18 Essential DaVinci Resolve Title Templates to Create Better Videos

DaVinci Resolve 14/05/2021 4 min read

As a busy video editor, we know you always don’t have time to create a unique title for a new client or search endlessly for the right templates to use. That’s where we come in! Check out the best of all the DaVinci Resolve title templates right here, right now. Download them today from our carefully curated list and cut down on the time searching for that perfect title pack!

Top 18 DaVinci Resolve Title Templates for Creatives

1. Modern Glitch Titles

Add a futuristic look to your titles with this glitch and chromatic aberration template. A perfect style for your sports, cinematic reels, or YouTube intros!

Download Modern Glitch Titles Now

2. X Titles

Easily create simple yet clean title animations, as well as logo style titles for the opening or end sections of your clips. Perfect for product promos or business presentations!

Download X Titles Now

3. Fantastic Cinematic Titles

If you are looking for more abstract and mystical title designs, the Fantastic Cinematic Titles is perfect! Using geometric shape animations and organic flowing lines, make a great cinematic and eye-catching intro for your next video!

Download Fantastic Cinematic Titles Now

4. Digital Titles

When you want to create out-of-the-box titles with smooth glitchy animations, the Digital Titles is right for you. Impress your audience and try these high-definition and non-standard titles in your next video!

Download Digital Titles Now

5. Aberration Glitch Titles

Don’t spend too much time looking at tutorials trying to create distorted and chromatic aberration titles. This template includes 8 amazing modern styles, including stacked wavy text to bold glitch titles, perfect in your next YouTube video!

Download Aberration Glitch Titles Now

6. Titles 3D Projector

Create unique outlined 3D text animations, glitching and distorting on your screen. With trendy transitioning effects, these titles are perfect to make visually appealing slides for your intros or promos.

Download Titles 3D Projector Now

7. Typography Titles Template

Diversify your videos with these flashy title animations and quickly create your next awesome and eye-catching titles sequence with ease. Definitely, a high-energy and action-packed look that your audience will love!

Download Typography Titles Template Now

8. Long Shadow Titles

Infuse your titles with smooth movement and color as they pop onto the screen. Perfect for introducing sections of your intro or product promos! Add a touch of cool design and style to your videos.

Download Long Shadow Titles Now

9. Motion Titles Pack

If you’re not sure what to get or prefer to browse through assortments, the 9 titles pack may be just right for you! Every title is professionally animated, full screen, and easy to change. No plugins required for use—simply download and go! 

Download Motion Titles Pack Now

10. Titles Corporate V.2

When you want something different, but still in a corporate setting, Titles Corporate V.2 has you covered. It fills the needs of corporate presentations while still keeping an air of surprise and wonder around your title clips. Get these 6 titles today!

Download Titles Corporate Now

11. Titles Elegant Cinematic 2

21 titles fill up this selection with value! This package is specifically designed for situations where sophisticated, elegant animations and text are needed most. Almost everything can be customized as well so that you get the best of both worlds—easy templates and smooth tailoring to fit your needs. 

Download Titles Elegant Cinematic Now

 12. Cute Scribble Pack

Want something sassy and sweet for social media videos or cute moving advertisements? How about a fun slideshow? These scribble titles and transitions have your back! Best of all, every color can be changed to fit your tone, style, and brand. 

Download Cute Scribble Pack Now

13. Romantic Titles

If you want a little, easy splash of romantic, this is the pack for you. Simplicity, love, and nature are the key components here. The gentle animations are sure to charm!

Download Romantic Titles Now

14. Vintage Titles

Sometimes, vintage is where it’s at and what you need in your videos. Here are 4 old-timey titles for your videos that take viewers back to the past. And you don’t need any plugins!

Download Vintage Titles Now

15. Brush Titles

Brush titles provide something different for your video projects, and these five are no exception. Try this original pack out for a fun flair and cool change!

Download Brush Titles Now

16. Gradient Titles

The entertainment world plays by a different set of rules on occasion, and videos of it should reflect that. That’s exactly what this package of titles does for your fashion clips, showcases, and other visual media.

Download Gradient Titles Now

17. Glitch Titles

Glitch titles are the perfect way to spice up your videos when used in moderation. This one, in particular, is dynamic, fast-paced, and intense. What will you use it for? 

Download Glitch Titles Now

18. Retro Titles

When vintage is a little too old, but you still want to take a trip down memory lane, retro titles are there to help! This cool collection evokes the 80s while bringing the technology of today to your screen. 

Download Retro Titles Now

We hope you enjoy our list of the top DaVinci Resolve title templates to download! With stylish and flexible designs, hopefully, these awesome templates help you create content a little faster!

If you’re feeling inspired, learn how to create some eye-catching titles of your very own. Also, check out our list of DaVinci Resolve lower thirds templates that you can download and use today.

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