Create Particles in DaVinci Resolve 17 for Professional Visual Effects

DaVinci Resolve 16/08/2021 4 min read

DaVinci Resolve 17 has a powerful particle system built into the Fusion page that you can use to create awesome particle effects without the need for any plugins. You can apply this to anything you like really, the same principles apply and these are really good for logos as well. Let’s jump right in and look at some basics. 

Part 1: Particle Dissolve Objects in DaVinci Resolve

Thanos snapped the particle dissolve effect into popularity and we will be showing you the basics of how this particle effect works in DaVinci Resolve. We won’t be reaching infinity level effects but we’ll instead make an object dissolve, in our case a humble cup. 

What you will need is a static shot of your object in a scene and then that identical shot, but without the object, called a clean plate. Start with simple objects as we will be masking the object. Also, make sure your exposure in each shot matches perfectly or it will give away the effect. Manual mode on your camera is key, no auto settings.

  1. Place your clean plate on the first track of your timeline and your object clip on the track above, then duplicate your object clip and place that on the next track up.
  2. Select your 2 object clips and turn them into a Fusion clip. Go to the Fusion page.
  3. Now mask the object in your top object clip. The more accurately you do this the better the result will be. You can temporarily connect a Background node to your Merge node to see the result better.
  4. Add a pEmitter and pRender node, then change the Region of the pEmitter node to Bitmap and the Output Mode to 2D
  5. Now you will be able to connect your top object clip (mediaIn2) to the Particle emitter and back to the Merge node.
  6. It is time to start playing with your particle emitter (pEmitter). Change the Number, Lifespan, Variance, Velocity, and Angle as well as changing the style to Blob.  

Note: There are a lot of settings to play around with but what you need to achieve is to get the particles to start in one spot and move out of frame in the direction you want and then fade away.

  1. To get the particles to fade away you will need to animate the Number and Lifespan of the particles so they stop being generated and the remainder disappear before the end of your clip as if they are blowing away in the wind. This can be tricky and will take time and adjustments to get just right.
  2. Once you have your particles working perfectly you can reconnect your bottom clip to the Merge node and delete the background. The particles will now appear over the object. You can change the particle color to use the color of the region it originates from for a more realistic look.
  3. You need to create a large uneven mask with a soft edge and animate this mask to wipe the object from the frame as the particles dissolve it. The timing is key to selling the effect so take your time animating this mask.
  4. Back in the Edit page let your animation render and you will see your object dissolve into oblivion as your clean plate is revealed. You’re done!

Part 2: Trapcode Form Particle Effects in DaVinci Resolve

This mesmerizing effect is inspired by MeisnerMedia and brings us deeper into the realm of particles in DaVinci Resolve. This will show you just how powerful the built-in particle effects in Fusion are. Just try your best to follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new Fusion clip to the duration you need the effect to last for.
  2. Add a Background node then change the color to white.
  3. Now add a pImageEmitter node to the background now then bring the density down to 0.1 and 0.1. This will create fewer particles. After this add a pRender node.
  4. When viewed in the viewer you will see a grid of particles. Rotate the X-axis 90 degrees so it lays flat.
  5. Next, add a pCustom node after the pImageEmitter node and replace the Background node with a FastNoise node. We will use the luminance of the FastNoise node to create the wave effects.
  6. In the FastNoise node remove the Transparency and increase Contrast and detail.
  7. Now in your pCustom node under the Y position type in R/N1 which will use the red channel values as the Y position of the particles and you can now control it by changing the value of the Number In 1 wheel. This should create a nice waveform.
  8. To change the color change the red, green, and blue values to suit.
  9. Animate the FastNoise by turning up the seed rate. Now you have an animated waveform.
  10. All we need to do now is add Merge3D, Camera3D, and Render3D nodes. You can adjust the camera to get a good angle on your animation.

Tips: Add some effects like a glow, shallow depth of field, and even mix in some hazy or smoke to enhance the effect. To get the shallow depth effect use the OpenGL Render in the Render3D node and turn on Accumulation effects.

Part 3: 4 Slick Particle Logo Templates for DaVinci Resolve

Was that all too much for you? Well if you are like me and need to get things done fast and to a professional level then these particle logo temples for DaVinci Resolve are just the timesaver you need.

1. Particles Gold Logo

A slick and stylish perfectly animated particle logo reveal great for a brand intro to a video. It has a well-thought-out system to change the settings and customize the template.

Download Particles Gold Logo Now

2. Particles Logo

This one would take many hours to replicate from scratch. It is such a good-looking logo reveal with the same well-thought-out system of settings that allow you to customize the template. No plugins are required either.

Download Particles Logo Now

3. Luxury Particles Logo

It is indeed a very elegant particle animation to reveal your logo that could match any top brand. Just replace the logo and text placeholders and you are ready to go.

Download Luxury Particles Logo Now

4. Cinematic Particle Logo Reveal

Ready for a blockbuster logo reveal? This DaVinci Resolve template certainly packs punch with a dynamic particle logo reveal with animated lens flares and particle trails.

Download Cinematic Particle Logo Reveal Now

DaVinci Resolve has a very good particle generator built into the Fusion page. It is as powerful as any without the need for any plugins. You can create all sorts of particle effects and also use any of Motion Array’s wide range of templates. 

The pEmitter, pImageEmitter, and pRender nodes are what you need to create these amazing effects in both 2D and 3D space on the Fusion page of DaVinci Resolve 17.

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