23 Essential DaVinci Resolve 17 Macros & Effects for Creatives

DaVinci Resolve 03/09/2021 5 min read

If you have ever edited a video you know just how time-consuming visual effects are. Just animating a simple title can take ages and coming up with great designs can be difficult and frustrating.  Add a busy schedule and lots of videos to edit and you will quickly lose many hours.  

This is where pre-made animated titles, transitions, and visual effects come into play. In DaVinci Resolve 17 these are called macros. Macros allow you to save your effects and animations for later re-use. Even better, DaVinci Resolve macros allow you to use animations and effects that someone else has made.

DaVinci Resolve macros are easy to install. Just drop the settings files in the correct folder for your operating system and restart DaVinci Resolve. Then drop onto your timeline and edit the settings in the Inspector. Marcos are a fantastic time-saver for DaVinci Resolve users.

1. Kinetic Typography 2.0

A clean and simple title pack for DaVinci Resolve that is beautifully animated. Make it your own by customizing it to your needs. Great for anything from presentations to promos and commercials. 

Download Kinetic Typography 2.0 Now

2. 3D Photo Animator

This amazing macro brings your photos to life with customizable 3D effects. You can turn any photo into an immersive 3D animation from our variety of stock photos.  There are 3 macros (zoom, horizontal and vertical) that add different effects to your media. You can even customize the mask for the best effect.

Download 3D Photo Animator Now

3. Pop Up Effect Macro

Need a PIP (Picture in Picture) to pop up in DaVinci Resolve? This is the one. Easily customize it to your needs. It’s simple drag and drop. You can even change the shape to a rectangle, square, or circle as well as the speed and style of the animation.

Download Pop Up Effect Macro Now

4. Split Screen FX V2 – Multiscreen Pack

Split-screen with multiple videos can be a real pain, but not with this macro. You can easily create a split-screen with up to 10 videos and it’s fully customizable. To top it off even the bounce animation is customizable with up to 5 camera angles for each video.

Download Split Screen FX V2 Now

5. Typography Titles Macro 5.0

Cool animated titles aren’t easy to make from scratch but macros like this one for DaVinci Resolve make it a matter of drag and drop. Just change the text and settings to match the look of your video. So much easier.

Download Typography Titles Macro 5.0 Now

6. DR Toolkit Elements And Titles

Five titles and five titles with logos professionally animated and fully adjustable to match your brand and video. Great for presentations, marketing, and promo videos. Available in 4K as well as HD.

Download DR Toolkit Elements and Titles Now

7. Flash Light Transitions

Transitions can be a great way to add interest to your videos and these are fantastic. There are 15 creatively animated transition macros in total. A wicked way to enhance your video. These transitions would work great with music videos and trailers.

Download Flash Light Transitions Now

8. Beautiful Fusion

A trippy unique title and logo macro that is very distinctive and colorful. It’s easy to use and is extensively customizable in resolutions up to a whopping 8K.

Download Beautiful Fusion Now

9. Glitch Macro

Glitch titles are very popular and this glitch title macro pack for DaVinci Resolve is a great choice. This kind of title would take hours to make by yourself but with macros, you simply drag, drop, and edit the text.

Download Glitch Macro Now

10. Multiscreen Frames

This is an amazing split-screen macro pack with 14 multiscreen frames that work at any frame rate and up to 4K. Great for wedding films, travel logs, and real estate videos.

Download Multiscreen Frames Now

11. Typo Pack

As a video editor, you can never have enough title options. These simple but well-animated titles are really easy to use and you can customize them as needed to match your video or brand.

Download Typo Pack Now

12. Camera Shake Transitions

Great transitions for promos, trailers, and music videos that are fully responsive meaning you can use them with any frame rate, duration, and resolution. On top of that, you can change the strength and speed of all the effects.

Download Camera Shake Transitions Now

13. Hallucination Effects

Cool looking effects that will send you on a trip. These effects will work great with music videos and short films that need some trippy effects that look like a dream or hallucination.

Download Hallucination Effects Now

14. Psychedelic Transitions 3D

These amazing 3D transitions give off a sci-fi vibe that could work well in a short film or a music video. Stunningly animated with the ability to change how the effect looks.

Download Psychedelic Transitions 3D Now

15. Realistic Hits And Rumbles Effects

Add realism to your action or sports scenes with these camera shake effects. A bit of camera shake applied in the right way gives a more realistic feel to action and sells the impact of hits, shots, and punches. This macro pack is ideal for that.

Download Realistic Hits and Rumbles Effects Now

16. Aberration Glitch Titles

Add a spooky feel to your videos with these cool glitch transitions. Great for a sci-fi or horror project. Available in HD and does not require any plug-ins

Download Aberration Glitch Titles Now

17. Message Macro

Simulate a messaging conversation in your video with this great DaVinci Resolve macro pack. The pack includes 40 macros with 10 different message shapes and full customization. 

Download Message Macro Now

18. Rain Drops

Add incredible realistic raindrops to your scene to transform it. You’ll get extensive control over the effect without it being overly complicated. The macro can work on any frame rate in resolutions up to 8K.

Download Rain Drops Now

19. Action Stretch

Dynamic transitions for dynamic videos. This macro pack contains 10 stretch transitions ideal for action videos like movie trailers, music videos, or teasers. Available in 4K without the need for any plug-ins.

Download Action Stretch Now

20. Wedding Macro

These very elegant title macros for DaVinci Resolve are ideal for wedding videos or anywhere a stylish look is required. Available in up to 4K they will make your video stand out.

Download Wedding Macro Now

21. Glitch, RGB Split Titles

Another great pack of glitch titles with an RGB split effect. These macros were created to make life easier for you. All you need to do is drop in your timeline and edit the text.

Download Glitch, RGB Split Titles Now

22. Typography Pack

A pack of 10 unique text animations that are easy to use. Great for anything from commercials through to event videos. Available in HD and with a video tutorial included.

Download Typography Pack Now

23. Typewriter Pro

If you need a classic typewriter title effect this DaVinci Resolve macro pack is for you. There are 15 typewriter animations to choose from and the text is fully customizable with no plug-ins required.

Download Typewriter Pro Now

DaVinci Resolve macros give video editors access to a vast library of professionally made titles, transitions, and visual effects that save a lot of time. The macros are easy to install and use while still being customizable to suit your individual project needs.

If you want to learn how to make macros in DaVinci Resolve have a look at this great tutorial and also this article to learn how to use effects.