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Filmmaking 13/04/2019 3 min read

Ok, so you have this awesome idea. It’s the next big thing, and you’re excited to launch your idea into the world and hopefully start making tons of money. You’ve reached the conclusion that there is no better way to do this than with a video. After all, video is a proven tool to simplify complex ideas and get people as excited as you are.

In this article, we want to give you a few simple ideas to get you on the right track to producing better videos that are both efficient and communicative.

Less is More

When planning your video, it is very tempting to include as much information as possible, but this can lead to no messages at all getting to your viewer. It is much better to simplify your copy so that key messages are delivered correctly. In other words, don’t try to sell every single attribute of your product. It’s better to prioritize and get smaller messages in place that are strong and easy to understand with few words. Focus on important aspects only.

Be Sequential

Many bad videos have one thing in common. There is too much stuff on the screen! We see it on TV all the time. A shot of video with some text, and some text with a phone number, and some more text that says “call now”, and a logo, and another shot on a smaller box, and some more text with some other call to action, etc. This leads to so much clutter that it generates confusion and a lack of structure. This kind of strategy may fit perfectly for newspapers, but on videos, it’s important to keep things moving while keeping the viewer engaged with smaller messages on each screen.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics add visual interest and help drive your video. It’s important to use type animations to deliver keywords on-screen. Keeping things clean and with nice contrast for legibility will make your type stand out. If you have a light background make sure the type above is darker. Avoid shadows and glows if these are just there to fix a contrast issue.

Have you ever seen white type on a white background? These kinds of design decisions can make or break your graphics. If you are using After Effects templates for your motion graphics, make sure they are in tune with your brand and are modified accordingly.

Voice Overs & Music

Most of the previous points are connected to how your voiceover and music will work. Use a small word count to communicate your message. This will help the human brain to process and retain the info. Have you seen some local car commercials lately? If you did not see a video of a car you may not even know what they are selling. Keep your narrative short. It’s better to get your message delivered than no message at all. Make sure the voice over works with your music and that they fit together.

Make your Message Count

Remember that nobody cares about your video unless it’s a message that will benefit the viewer in some way. Make that your goal with every video. The hard part is not telling people how awesome you are, but how you help them make their life easier with your product or service. This is when you make a connection, it’s the only way to keep someone interested.

These are just a few simple ideas to keep in mind when producing a video. It’s not everything you need to make a great video, but if you give these tips some importance in your process then you are on your way to producing better videos that communicate your message. Remember that you do not have to be a video editor or a motion designer or even a director to understand how great videos work. It’s about your message and the connection between you and your viewer.

If you find this blog post interesting and helpful please leave a comment below. You are welcomed to add your own ideas as well.

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