish way.

Download Now

3. Call Out Titles Kit

This package contains everything you need to build stylish, minimal call out titles. As well five premade titles, there are 20 animated elements and custom controllers that let you changer he colors, position, roundness and size of the titles in no time at all.

Download Now

4. 15 Call Out Titles

Choose your favorite style from this pack of 15 call out titles. Whether you’re identifying products for sale or key locations in a landscape, combine them with videos or photo montages to create clean and professional results.

Download Now

5. HUD Call Out Titles

Give your video a high-tech, digital feel with these computerized HUD call out titles. Edit the text layers, replace the media files and use the color controllers to make these titles unique to your project.

Download Now

6. Neon Call Out Titles

These call out tags have a fun, bright, neon feel to them to give them an electric ‘80s vibe. Use them to brighten up any of your video projects and simply edit the text. Choose from 12 options in this downloadable After Effects project.

Download Now

7. Advanced 4K Call Out Titles

Pick your favorite from a selection of 12 contemporary call out titles, animated in four different directions. The clean, modern square effect is available in 4K resolution and looks great in any corporate presentation.

Download Now

8. 24 Call Out Titles

This After Effects project is super easy to use, and the call out titles can be quickly edited to adapt to your brand using bespoke colors and text. It looks clean and professional and would perfectly suit any kind of commercial video.

Download Now

9. Best Call Out Titles

Highlight the key points and USPs in your videos using these professional call out titles. Simple to use and effective to communicate messages to your audience, you can easily edit the colors and fonts to suit your project.

Download Now

10. 10 Call Outs Titles

The animations in this pack of call out titles are fun and creative. Adjust the size, direction and color of the titles using simple controllers in the After Effects project. Drop them into your video and render them quickly.

Download Now

11. Minimal Call Out Titles

The minimal design style in this After Effects project of call out titles is well suited to any kind of video project. A TV commercial, corporate video, real estate video or any other kind of marketing content. Simply edit the text and drop them in.

Download Now

12. Modern 4K Call Out Titles

Pick your favorite from 12 ultramodern full screen, 4K call out title animations. The After Effects project is clean and well organized, so a designer of any skill level can jump in and create great results in no time at all.

Download Now

13. Stylish Call Out Titles

A retro, neon vibe makes these stylish call out titles a really exciting addition to your videos. Pick from 12 unique styles and adjust the colors and text to create something totally bespoke for your brand video.

Download Now

14. Trendy Call Out Titles

These call out titles have loads of character, with detailed animation and fun geometric shapes to play with. Use them to highlight and enhance key points from your corporate presentations and videos, or add them to marketing videos to draw out the USPs of your products.

Download Now

15. Clean & Modern Call Out Titles

This is a really fun and unique design, guaranteed to bring your videos to life. Bright colors, beautiful shapes and elegant animations combine to create professional call out titles for use in any kind of video.

Download Now

16. Urban Call Out Titles

Slick titles with an awesome glitch effect will make this After Effects template perfect for any kind of grungy, underground style video. It’s a cool combination of designs guaranteed to impress your audience.

Download Now

17. Ultra Minimal Callout Titles 4K

Clean, professional animated call out titles. Choose from 15 minimal designs, edit the text, and incorporate them in any of your video projects. Use them to highlight key points and draw attention to specific parts of an image.

Download Now

18. Glitch Call Out Titles

This downloadable After Effects project contains 15 unique, glitching and distorting call out titles. They’re easy to use and edit with the smart custom controller. Simply adjust the text and the colors to adapt them to your project.

Download Now

19. Fresh Callout Titles

Pick one or all of the 12 callout titles on offer in this pack. They’re versatile, customizable, and would work well in any of your commercial or corporate videos. Use them to enhance the look and feel of your slideshows and presentations.

Download Now

20. Call Out Titles Futuristic Pack

The 24 call out titles in this pack are easy to use and look super slick and professional. The animation is all there – the only thing you need to do is edit the text and the colors and you can create an instant unique look for your videos.

Download Now

Part 2: How to Use/Edit Call Out Titles in After Effects

Browse the list of call out titles templates above and pick your favorite, then download it using your Motion Array subscription.

1. Open the After Effects project in Adobe After Effects. 

2. In the Project window, open up the Final Comps folder and browse the comps to find the call out title you’d like to use.

3. Once you have chosen that, open up the Edit comp that corresponds with your chosen design.

4. Edit the text.

5. Back in the final comp, you should see the change taking place. Render this comp with an alpha channel to drop into your main video.

Part 3: How to Make Your Own Call Out Titles

If you haven’t had any luck finding a template for your video, try creating your own call out titles from scratch in Adobe After Effects. Let’s jump straight in to how to do that.

Prepare the composition

1. Create a new composition at 1920×1080, duration about 5 seconds.

2. Import (CTRL/CMD+I) your chosen image or footage to use as a background.

Create the circles

1. Select the shape tool and create an ellipse

2. Turn off the fill and set the stroke to 10

3. Create your ellipse and use the keyframes to animate the circle to scale up over about a second.

4. Create a dot in the center of the circle by duplicating the ellipse shape within Contents (CTRL/CMD+D), adding a fill, and scaling it down to about 32%.

5. Position the shape in the place you want it on the screen.

Create the lines

1. Use the pen tool with no fill and a stroke of 10 to create a line coming from the center of the circle.

2. Go to Add > Trim Paths

3. Adjust the keyframes so the path goes from 0% at the start and 100% at the end over about 2 seconds.

Create the rectangles

1. Use the rectangle tool to create a rectangle at the end of the line. Set stroke to about 5. 

2. Go to Add > Trim Paths.

3. Decrease the End to about 8 and offset until the stroke is in the corner of the rectangle.

4. Adjust the keyframes so that it animates off.

5. Duplicate the rectangle within the shape layer.

6. Shrink it a touch by going to Transform > Scale and then reducing the Scale until it becomes a smaller rectangle that fits into the larger one.

7. Adjust the keyframes until you have an offset animation of the rectangle animating on.

Create the text background

1. Create a new rectangle shape the size of the call out box and set a fill so it is a solid block.

2. Hit Y on the keyboard and move the anchor point to the side of the box you want it to grow from.

3. Unlock the width and height properties and shrink it to the side with the anchor point.

4. Set keyframes on the scale over about 3 seconds and set them to Easy Ease.

5. Duplicate this new text block and drag it down using SHIFT+drag so it locks to that axis.

6. Adjust the size of this new shape to your liking. This will make a box for your secondary text.