2020’s Top 20 Festive Christmas After Effects Templates

After Effects 21/12/2020 5 min read

2020 has been a challenging year, but with our list of 20 Christmas After Effects templates, your festive videos can be a breeze. From typography designs to full slideshows, we’ve got you covered this festive season. Save yourself some time and energy with our handy guide to creating the perfect Christmas video.

Part 1: 20 Dazzling Christmas After Effects Templates

1. Free Christmas and New Year Titles pack

This cheery After Effects template features three festive full-screen title animations that perfectly compliment your Christmas or New Year celebrations videos. Straightforward to use, this is a charming entry-level template to get you started. 

Download Free Christmas and New Year Titles pack Now

2. Christmas Bokeh Message

Add a touch of festive whimsy and elegance with this stunning After Effects template. Beautifully designed to give your corporate holiday video, family event, or even a digital greeting card, the Bokeh Christmas Message provides a cinematic finish to your work.

Download Christmas Bokeh Message Now

3. Christmas Stories

The Christmas Stories pack contains 8 Motion Graphic backgrounds ready for Instagram and Facebook Stories. The simple designs offer plenty of space for your message, while the design is modern and straightforward, ideal for businesses and influencers.

Download Christmas Stories Now

4. Christmas Slideshow

The Christmas Slideshow project contains a massive 32 text and media placeholders, making it perfect for longer running projects. The frosty frames and snow effect gives a Christmassy feel, with simple text elements for your messaging.

Download Christmas Slideshow Now

5. Christmas Typography

Ideal for digital Christmas cards or sales videos, this pack contains 12 neat and dynamically animated social videos. The modern and fresh designs are fully customizable, allowing you to match your business brand.

Download Christmas Typography Now

6. Christmas Memories Slideshow

The Christmas Memories Slideshow is a modern and sleek looking Christmas themed template. Similar to a scrapbook style video, this template zooms the viewer from one photo frame to the next, amongst beautifully designed Christmas decorations.

Download Christmas Memories Slideshow Now

7. Christmas and New Year Story

This quick template contains ten media & 7 text placeholders before finishing on your logo. Ideal for short events videos or Christmas showreels, this snappy template is sure to catch your viewer’s attention.

Download Christmas and New Year Story Now

8. Christmas Typography

Christmas Typography contains 12 beautifully designed full-screen festive graphics. These excellent slides work perfectly as stand-alone Christmas sales messages or can be used as title slides in a larger video project.

Download Christmas Typography Now

9. Christmas folded Slideshow

The Christmas Folded Slideshow displays your footage and photos inside Christmas Cards as they are opened. The stylish and unique titles and flourish animation give this template it’s festive feel, while the simple folding animation is modern and dynamic.

Download Christmas folded Slideshow Now

10. Christmas Instagram Stories

This After Effects template has everything you need to give your Instagram Stories that Christmas sparkle with five festive designs and animated elements. Perfect for all your social media updates, product launch, or seasonal messages.

Download Christmas Instagram Stories Now

11. Christmas Logo Opener

This After Effects template features a stylishly decorated Christmas Tree to use as the perfect backdrop for your festive message. Super simple to change the colors of all editable elements. Bring some cheer to your social media videos, slideshows, or presentations with this seasonal template. 

Download Christmas Logo Opener Now

12. Magical Xmas

Ideal for creating Digital Christmas cards with live-action footage, this template is unique and beautifully designed. The modern-looking video would work for both business videos and family photo album pieces.

Download Magical Xmas Now

13. Christmas Opener

Watch the frost wipe off your media with this chilly Christmas Opener After Effects template. With 12 image/video placeholders and 24 text elements, this stunning yet focused design is sure to grab your audience’s attention.

Download Christmas Opener Now

14. Christmas Photos

The Christmas Photos slideshow is a simple and classy looking video template. The camera tracks over stunning Christmas scenes with simple postcard style photos ready for your media.

Download Christmas Photos Now

15. New Year and Christmas Pack

This festive pack contains four separate projects; a slideshow, a title sequence, and two logo indents with live-action footage. These projects can be mixed and matched, creating a lot of possibilities from one download.

Download New Year and Christmas Pack Now

16. Christmas Photo Frames

In a perfect blend of motion graphics and live-action elements, the Christmas Photo Frames template is a unique and vibrant Christmas video. The camera tracks over a Christmas Tree decorated in ornate photo frames containing your media, while text elements float alongside.

Download Christmas Photo Frames Now

17. Christmas Advent Calendar

The Christmas Advent Calendar is exactly what you think it is; a digital video Advent Calendar. The template contains 25 media placeholders for your text, images, or photos and is animated to reveal each day in turn. Ideal for daily social media content throughout the festive period.

Download Christmas Advent Calendar Now

18. Christmas titles

The Christmas Titles template is perfect for film credits and opening sequences that require just text. The stunning particle designed elements float in the background giving the video magical vibes.

Download Christmas titles Now

19. Christmas Slideshow Snowflakes

A white Christmas is rarely a guarantee, but with Christmas Slideshow, you can bring stylish snowflakes to your festive-themed projects. Create a Christmas card like feel to your celebration videos, corporate holiday messages, slideshows, and presentations. 

Download Christmas Slideshow Snowflakes Now

20. Christmas Slideshow

Christmas Slideshow offers a wide range of modern elegantly animated elements such as text animations, falling snow, transitions, and soft light leaks. A fun way to bring your slideshow, family photos, or special occasions to life. 

Download Christmas Slideshow Now

Part 2: Tips on Making the Best Christmas Video

Christmas is a happy and joyful time, and this should be shown in your festive films. Before you put your video together, take some time to think about how you want to structure it, and gather your media.

Keep It Short

When you have many great photos and video clips, it can be tempting to use them all. Viewers have a short attention span, so you need to make sure your video doesn’t out-stay it’s welcome. Preselect the best of your media, and set a length limit before you begin working.

Make Use of Templates

Whether you want to use an entire slideshow template or a collection of transitions and titles, After Effects templates can save you a lot of time and help you jump straight to adding your media. Using templates also allows you to experiment with new effects and create compositions beyond your skill level.

Use Clips and Photos to Tell a Story

With templates, you can use a mix of photos and footage to create your video. It ia best if you try to tell a story; this can be as straightforward as following an event in the order it’s happened or dividing it into sections based on themes.

Use Alpha Channel Stock Clips

Along with After Effects templates, you can also download loopable motion graphics with a transparent background. These fantastic video clips allow you to add snow, Christmas lights, and other animated elements to your video.

Grading and Color Correction

Grading your video clips and photos can help create a cohesive and consistent look to your video. This is also an opportunity to include a bit more Christmas; try adding a small white vignette to your clips to give the feel of looking through a frosty window.

Add In Sections & Titles for Better Flow

Adding chapters to your videos can help tell your story, but it also gives you a structure to follow for your editing. You can use text and even stock footage to create some festive title cards to help with your project’s flow.

Don’t forget the Perfect Christmas Music

Music is vital when creating an atmosphere with your video projects; choosing the right theme can help engage your viewers, but it can also be used to add pace and emotion to your film. Try timing your edits to the music track to create a truly festive feeling.

Getting ready for Christmas can be daunting with so much going on. Fortunately, when it comes to your festival video projects, you can sit back and relax, knowing that our Christmas After Effects templates can take the pressure off. We hope you enjoyed this guide to Christmas After Effects Templates and have a wonderful festive season.