Make Real 3D Text in After Effects

After Effects 12/10/2019 < 1 min read


In this extensive tutorial we will walk you through the entire process of extruding, texturing, lighting, adding reflections and animating 3d text with Cinema 4D Lite. Lots of people don’t realize that Cinema 4D Lite is included in Adobe After Effects and if you are not taking advantage of this amazing feature, then grab some popcorn and watch this entire thing. It is full of helpful information, tips and tricks to help you making eye-catching 3D that is efficient and looks great.

Here is a rundown of everything:

00:00 Intro

00:30 Creating your 3D text

04:45 Working with materials and selections

07:40 Adding some lights

10:48 Adding reflections to materials

10:57 Using reflection cards

15:00 Using compositing tags

21:50 Controlling the position of reflection cards

24:42 Working with display tags

30:18 Using interactive render region

31:10 Animating a reflection card in Cinema 4D

36:25 Setting up the scene to bring into After Effects

38:20 Working with the 3D scene in After Effects

41:00 Animating the 3D scene in After Effects

46:20 Jumping back to Cinema 4D Lite to make a new shot

48:10 Adding a background that works with 3D cameras

52:00 Banding solutions to smooth gradients

53:46 Setting up a Render

55:00 Goodbye

If you liked this tutorial, we’ve got lots of other tutorials for Premiere Pro, After Effects, and filmmaking in general!  If you’ve got any questions or want to see another future article topics, leave us a comment down below.

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