How to Grow Your Twitter Followers in 2022 (6 Ways)

Business 04/08/2022 3 min read

When it comes to social media, Twitter still holds sway as one of the more prestigious websites. Love it or hate it, having a large number of engaged Twitter followers gives you industry influence and a powerful platform. So whether you’re building an audience for a brand or want to give your own Twitter profile a boost, here are 6 ways to grow your Twitter followers.

6 Ways To Get More Followers On Twitter

1. Tweet Often

Nobody’s going to follow an account that has nothing to say. And of course, putting your thoughts out is the number #1 reason people go to Twitter in the first place, so make sure you’re using the platform as intended. But bear in mind that doesn’t mean spouting every single thing that comes to your head because that could backfire.

2. Stay on Brand

Building a dedicated audience means building a brand. Followers will only come if what you are saying is insightful and valuable to them. So if you want to be considered an expert on heavy metal music, make sure you’re tweeting about relevant interests rather than what you had for breakfast each day. 

3. Engage With Others

It’s easy to use Twitter the way people might use a stage – to stand and project. But Twitter is a platform for conversation. So make sure to engage with what other people have to say, whether through responses, likes or retweets, to let your audience know you’re listening as well as speaking. 

4. Be Visual

If you want to stand out, eye-catching visual content will go a long way. Videos, infographics, memes, gifs and photos can really grab people’s attention when they appear in a news feed. At the rate a user scrolls, you only have a couple of seconds to show someone why you’re worth following; images will help with that. If you’re not a designer, try using graphic design templates to help you out. It’s also an opportunity to enhance your brand by using consistent fonts and color schemes, so people immediately know it’s your content.

5. Tweet at the Right Time

One of the biggest obstacles to building a following on Twitter is the time you tweet. So do a bit of digging to figure out where your target audience is and when they’re most active on Twitter. You might find a highly engaged audience on the other side of the world, but if you tweet in the middle of their night, they will struggle to see you. Try using third-party social listening and management tools to work out when the best time for you to post is, and stick to those parameters.

6. Use Hashtags 

Hashtags are incredibly useful for categorizing content on Twitter, and many users actively search through hashtags to find people to follow. So adding 1 or 2 hashtags to each post will make your content searchable and attract the right kind of audience. Just try not to overload the tweets with hashtags as you risk them looking messy and unreadable, which may have the opposite effect you’re looking for.

Twitter is still going strong as one of the most active and engaging social media websites. If you want to become a social media influencer or build a brand, it’s worth spending some time refining your Twitter strategy and growing your follower count. By tweeting the right kind of content at the right time, you will quickly gain a reputation, and the follower count will rise with it. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these artists to follow on Twitter who are absolutely smashing it or our list of top 15 filmmakers to follow on Twitter.

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