Top Wedding Videography Trends in 2020

Filmmaking 11/05/2019 4 min read

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ll be tying the knot sometime this year (or capturing the video of another couple’s experience). Congrats! Mazal Tov! Felicitaciones!

You’re probably also going through the painstaking process of meeting with videographers (or clients if you happen to be the videographer) and trying to come up with a vision for a wedding video that is neither tacky nor cliche.

To help you in this endeavor, we bring you a list of what’s shaping up to be the top wedding videography trends in 2020!

Wedding Videography Trends

1. Freeze Time

Wedding Video Freeze Frame

We all remember the circa 2016 flash-in-pan, Internet craze that was The Mannequin Challenge. Well, even though it’s officially hit the viral graveyard, wheeling it back out for a few freeze time wedding shots may not be such a bad idea. Yes, it can be time-consuming and requires an annoying degree of coordination (as exhibited by this behind the scenes sneak peek). But the result…is pretty mind-blowing.

If you don’t think you’ll be able to wrangle all of your unruly guests for one big group shot, you could always opt for a few intimate ones with just the bride and groom or the bridal party.

2. Same-Day Editing

Although same-day editing isn’t exactly a new trend, it’s definitely on its way to becoming a stock standard wedding feature. Put simply, same day editing is where your team of videographers gathers footage before and during the wedding ceremony. Then while your guests are gorging themselves silly at the reception buffet, one of them scurries away to a makeshift editing bay to condense the footage into a mini highlights reel.

Later in the evening, preferably before your wedding party has reached peak-inebriation levels, you have everyone sit down to watch a preview of the day-that-was.

Since same-day editing typically requires a team of three or more videographers and editors, it can be pricey. On the flipside, same-day footage is guaranteed to generate a lot of LOLs and “aww” moments from your guests… .just as this one did here.

Bonus Tip: In advance of your big day, make sure you have all of the titles, transitions, and any other visual effects you know you definitely want to be included in your same-day wedding video picked out and ready to go. Preset wedding packages — like this text preset one and this wedding memories one — are easily available for purchase online and are sure to make life a zillion times easier on your team of videographers.

3. Drone Footage

The idea of a drone hovering over your wedding ceremony and potentially taking out one of your vertically-gifted guests, isn’t a very appealing one. But for those who are game, the results will not disappoint.

This is because drones are capable of grabbing certain perspective that you simply cannot get on the ground. And no, I’m not just talking about those sweeping aerial shots of your ceremony nestled in the middle of a picturesque estate.

I’m also talking about candid moments that capture the suspense and excitement of the day. For example, all the guests standing to attention while the bride and her bridesmaid nervously line up around the side of the house. Cute, no?

4. Save the Date Video

Wedding video invitations have been around for a long time, typically in the form of cute scrapbook montages or motion graphics videos. Recently, however, the bar has begun to lift and now some couples are going to great lengths for their wedding teasers.

What we’re seeing today is full-scale productions on par with that of Jason Derulo music videos,  jewelry commercials, and short action films.

While some people may see these extravagant Save The Date videos as over-the-top and borderline narcissistic, there’s no denying that they mark a super fun departure from the stuffy old postal invite.

5. 3D Montage

3D Wedding Montage

Of all the visual effects out there, the one that shines brightest when it comes to capturing wedding memories is without a doubt 3D. Because of this, 3D montages are becoming a super popular add-on for wedding video packages nowadays. Anyone who needs convincing need only watch this eye-popping compilation.

If you like the idea of a 3D montage but think it’s too much to include on top of your wedding video and photos, one idea is to create a 3D montage of you and your spouse’s “story” to play at the rehearsal dinner or engagement party. That way, you get best of both worlds!

6. Highlights Reel

Let’s be real, how many people from the guest list are actually going to sit down and watch the entire wedding video from start until end? That’s why, in the era of ever-shrinking attention spans, compiling a 5-minutes highlights reel to send distribute alone with your wedding video is an absolute must.

Highlights reels also make for a great way to share the wedding love with all those who couldn’t attend on social media.

Now that you’re all up to speed on the latest trends, why not spend a couple of minutes browsing Motion Array’s wedding video and music options you could include in the vid for real.

Alternatively, if you’ve been down the wedding video path before and have any tips you’d like to share with this year’s brides and grooms, we’d love to hear them. Simply punch them into the comments section below!

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