Creating Dynamic Text Bubble Effects in After Effects

After Effects 09/03/2021 4 min read

In this awesome step by step tutorial, we will show you how to create stylish and animated text bubble effects in After Effects. You may want to use these for visual adjustment, pure and simple creative reasons, or to offer information on-screen to your viewers that cannot be or is best dispensed non-verbally.

There is also a list of 8 different templates available to help you emulate the texting experience in After Effects. You will be able to communicate whatever you’d like to say on screen in little text bubbles that will be familiar to those who use iMessage and other chat applications.

Part 1: How to Create the Text Bubble Effect in After Effects

By following the steps below you will be able to get a grasp on utilizing the text bubble effect in After Effects and implementing the effects easily in your video. 

Before getting into the technical directions, you can give yourself an advantage by taking a screenshot from your phone of your message app to follow. This isn’t mandatory but it can certainly advance the stylistic accuracy of the text bubble effects in your video if you have a visual reference to abide by. 

  1. Start with the Round Rectangle Tool.
  2. Go to Rectangle Path > Size > unselect Constrain Proportions 
  3. Copy the exact color of the message (or if you’re feeling adventurous – apply your own color and create your own branding look). 
  4. Use the same (San Francisco) or a similar font to that of your text message.
  5. Make an autoscale text box. For more details, read this article.
  6. Go to Content > Rectangle > Rectangle Path 
  7. Select Alt or Option, click ​Size and apply the script below.
    Note: Make sure you change the Comp layer name to the name you have on the ​Script so it can be enacted easily.

s=thisComp.layer(“My Text Layer”); 

  1. Under ​Position, add this​ script:

s=thisComp.layer(“My Text Layer”); 

  1. Use ​Offset Paths​ to add some padding. 
  2. Go to ​Transform > Scale > uncheck Uniform Scale 
  3. Adjust ​the Anchor Point accordingly.
  4. Select your bubble layer and utilize ​Pan Behind, this will begin aiding the fluidity of your on-screen animations.  
  5. Use ​Pre-compose​ and ​move all attributes into the new composition. 
  6. To make a flowing conversation, connect all the bubble layers to the Null 1 object.
  7. Keyframe the Position of the first bubble, this will be the first necessary step in animating your text bubbles and giving them an ‘alive’ fluid feel on screen.  
  8. Use the Keyframe assistant to apply the ​Easy Ease In​ effect.
  9. Make Opacity 0% and once you jump ahead some keyframes, make the Opacity 100% and you will see the full image. 

Part 2: 8 Fun Text Message Bubble Templates You Can Use Today

1. Text Message Pack 

Text Message Pack is animated After Effects template that will help streamline text messages in your video. This pack is especially impressive in its customizable options and inclusion of a Sound FX pack.

Download Text Message Pack Now

2. Text Messages with Voice 

This cool template allows you to create realistic text message conversations in your After Effects project. These are perfect for presentations.

Download Text Messages with Voice Now

3. Text Message Kit with Voice 

The Text Message Kit with Voice is best utilized for enhancing stripped down videos and allows you to drop in outside media to thoroughly increase the production value of your project. These are great for Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram videos. 

Download Text Message Kit with Voice Now

4. Text Messages 

This Text Messages template will give you some variety with 3 different styles of text to implement. These templates are animated and creative, perfect for social media video posts.

Download Text Messages Now

5. Text Message Kit 

The Text Message Kit is one of the more flexible options for text bubble effects for After Effects. These are great for use in narrative video pieces and ideal for platforms like Vimeo. You can also download additional sound effects for it.

Download Text Message Kit Now

6. WhatsApp & Telegram Chat Kit 

Using the WhatsApp and Telegram Chat Kit helps you emulate the styles of these messaging apps. You are also free to mess with the template and use your own sizes and color coding.

Download WhatsApp & Telegram Chat Kit Now

7. Message Titles 

Easily and quickly create custom conversation boxes for your video. These look best in documentaries, narrative films, and more. You can even adjust the size of your text bubbles and the roundness or sharpness of their corners.

Download Message Titles Now

8. Text Messages And Mockups 

A modern and dynamic After Effects pack that will allow you to implement text bubbles and emojis with tons of varying options. You can make clean and impressive implementations to your video with this After Effects template.

Download Text Messages And Mockups Now

There you have it! It’s worth taking some time to learn more about text bubble effects, as they can be applied to plenty of different situations. Learning this effect in After Effects is an excellent place to start and add to your skillset. If you’d like to learn additional fun and handy After Effects tutorials, check out these articles.

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