5 Sites For Camera Reviews

Filmmaking 23/08/2019 3 min read

There are a lot of great cameras on the market for shooting video. From a wide range of DSLR cameras, to high-end 4K cameras, and even mobile devices, you have a lot of choices when it comes to picking the right camera for you.

Thankfully there are several sites out there with great reviews of cameras to help you make your choice. Let’s take a look at 5 sites that are great for camera reviews.


Cnet is one of the premier sites on the web for reviews of all sorts of tech. Included in their offerings is a robust camera review section.

Each review is written by an expert on the topic and includes all sorts of juicy details. Not only do they explain the features and issues with each camera, they include custom pictures of the gear, shots taken with each camera, and technical tests like ISO analysis.

Along with their lengthy writeups, Cnet includes a rating scale for various aspects of the camera like design, features, performance, and image quality.

But then, they also let the community weigh-in, not only with comments but with a rating scale of their own. Think Rotten Tomatoes, where you can compare not only editor ratings but user ratings as well.

And with so many camera reviews on the site, Cnet includes a handy filtering system where you can filter by things like price, resolution, and weight.

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports continues to be a mainstay for reviews of just about every product under the sun. They are known for their in-depth review system without bias. This holds true for their camera reviews.

Not only does Consumer Reports post lengthy reviews of products, but they also post related articles and news on many of the products they review. So a search for something like “Canon 5D” will result in a review and several other articles.

Consumer Reports put a great amount of effort into their product reviews, but they don’t give this away for free or rely on advertising to pay the bills. You can look at products, new stories, and read a basic overview of a camera on the site for free. But to see the in-depth review and ratings, you need to be a subscriber.

Subscriptions for the site are $30 a year, or $6.95 a month. But if you plan on buying multiple products or just need a range of reviews for your next camera, if might be worth the price of admission.

PC Mag

PC Magazine made a name for itself by reviewing…well, PC’s of course. But over the years they’ve expanded their coverage to include all kinds of tech. And their tech coverage includes cameras and related gear like lenses.

Note that the focus here tends to be more on DSLR cameras rather than products like the Red Scarlet. But their DSLR coverage is extensive.

They start with a simple, pros, cons, and bottom line section before delving deeper into the review. Many reviews include videos, supporting photos, in-depth analysis of the products.

Like the above sites, they also include links for purchasing the cameras once you’d made up your mind on what you want.


It would seem obvious that the team behind a site called Fstoppers would know cameras…and they do. Along with their great blog content, news, and tips, Fstoppers has quite a few reviews on cameras and related gear.

Fstoppers camera reviews are lengthy and professional. They include the best and worst of each product, and they have lots of supporting imagery, some of which is interactive.

Fstoppers is definitely a great place to look when you are searching for information on that specific camera that you have your eye on.

The one thing that Fstoppers is missing is a feed for camera reviews and a filter system. Fstoppers reviews are all lumped together in one feed, so it can be a bit hard to find a review you want without doing a search. Start by figuring out which cameras are on your list, then search for them at Fstoppers.

Philip Bloom

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you might remember Philip Bloom from our post on YouTube Channels For Filmmakers. Bloom is a filmmaker and DP who has a great love for DSLR cameras. He also has a popular blog where he discusses news, tips, and does some fantastic camera reviews.

Whereas many of the above sites write reviews from the perspective of a tech export, Bloom’s reviews are directly from him and the perspective of a DP. And he doesn’t just review DSLRs on his blog. You can expect to find reviews of all sorts of cameras great for filmmaking and video.

Not only does Bloom discuss the usual features and pricing of each camera, he also uses the cameras and explains his experience in detail. He often includes several image samples and videos as well.

If you are looking for reviews from a true expert and lover of the medium, Philip Bloom’s blog is a great place to start.

There are a million places to buy cameras online, and almost as many places to read reviews. But not all reviews are created equal. These 5 sites should give you a good basis for making your next camera purchasing decision.