18+ Amazing Final Cut Pro Logo Reveals (Free Downloads & Tutorial)

Final Cut Pro 06/04/2022 11 min read

Professional logo reveals are a cornerstone of video branding, and Final Cut Pro comes with all the resources you need to transform any logo into an animated opener for your videos. We’ve put together the best resources to get you started, whether you’d like to download a template or DIY.

This article will cover 18 of our favorite logo sting templates, instructions for installing them, and a tutorial for building a custom logo reveal in Final Cut. Let’s dive in! 

Part 1: 22 Final Cut Pro Logo Animations & Templates to Download

All you’ll need is a logo file and a copy of Final Cut Pro to produce stylish, professional logo reveals with these downloadable templates. We’ve also included instructions for installing the templates in the next section. 

1. Free Logo Reveal Pack

This free download gives you 3 sleek, modern themed modern logo reveals perfect for young audiences and upbeat brands. These easy-to-use logo templates are a simple solution when you don’t have time to tinker with lots of options; just add your logo, set the color, and you’re all set. 

John (Leany), the artist behind this design, has been engaged in motion-graphic design for more than 4 years and really loves the profession. He makes templates for Final Cut Pro, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. Check out more of Leny’s work here.

Free Logo Reveal Pack Download

2. Free Simple Logo Reveal

Sometimes simple and clean is all you need, especially when your brand has a sophisticated personality. The free Simple Logo Reveal for Final Cut Pro is a bundle of sleek logo reveals that you can tailor to your project’s style. You can add your own background image or video to use for an opener, or you can neatly end your project with this logo overlay. 

Zhoomart, the motion designer behind this template, is from Kyrgyzstan. He likes to contribute to Motion Array as an artist to help people from all over the world develop their businesses using ready-to-use solutions. He puts extra effort to make his projects easy to use for beginners. You can check out his entire portfolio here.

Free Simple Logo Reveal Download

3. Typo Glitch Logo Reveal

Start your videos with a punch! This grungy template with a modern design with trendy text animations that aesthetically blend with your logo or text can easily be applied to all shapes and styles. Promote your social stories, promos, and announcements, with a pro look!

Download Typo Glitch Logo Reveal Now

4. Light Lines Logo

If you have a simple yet classy look and feel for your company logo, this template will definitely add a touch of style. With a simple text animation and smooth logo movements, you can easily make your logo reveal look attractive. Perfect for tech podcasts or YouTube videos, the neon line effects will create the coolest intro!

Download Light Lines Logo Now

5. Digital Logo Reveal

Get ready for a fast and glitchy digital logo reveal that is perfect for any editor or creator social channel. Create a cool futuristic vibe and make your brand logo memorable without even looking at your profile. Download today and customize it to your liking!

Download Digital Logo Reveal Now

6. Agressive Grunge Logo

Reveal your logo with an grungy artistic style! Dynamically animated brushstrokes with 1 logo placeholder and 1 editable text layer, easily create a powerful intro to your channel. Great for photography, travel or video editing channels on YouTube.

Download Agressive Grunge Logo Now

7. Grunge Distortion Logo

These grungy openers fit an edgy brand, with the retro stylings of a 1990’s MTV promo video. Perfect for alternative style media companies, blogs, or fashion brands–and easy to use too! Just drop your logo into the template and voila, unique glitchy logo reveal for your next video.

Download Grunge Distortion Logo Now

8. Glitch Logo

A spooky, techy logo reminiscent of a dystopian future or maybe the next season of Black Mirror. With Glitch Logo, you’ve got 2 versions to choose from: white or black. Since there’s not much color in this composition it’s most appropriate for B&W or grayscale videos. It would look great as an opening to a horror film or TV series. 

Download Glitch Logo Now

9. Typographic Logo

You don’t even need a logo file to create a cute & unique hand-drawn opener with this pack. It includes 8 separate designs, and all you’ll have to do is replace the text with your own to create your own animation. This charming style will go well with weddings, anniversaries, small businesses, or any video that needs a personal feel. 

Download Typographic Logo Now

10. Flat Shapes Logo

There’s a lot going on with this dynamic shape-driven logo template. It’s colorful, animated, and short–and would make an excellent opener for YouTube videos, advertisements, or presentations. It’s available in 1080 HD and plugs into Final Cut Pro seamlessly. 

Download Flat Shapes Logo Now

11. Glitch Logo

A hi-fi, glitchy ride with your logo as the destination, this custom template offers some pretty high production value like something you’d expect to see from a professional video production studio. It’s also short and sweet because people want to get to the content! You can use this as a logo sting and an opening title for your composition because it has 2 text holders where you can add your title or slogan before the logo reveal. 

Download Glitch Logo Now

12. Grunge Scribble Logo

Not too dissimilar to the Grunge Distortion logo listed above; Grunge Scribble is dark, edgy, and well… grungy! It’ll be a great fit for any brand (or band) with a cool casual personality. There’s just one option to choose from, but you can change the colors to suit your video and of course, add your own logo. 

Download Grunge Scribble Logo Now

13. Blueprint Logo Reveal

Have a building, home remodeling, DIY, or technical channel? This pack of blueprint-themed logo reveals is for you! It combines 3D motion graphics with layered designs and comes in 3 distinct versions. Easy to use and only available on Final Cut Pro. 

Download Blueprint Logo Reveal Now

14. Swirl Line Logo

Breathe some color into your logo splash with Swirl Line Logo. It’s bright and fun and suitable for all types of brands. There’s one version in the download, and it can be used as an intro, outro or cutaway title in your next video production. 

Download Swirl Line Logo Now

15. Quick HUD Logo Reveal

Straight out of a sci-fi movie, the Quick HUD logo reveal is a cutting-edge animation that’s perfect for a high-tech brand. This unique template will really set your logo sting apart from others. You can use it for software and game companies, futuristic videos, science brands, and more. 

Download Quick HUD Logo Reveal Now

16. Quick Glitch Logo

Another high-tech logo animation, the Quick Glitch Logo delivers a barrage of glitch effects before revealing your logo. This is a wonderful template for a Youtuber building a brand, or any organization with a youthful target audience. The template comes in 2 varieties, one in black & white and the other in color. 

Download Quick Glitch Logo Now

17. Photographic Logo Reveal

Got some incredible photos you want to show off? This template is perfect for photographers and travel bloggers. Just drag and drop your photos into Final Cut and Photographic Logo Reveal will do the rest. In the end, you can add your own signature or logo for the final reveal.

Download Photographic Logo Reveal Now 

18. Logo Opener

This 2-pack of logo sting animations is versatile enough to be used for just about any brand. The animations are composited over a background of your choosing, so you can just drop an image into the template to personalize it. You can also customize the logo, company name, and text fields, so there’s really a lot of possibilities with these 2 animations. 

Download Logo Opener Now

19. Minimal Clean Logo FCPX

If you are looking for something classic, check out the Minimal Clean Logo for Final Cut Pro. Just drag and drop your logo files and easily adjust them for your project needs. Create your very own elegant and modern logo animation reveals and achieve a polished look for corporate presentations, product updates, or social media videos alike.

Download Minimal Clean Logo FCPX Now

20. Logo Reveal Glitch Cubes

Here we’ve got a pair of glitch-effect logo stings that are great for commercials, presentations, slideshows, or event videos. All you need to do is copy in your logo and you’re good to go. Of course, if you’d like to customize further, there’s a field that’s perfect for your website or slogan. And you can also change the colors or remove the background to achieve whatever look you’d like!

Download Logo Reveal Glitch Cubes Now

21. Glossy Logo Reveal

This amazing logo opener transforms your logo image into a full 3D production with multiple cameras and lighting rigs. It feels big, so if you want to leave an impactful impression with your audience–this is the animation to make them say “wow”. On top of that, there are also 4 versions to choose from with different lighting and color effects. 

Download Glossy Logo Reveal Now

22. Ember Sparks Logo Reveal

A cinematic reveal for dramatic productions, this is a fantastic opener for your next mini-movie, YouTube channel, theatrical trailer, or presentation. Impress your audience with high production value just before revealing your logo in style. This powerful template gives any video editor the ability to create an opening sequence straight out of Hollywood. 

Download Ember Sparks Logo Reveal Now

Part 2: How to Use Logo Reveal Templates in 3 Easy Steps

The beauty of using a template is how quickly you can produce a fantastic-looking logo animation. After you’ve selected the template you’d like to try from above, follow these 3 easy steps to install it into Final Cut Pro. Once installed, your new logo reveals template will appear right next to the built-in effects, transitions, titles, and generators in Final Cut. 

Step 1: Download Your New Template File

Choose your favorite template above and download it. On MotionArray, you might need to log into your account first.

  1. Download the template file.
  2. Navigate to the folder where you’ve downloaded it in Finder.
  3. Double click the file to unzip it. 

Step 2: Transfer Template to Final Cut Pro

Once you’ve unzipped the files, you just need to move them into the correct place for Final Cut to use them. The location of this folder depends on whether you have Motion installed or just Final Cut Pro. 

  1. If you have Motion installed, the folder you should find is:
    /Movies/Motion Templates

    If you do not have Motion installed then you need to find this folder:
    /Applications/Final Cut Pro/Contents/Plugins/MediaProviders/ MotionEffect.fxp/Contents/Resources/Templates
  2. You need to determine if your template is an Effect, Generator, Title, or Transition.
    You can find out by checking the page where you downloaded it or looking for documentation in your unzipped file.
  3. Copy the folder with your new template into the appropriate subfolder from above. If it’s a Title then you’ll need to copy it to the Titles folder, if it’s a Generator then you’ll need to copy it to the Generators folder, etc.  

Step 3: Build Your Logo Splash in Final Cut Pro

With your template loaded into the right folder, Final Cut should automatically display your new logo animation alongside the rest of your Titles, Transitions, Effects, and Generators. 

  1. If you haven’t already, open up Final Cut Pro.
  2. If your template is an Effect or Transition, you can find it by opening those menus on the right side of the screen. If it’s a Title or Generator, you can find it on the Sidebar at the top left. 
  3. You can find it by typing in the name of your template, the thumbnail should appear. 
  4. Drag the template’s thumbnail into the timeline to add it to your project. 
  5. Click the template in your timeline and open the Inspector. This is where you will add your logo file and can adjust any options such as color, background, and so on. 

So that about covers getting you set up with your new template. Individual templates may vary somewhat, so you can check the documentation included with your download for specific instructions about your template’s customizable controls. You can also add your own effects on top, like hue effects, to personalize your opener further.

But if you can’t achieve the look you’re looking for with a premade template, you have another option. 

Part 3: Creating your Own Template in Final Cut Pro

Here’s a basic walkthrough for creating a cool logo opener for your videos using Final Cut Pro’s built-in Titles. This method doesn’t even require a logo file, so it’s great if you just need a quick custom logo but don’t have time to get one designed. 

Step 1: Add the Title to Timeline

Final Cut Pro comes packed with awesome premade Titles, Effects, and Generators. Many of them can be used and customized to create a unique logo opener for your videos. This tutorial will use Basic 3D, a built-in Title

  1. If you haven’t already, create a new Project and add whatever clips & content you’d like to include in the Timeline
  2. Open the Title Browser by clicking its button on the top left.
  3. Search for Basic 3D and find its thumbnail in the list.
  4. Drag the Title thumbnail into your timeline to add it to your project. Place it on a track above everything else.
  5. Drag the end of your Basic 3D title so that it stretches the entire length of your video project. 

Step 2: Make Adjustments to the Appearance

The Basic 3D title looks pretty pro, but we’re going to further personalize it by adjusting some of the options. These instructions are fairly specific, but you can be creative and fine-tune for any type of look that fits your project. 

  1. Select the Title in your Timeline and then open the Inspector
  2. Under the Title tab find 3D Text and change the Animation Style to Tumble Zoom Down
  3. Under the Text tab select the Text control and type in the name of your brand. 
  4. Scroll down and find the Depth control under 3D Text and increase that to 40. 
  5. Change the Front Edge control to Bevel
  6. Find the Material control by scrolling down, and change it to Metal > Chrome

Step 3: Add Keyframes and Effects

Once you’ve achieved the look you’re after, it’s time to add some motion to your composition. We’ll be transforming the logo opener into a watermark on the corner, and then back to a logo outro at the end, using keyframes. 

  1. In the Timeline, move your playhead so that it’s positioned just after the intro animation of your 3D title.
  2. On the right side of the screen, click the Effects icon to open up the Effects panel, and find the effect named Flashing
  3. Drag Flashing onto your title in the timeline. 
  4. In the Inspector, under the Video tab, turn the Intensity control down to 3 and add a keyframe by clicking the diamond to the right of the slider. 
  5. Now move the playhead a few seconds ahead in your composition and bring the Intensity control down to 0. 
  6. Repeat this process near the end of your timeline again. Just before the outro animation, add a keyframe with intensity set to 3. A few seconds before that bring the intensity down to 0.

Step 4: Add Motion by Adjusting the Position and Scale

If you preview your video so far, you should watch your 3D title tumble in and flash for a few seconds before becoming still. Rather than staying still in the center of the screen for your whole video, you’ll be bringing it down to the corner to act as a watermark for the duration of your video by creating keyframes with the Transform controls.

  1. Move the playhead to just about 1 second after its intro animation, and create a keyframe in the Inspector for the Position control under Transform in the Video tab.
  2. Also create a keyframe for Scale in the same section, to lock in your title’s size.
  3. Now move the playhead forward 1 or 2 seconds and create new keyframes for Position and Scale.
  4. Using either the controls in the Inspector or the Transform tool in the Viewer, adjust your title so that it fits in the corner like a watermark. You can do this by adjusting both its position and scale (size).
  5. Fade in your video content by creating 2 keyframes for the Opacity controls at the very beginning of your video, just after your 3D title’s intro animation has been completed.
  6. Repeat the last step in reverse at the end of your video to fade your content out, leaving just the title as an outro.

Although it takes a bit longer than downloading a template, creating your own logo opening allows you to craft a unique animation that fits your brand. Final Cut Pro is loaded with tons of Titles, Generators, and Effects that can all be customized in creative ways to create.

So that about wraps it up! Armed with the 17 top logo openers we’ve shared above, you should be ready to create stunning logo animations by either installing a template or building one yourself using Final Cut Pro’s built-in resources. And of course, there are plenty of chances to get creative and produce something really unique, whichever method you choose.