What’s New in DaVinci Resolve 17 Titles (15 Templates)

DaVinci Resolve 22/03/2021 4 min read

If you’re looking to make sure that the first impression is ultimately a good one with your titles, then look no further. Today we will be guiding you through our top 20 easy-to-use Davinci Resolve Titles that will be your go-to list for 2021. Also, if you are curious about the new updates in DaVinci Resolve 17 built-in titles, we have noted some of our favorite ones!

Part 1: What’s New About Titles in DaVinci Resolve 17

All the available titles in Davinci Resolve 17 are under the Effects Library tab, which you can find in the top left of your screen. There are 6 basic title options available under the Effects Library that are already built into Davinci 17. All you need to do to start using them is drag and drop them into your timeline!


1. Left Lower Third

This is a classic lower third title suitable for any moving image, documentary, or corporate project. You can easily customize the text in the Inspector, with access to sizing, color, tracking, position, etc.

2. Middle Lower Third

Another staple title but centered this time. If you go into Inspector > Settings and select the Dynamic Zoom to ON, you can customize this middle lower third to create unique rolling credits… cue Star Wars Episode X.

3. Right Lower Third

The same as your Left Lower Third but on the right. If you find your title is positioned too close to the edge, head to the Position X & Y tabs in the Inspector to adjust them to your preference.

4. Text & Text+

This one is a very basic centered Text title. The Text+ option is exactly the same as the Text node, except you can take it into Fusion and you’ll find your template there.

5. Scroll (Credits)

This one is set at a standard speed, but if you drag the title in the timeline to extend the length, it will also slow down the speed of the animation. If you go into the Inspector and change the titles, you have immediately got yourself some rolling credits!

Fusion Titles

There are also a whole lot of options under Fusion Titles – previously with Davinci Resolve 16, these great options wouldn’t have been available and you would have had to build them independently in Fusion. Here are some of our favorites from the Fusion Titles.

1. Background Reveal

To use this title, all you need to do is drag and drop an image or video file and the title template into the timeline. The image will fade out to reveal the title with the image in its silhouette. You can use the Inspector to adjust the layers to your preference if you want to show a specific aspect of the image or scale the text up or down, etc.

2. Call Out

This is a really smooth addition to the Davinci Resolve update, which will look fantastic on any moving image project. The call-out animation is very malleable and easy to use; you can adjust the size, text, position, and color in the Inspector tab. 

3. Digital Glitch

This is an excellent template for any thriller or Sci-fi intro sequence! There’s also a lower left third option available to switch things up.

4. Dark Box

Made for moving image presentations and YouTube vlogging intros, this awesome animated title will make any project look slick and clean.

5. Three Line Drop

This lively title is perfect for a morning or late-night talk show intro. You can adjust the subtitles in the inspector to change their color, size, tracking, etc., and you can make sure they line up with the heading using the X & Y tabs.

Part 2: 20 Handy Titles for DaVinci Resolve 17 You Need

Now that you’ve had a taste of what’s available in the update for Davinci 17, we also rounded up some of the most useful Davinci Resolve title templates to add to your growing collection! So take a look at our top 20 handy titles we think will set your project apart and grow your skills.

1. New Titles Pack

If you’re looking for a lively and modern template to animate your projects, then the New Titles pack is the perfect option for you.

Download Now

2. Cyber Brush Titles

If color and creativity are at the heart of your project, then the available 10 Cyber Brush titles will help elevate your project to its full potential.

Download Now

3. Clean Minimal Titles

This is a fantastic choice to enhance any business presentation or corporate video. There are plenty of options to choose from in this dynamic set of slick and clean designs.

Download Now

4. Premium Titles Pack

This pack offers an insane variety to select from, all incredibly smooth animations centered around modern and slick aesthetics.

Download Now

5. Stylish Minimal Titles

Take a look at these incredibly creative templates in the Stylish Minimal Titles pack. This selection is bound to leave your audience with a lasting impression.

Download Now

6. Unique Typography Vol. 2

The ideal candidate for any fashion or event commercial, with 9 unique designs to choose from, you can’t go wrong with this template set!

Download Now

7. Monochrome Typography

One of our favorites from the top 20, this monochromatic template is the perfect addition to any corporate fashion presentation, housed with dynamic animations and a variety of designs to choose from.

Download Now

8. Gold & Silver Snowflake Title

A unique and seasonal title, this magical design is bound to leave your audience enchanted.

Download Now

9. Catchy Titles

This ready-to-use template pack houses a vast array of sharp and edgy titles. Look no further for cutting-edge designs (pun intended!).

Download Now

10. Art Titles Pack

This is a super stylish series for any creative or corporate project, with plenty of options to choose from.

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11. Neon Liquid Titles

Creativity and color are at the heart of the Neon Liquid Titles! Using this eclectic mix of fluorescent designs will certainly catch anyone’s eye.

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12. Type On Titles

The Type On Titles is the perfect addition for any nostalgic piece or vintage film credits.

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13. HUD Titles V2

Another futuristic titles pack to add to the list and another of our favorites for today! This heavy-duty sci-fi template is bound to elevate your project to success.

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14. Historical Opener Titles

A retro design with smooth animations, the Historical Opener titles will surely help your projects make history.

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15. Gradient Titles

An ultra-modern template, the Gradient titles house a diverse assortment of designs. Impress your audience with this unique title sequence today.

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By now, you should be well versed in our Davinci Resolve17 Titles and will be putting them to good use in your next moving image project. If you are interested in learning more about creating your own titles in DaVinci Resolve, make sure to check out this article here.