22 Modern & Useful Slideshow Templates for DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve 10/03/2021 7 min read

At Motion Array, we know that searching for the perfect Davinci Resolve templates can often be very time-consuming. So we’ve rounded up the very best Davinci Resolve Slideshow templates to help launch your projects to success.

Whether you’re looking for simple and elegant slideshows to announce an engagement or fast-paced alternatives to make your event promos and trailers stand out, we’ve got just the thing for you. Also, don’t forget to look through our short tutorial on how to integrate one of our templates using your own custom images and footage.

Part 1: Top 22 DaVinci Resolve Slideshow Templates

1. Photo Slideshow

Our first contender is a simple typographic template bound to leave a magical first impression.

Download Photo Slideshow Now

2. First Love Gallery

If you’re looking for simplicity and elegance, this template houses dynamic picture frames with light leaks and particles to add that extra cinematic charm.

Download First Love Gallery Now

3. Slideshow Motion

Modern graphics and creative transitions are at the heart of this template. An ideal contender for anyone looking to showcase a contemporary and eclectic portfolio.

Download Slideshow Motion Now

4. Sport Promo

A heralded template for anyone showcasing fast-paced live action sports photography or video projects.

Download Sport Promo Now

5. Elegant Reveal

With soft light leaks and clean text animations, the transitions in this template aim for class and style. Perfect for animating travel diaries and family photo albums.

Download Elegant Reveal Now 

6. Slideshow Square Photo

A simple and effective polaroid animation for photography enthusiasts who want their images to do all the talking.

Download Slideshow Square Photo Now

7. Wedding Slideshow

The perfect addition for any romantic endeavor, this template will bring any engagement announcements and wedding reels to life.

Download Wedding Slideshow Now

8. Elegant & Clean Slideshow

Light leaks and smooth transitions allow this cinematic design to be used in a variety of projects from business to personal.

Download Elegant & Clean Slideshow Now

9. Stop Motion Dynamic Slideshow

One of our favourites from the list, this cutting-edge stop motion is the ultimate addition to any project. If you’re hoping to catch everyone’s eye with that upcoming promo then this is the template for you.

Download Stop Motion Dynamic Slideshow Now 

10. Slideshow Cinematic Inspired

Another cinematic driven template with a wealth of captivating overlays to draw your viewers in.

Download Slideshow Cinematic Inspired Now

11. Dynamic Urban Slideshow

Our Dynamic Urban template is sure to grab everyone’s attention with its smooth transitions and slick graphics. An essential for any creator’s library.

Download Dynamic Urban Slideshow Now

12. Color Glitch Slideshow

Here we have a versatile and vibrant contender for anyone looking to create lively promos, trailers and vlogging intros.

Download Color Glitch Slideshow Now

13. Trendy Slideshow

Another fresh and modern template perfect for creating fast-paced highlight reels, tv intros and promos for special events.

Download Trendy Slideshow Now

14. Depressive Slideshow

Smooth transitions, no plugins required and a fast rendering alternative, the depressive template is not as depressing as it may sound.

Download Depressive Slideshow Now

15. Photo Gallery Family Memories

A Kodak-inspired photo card animation to showcase personal and family memories and more.

Download Photo Gallery Family Memories Now

16. Instagram Stories Slideshow

One of our favorites on the list, this Instagram driven template is bound to keep your audience watching your impressive reels.

Download Instagram Stories Slideshow Now

17. Elegant Slideshow

A subtle vignette with light leaks and particles will leave your wedding and anniversary memories with a lasting impression.

Download Elegant Slideshow Now 

18. Stylish Photo Slideshow

A stylish and immersive template that will draw anyone in. The perfect addition to showcase your travel photography.

Download Stylish Photo Slideshow Now 

19. Modern Glitch Slideshow

If you’re looking for a modern aesthetic to drive your dramatic promos home, then this dynamic glitch template is the one for you.

Download Modern Glitch Slideshow Now

20. Grid Display

This versatile grid design allows you to showcase a number of photographs and videos at once. With it’s stylish light leaks and contemporary structure, this is the ideal aesthetic for fashion promos and lifestyle vlogs.

Download Grid Display Now

21. Modern Corporate

The ultimate template for all your corporate needs. Housing simple graphic overlays with strong typographic elements, this slideshow means business.

Download Modern Corporate Now

22. Newspaper History

To create an authentic newsreel or documentary introduction, this slideshow template will elevate your project to a whole other level.

Download Newspaper History Now

Part 2: How to Use DaVinci Resolve Slideshow Templates

So now we’re going to show you how to put one of our Davinci Resolve Slideshow Templates to good use! For this tutorial, we’re going to be using the Stylish Photo Slideshow, but you’ll be able to cater this tutorial for any other DaVinci Resolve Slideshow template.

  1. Begin by opening up Davinci Resolve and you’ll be taken directly into the project manager where you can launch one of your works in progress or start with a fresh project in the timeline. 
  1. Right-click anywhere on the grey area in the project manager and select Restore project archive from the dropdown menu. Use the finder to locate your newly downloaded template.
  1. There will be a few different versions of the template in each folder, each with a different frame rate available to work with. Simply select from the variety of standardized framerates to cater to your project’s needs. We recommend working in 25fps.
  1. Locate the media pool on the left-hand side which should contain three folders: Other, Edit, and Final.
  1. To import your photos and videos or customize any text layers in the template, you will be using the Edit folder.

Note: The Final folder is where you can access the final outcome of your custom template. The Other folder is where you’ll find the key design elements integrated into the final template. 

  1. Start customizing by dragging the files into the Media pool or importing them directly.

Note: Right-click in the column and create a new Bin. This will help keep all your materials tidy and easily accessible.

  1. Open up the Media files in the Edit folder and start dropping your images into the timeline.

Note: If you are using both photos and videos, you may need to adjust the size of your media to cater to the varying resolution. You can do this by simply selecting the media in the timeline you want to edit and going into the Inspector on the top right hand side and scaling the zoom option up or down until your content fits the frame.

  1. Make sure you drag out the length of the file in the timeline to cover any gaps between each animation on screen in the final template. 
  1. In most templates, 13 seconds should allow enough time for each image to be on screen before the next piece transitions in. Make sure to playback your project in the Final tab and edit accordingly.

Note: Easily switch between your images or clips and your final project in the tabs above the main timeline.

  1. In order to edit your Text files, select the Edit folder, hit Text, and customize each media file using the Inspector. Make sure it’s highlighted in the timeline too.
  1. Adjust your typography to your preferred specifications, changing the font style, size, positioning, and color. For this example, we will change the text field from “Stylish” to “Memories”.

  1. Continue to do this with all the text media files in the Edit folder until you’re happy with the customized type elements.
  1. Now all you have to do is repeat those steps until you have successfully dragged all of your chosen content for image and text into the Edit folder and the accompanying timelines.
  2. Once you switch back to the Final tab, you’ll be able to playback both your custom images and text together in the final template timeline.

And there you have it! If everything looks good and plays back smoothly then all that’s left is to export the final piece.

We certainly can’t wait to see what you will create as you make the most out of our Davinci Resolve Slideshow Templates. If you also need some additional templates for DaVinci Resolve, head over to our awesome Title Templates for DaVinci Resolve, you won’t regret it!