Over 20 Kick-Ass Final Cut Pro Text Effects to Download Now

Final Cut Pro 25/07/2021 5 min read

If you’re including text in your video to support the narrative, have you considered animating it? Using fresh, dynamic movements in your text, whether you’re creating lower thirds, chapter markers, or generally dynamic typography, is much more engaging than simply positioning static text over the footage. But if you’re nervous about dabbling in the world of animation, don’t be.

We’ve listed below 23 of our favorite Final Cut Pro text effect templates to download and start using right away, no animation knowledge is needed. Simply drop them in, change the text and the color, and boom – instant animated text to improve your video.

Part 1:  Discover 23 Text & Title Effects for Final Cut Pro

1. Glitch Text Animations

These energetic, full-screen animations use distortion and glitch effects to present text in a really cool, modern way. Combine them with driving music and sound effects to really bring them to life.

Download Glitch Text Animations Now

2. Free Bounce Text Animations

This is a pack of fun, dynamic bouncing animations. With 30 in and out animations to choose from, you’ll have fun finding the best combination for your project. Try adding them to any of your videos to bring some joy to your projects.

John (Leany), the artist behind this design, has been engaged in motion-graphic design for more than 4 years and really loves the profession. He makes templates for Final Cut Pro, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. Check out more of Leny’s work here.

Free Bounce Text Animations Download

3. Ultimate 3D Titles

Take your videos to the next level, with fully customizable 30 different styles of 3D titles. Create amazing titles for a variety of projects including film trailers, promos, fashion, and sports events.

Download Ultimate 3D Titles Now

4. VHS Glitch Titles

Add a touch of retro-chic effect to your titles for your promos and intros. Create cool modern VHS-style videos that will impress your audience.

Download VHS Glitch Titles Now

5. Creative Titles Pack

This template offers 10 unique and cool title and text effects that will go with all of your social media posts. Add them to your creative arsenal when posting for your next reel on Instagram or your new TikTok post.

Download Creative Titles Pack Now

6. Text Animations

If you’re still stuck for choice, you can’t go wrong with this enormous pack of text animations. A whopping 50 in and 50 out animations mean you’re guaranteed to find the style that works for you.

Download Text Animations Now

7. Light Text Animation

Play with refractions, warping, and bursts of color in these light-themed text animations. There are ten presets to choose from, and all you need to do is drag and drop them into your project to start work.

Download Light Text Animation Now

8. Trace Text Animations

The 16 titles in this pack are fast, slick, and professional. Great for adding some movement to your promo videos or social media videos, whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional filmmaker. 

Download Trace Text Animations Now

9. RGB Text Animations

The theme of this pack is color. With a futuristic neon glow, the high-tech vibe of these 16 titles would put them right at home in a video game or streaming video.

Download RGB Text Animations Now

10. Flicker Text Presets

Add some eye-catching, creatively animated text to your promo videos. The engaging flicker text effects in this pack are easy to use that would look great as lower thirds.

Download Flicker Text Presets Now

11. Digital Text Animations

There’s a futuristic, retro-modern vibe to the effects in this pack that’s hard to describe. However you want to think of it, it looks awesome. Download it, drop it into Final Cut Pro, and start making cool stuff with it.

Download Digital Text Animations Now

12. Titles Animator – Number Reveal

For an intro to your videos, it doesn’t get much better than this. This pack contains 8 different number particle reveal animations to add a bit of numerical digital flow to all your projects. Engage and impress your audience by enhancing the look and feel of your promos.

Download Titles Animator – Number Reveal Now

13. Unique Text Animations

Mix up your content with these creatively animated text presets. Fun, functional, and suitable for any kind of video or visual presentation. No plugins are required so simply download and get started.

Download Unique Text Animations Now

14. Motion Text Animator

Motion Text Animator contains six awesome text animations for Final Cut Pro. Simply download the preset, add it to your Final Cut project, and edit the text to your liking. Customizable with all fonts, you can truly personalize it to suit your needs.

Download Motion Text Animator Now

15. New Glitch Titles

Big, full-screen, eye-catching glitch titles for modern videos. This very cool pack includes eight distorted text animations for you to make some explosive content. No plugins are required!

Download New Glitch Titles Now

16. Clean Titles

There are 9 very different animated text presets to choose from when you download this pack. Slickly designed full-screen and lower third animations, these are available in 4K and 60fps so you can adapt them to all of your projects.

Download Clean Titles Now

17. Titles Animator – Motion Flow

This is a beautiful series of animated titles using geometric shapes and abstract patterns to form stylized, professional title transitions. You can use this style of title on most projects, from YouTube vlogs to film trailers, and create stunning results every time.

Download Titles Animator – Motion Flow Now

18. 20 Animated Titles

No prizes for guessing what’s in this pack. 20 animated titles to choose from to include in your video projects. A wide range of unique title templates including in and out animations and a clean, minimal style.

Download 20 Animated Titles Now

19. Titles Animator – Digital Glitch

This animator tool is very easy to use. Simply drop in the plugin and change the text to suit your project. The pre-animated glitch effects are modern and exciting and work with any font.

Download Titles Animator – Digital Glitch Now

20. Typewriter Pro X

This type-on animation pack includes 20 different styles of text that look like it has been placed on by a typewriter. Add in your own sound effects to create another layer of detail in this animation. 

Download Typewriter Pro X Now

21. Social Media Titles

The design of the titles in this pack is created with social media videos in mind. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok – fast-moving, slick text for social content of all kinds. Create openers for YouTube videos or promos for Instagram Stories with equal ease.

Download Social Media Titles Now

22. Promo Titles

Clean, minimal, dynamic animations for use in a wide variety of projects. The title cards in this Final Cut Pro pack would work well in corporate presentations, as well as in fast-moving promo videos.

Download Promo Titles Now

23. Titles Animator – Digital Block

Choose from eight ultra-modern and stylish title templates with a digital noise animation. Use them for premium, luxury content that deserves a high-end creative treatment.

Download Titles Animator – Digital Block Now

Part 2:  Download and Use FCPX Text Effects

All of the title templates listed above can be downloaded, installed, and used in your projects in just moments. Don’t worry if you’ve never worked with animation before, the way the templates are designed ensures you don’t need to have any working knowledge of animation in Final Cut Pro X. Simply download them, install them, and start making awesome content.

Once you’ve got your template package:

Installing the Title Template
  1. In your Finder, navigate to Go > Home > Movies > Motion Templates > Titles. If the folder isn’t there, you can create it, but ensure you name it exactly right with the correct capitalization.
  2. Copy (Cmd+C or Ctrl+C) and Paste (Cmd+V or Ctrl+V) the template you’ve downloaded into this folder.
  3. Open up Final Cut Pro and select the Titles and Generators icon.
  4. Browse for the title you’re looking for, and double-click when you’ve found it.
  5. This will add the title to your timeline at the position of the playhead.

These Final Cut Pro text effects are designed to get your projects to the next level of quality while keeping the editing workflow as simple and streamlined as possible. Select any of the above Motion Array templates you like, download them and install them in Final Cut Pro to start using them straight away.

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