5 Tips Every Video Editor Should Know to Keep Clients Coming Back

Business 09/05/2019 3 min read

We recently discussed tips for avoiding unnecessary revisions from clients. This is important, as lots of client revisions may result in a client that isn’t happy and doesn’t come back. It’s already hard enough finding new clients, once you get one, you have to do everything you can to keep them.

Today, we’re going to discuss some of the things you can do to help keep your clients coming back for more, and keep your pockets full, and your business open.

How to Maintain Great Client Relationships as a Video Editor

1. Bring Ideas To The Table

Knowing “how” to execute your client’s vision is important. But lots of people know which buttons to push. Most clients will really value quality creative input.

You don’t have to overpower your client or tear down their own ideas, but be ready to add something to the overall vision. When they are vague on a thought or having a tough time with an idea, be ready with suggestions on the direction they could take.

Sometimes, a client might just look to you to create the vision yourself, so be prepared. Watch a lot of videos for inspiration and keep up with trends and techniques.

2. Learn Additional Skills

Happy Video Clients New Skills

So, they hired you as an editor, but they didn’t think about hiring a colorist, designer, or motion graphic artist as well. This is an opportunity for you to add value to your skills.

Take some downtime to learn at least basic skills in color grading, design, and motion graphics. This may be enough to make you more valuable and save your client from having to hire other talent.

The more skills you bring to the table, the more likely you are to come to mind when your client is trying to decide who to work with.

3. Stay Organized

Happy Video Clients Organization

One of the biggest ways to bog down a project is with disorganized files and communication. If you can’t keep track of notes and versions, you will likely make mistakes, forget to make changes, and put yourself in an uncomfortable situation with the client.

Build a project folder structure that works for you to keep up with everything, then use the same structure for each project.

Develop a good note-taking structure for revisions, and keep track of them with checklists so you can make sure to not miss anything.

4. Play Nice

Here’s one that might seem like a no brainer, but it can actually take a little effort and thought to do this.

Talent goes a long way, but it only goes so far. No one wants to work with a vendor who is rude or condescending. Remember, your clients are paying you to work for them, not the other way around.

Always remembering to be pleasant to work with, even fun, and remembering to stay humble and listen to the client is your number one best chance to get more work.

Don’t underestimate the power of pleasantness when you are working with your clients.

5. Remain Positive & Dedicated

Here’s one more that we shouldn’t have to tell you, but it’s really important. When you agree to do a job for a client, you have to do your very best, not just at the beginning, but all the way through.

Sometimes clients push you to your limits a little. Sometimes they ask for changes late in the game or change their mind about something you spent a lot of time on.

While it’s okay to be firm about overages for requests out of scope, and it’s important to be treated with respect, it’s also important to deliver your best and make sure the client is happy.

Don’t let the process drag you down, and don’t let the client down. Even if the client is asking a lot of you, the number one thing they will remember is if you pulled through and gave them what they wanted.

Being a video editor, and working with clients can be tough. You have to jump through a lot of hoops, sometimes wear a lot of hats, and remain pleasant the whole time. But if you do all of these things, you’ll set yourself up for success over and over again!

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