Over 23 Top Free & Paid Final Cut Pro Openers

Final Cut Pro 18/05/2021 6 min read

Most viewers decide if they want to watch a video in just the first 3 seconds, that’s why a solid opener is so important! We’ve put together a list of the best free Final Cut Pro opener templates available for download, and we’re going to share them with you below.

We’ve also included instructions for how to download, install, and use these opener templates to get you rolling with your new video openers. Let’s dive in!

Part 1: Top 30 Final Cut Pro Opener Templates for Creatives

There’s a lot of content out there. If you want to capture your viewer’s attention, you’ve got to capture their attention right away–before they have a chance to get distracted and move on. These opener templates are a fantastic way to start strong right out of the gate. There’s something for everyone on this list, so browse on and choose your favorites. 

1. Free Glitch Sport

Speaking of sports, this opener was custom made just for sports content. It’s high energy, colorful, and intense. Drop-in your footage and watch Glitch Sport transform dull clips into a powerful spirited montage. Consider this one if you’ve got any kind of sports content like powerlifting, martial arts, team sports, or workout content. 

Download Glitch Sport for Free

2. Free Silhouette Openings

Fit in a ton of content into this short, impressive opener. It’s highly versatile, so you can use it for all kinds of content, just load up your stock photos and you’ve got an opener that will captivate your audience right out the gate.

Download Silhouette Openings for Free

3. Typography Opener

This energetic and dynamic opener adds powerful movement to your simple titles. Using color and alpha styles, the Typography Opener infuses your videos with a bold new look.

Download Typography Opener Now

4. Dynamic Stomp Opener

Combine your own footage together in a whirling, rhythmic ensemble with animated titles and even a placeholder for your logo. The Dynamic Stomp Opener is a bold, energetic starter starting pistol to begin with a bang! Great for YouTube channels, slideshows, introductions, advertisements, and social media videos.  

Download Dynamic Stomp Opener Now

5. Minimal Opener – Simple Promo

If you’d like a professional, modern introduction that has energy and class, this might be the template for you. Minimal Opener combines your video or images together with smooth motion graphics, interlacing imagery with text placeholders. A wonderful choice for business presentations, sales videos, corporate advertisements, and more! 

Download Minimal Opener – Simple Promo Now

6. VHS Urban Hip Hop

Add a touch of old school yet dynamic effects to your footage with this Final Cut Pro opener template. With use of stylish text animations, your videos will definitely put you on the pro list!

Download VHS Urban Hip Hop Now

7. Glitch Opener

Staticky, glitchy, energetic, and cool – this intro template works great for media companies, trendy brands, or YouTubers with high production value videos. Drop in your own footage and watch this opener transform your photos or clips into an engrossing animation sequence! 

Download Glitch Opener Now

8. Urban Opener

This sleek and stylish opener has a lot going on. You can watch it a few times and still notice new details, which is the hallmark of a really good introduction. On top of that, its slick modular presentation makes it appropriate for fashion brands and urban content. 

Download Urban Opener Now

9. Urban Grunge Opener

Enhance your footage with grungy crumpled paper effects and action-packed animations that overlay your footage. This template is perfect to add a vintage yet modern look to your sports or urban promos.

Download Urban Grunge Opener Now

10. Vlog Opener

The title says it all, this opener plugin was designed for vloggers. It comes in 2 versions, a cooking opener, and a travel opener, but really you can add any of your vlog content. There are some great dynamic text placeholders to include opening credits or information about your video, which is great if you’re trying to build a brand. 

Download Vlog Opener Now

11. Dynamic Fashion Opener

Unveil your fashion photography in style and showcase your photography to complement your vlog or YouTube channel! Prominently display your impressive photos in a colorful arrangement with rhythm and flair.

Download Dynamic Fashion Opener Now

12. Retro Frames Opener

The Retro Frames Opener is a detailed template creating a flowing film roll on the screen. This is perfect for urban style ads or fashion product promos.

Download Retro Frames Opener Now

13. Stylish Opener

Got a travel or lifestyle channel?  Then the Stylish Opener is what you are looking for! Show off your work without anything else getting in the way. Watch your videos come alive in a captivating and punchy slideshow! 

Download Stylish Opener Now

14. RGB Glitch Opener

Strap on your seatbelt and get ready for liftoff! The RGB Glitch Opener is a rocket-speed ride, so exciting that you could really use it as a standalone advertisement or video short. Unveil new products, showcase your portfolio or create a fun promo opener for your channel! 

Download RGB Glitch Opener Now

15. Fashion Opener

Flashing between grayscale and vivid bursts of color, Fashion Opener combines your pictures or video content to form a flashy background and prominently overlays big, bold text on top. If you’ve got a message to promote, this is a great opener to convey your message while capturing your audience’s attention.

Download Fashion Opener Now

16. Ink Opener

Quite different than the previous openers in the list, Ink Opener feels epic and classy. It’s a slow-paced unveiling of your photos through liquid splashes of ink, in a stylish grayscale scheme. This is a great opener template for documentaries, historical content, wedding videos, or any grandiose project. 

Download Ink Opener Now

17. Urban Promo Opener

If you are looking for something different and packed with energy, the Urban Promo Opener is for you. A great template that uses photos, colors and text to grab and keep the attention of your audience. Definitely a must in your next promo project!

Download Urban Promo Opener Now

18. Summer Opener

Pack up the beach towels and sunscreen, summertime is here and it’s time for a road trip. Summer Opener is a warm, upbeat journey that breezes through your photos and videos. It’s full of zesty energy and it will make an excellent opener for your travel, party, adventure, or any other cool content. 

Download Summer Opener Now

19. VHS Retro Opener

Retro vibes abound with this hip VHS-themed montage. Complete with scan lines, tracking errors, and retro fonts–this title is a real journey through the ’90s. Use it for your video game, music, or tech content and wow your audience with a totally stand-out opening! 

Download VHS Retro Opener Now

20. Fashion Opener

Let your viewers know that you’re stylish and professional with this polished fashion opener. It’s got bold text placements to tell your story, and dynamic colorful animations to exhilarate your audience. This is a high-energy intro to get your audience pumped! 

Download Fashion Opener Now

21. Atmospheric Opener

If your video’s personality is refined, graceful, and modern–then the Atmospheric opener could be a perfect fit! It’s so smooth it could be a standalone advertisement, or you can load it up with interesting content to open up your TV show or corporate presentation. 

Download Atmospheric Opener Now

22. Comics Opener

Comics Opener is whimsical and cinematic all at the same time just as any other comic book movie. This unique template befits funny and offbeat, light-hearted, or just happens to be about comic books. A great way to set the mood early with your audience. 

Download Comics Opener Now

23. Upbeat Opener

This opener tells a story with striking animated titles and energetic flashy graphics. It’s definitely a stand-out intro for your upbeat content. Capture your viewers’ attention with scroll-stopping action!

Download Upbeat Opener Now

24. Grunge Opener

Denim textures, flashy muted colors, & grimy fonts – a testament to the style that is grunge. You can customize the titles and photos to suit your video, especially if your content is about music, events, or style. Impress your audience and leave them with something to remember! 

Download Grunge Opener Now

25. Urban Glitch Opener

Unlike other glitch intro templates, this one is slow and brooding. It feels like the opening sequence for an investigative mystery show. If you’d like to open your videos with a confident creeping pace, combined with some cool glitchy graphics, then this is the opener for you. 

Download Urban Glitch Opener Now

26. Dynamic Opener

Here’s a fresh modern introduction with eye-catching deep colors. It’s a good choice for fashion reels, short intros, product demos, and more. It uses dynamic typography which you can customize and ends with a final message that you can use for your video’s title or slogan.

Download Dynamic Opener Now 

27. Fast Stomp

Here’s a one-of-a-kind intro that will surely stand out to your viewers. It’s got some wild animated text effects and eccentric animations that will really give your video’s introduction a lot of character. On top of all that, it’s short and to the point, so it’s great for a social media introduction. 

Download Fast Stomp Now

28. Stylish Bass Opener

The name says it all, this trendy sequence is nothing but style. It’s short and lively, yet smooth. It never stops moving until the final logo reveal, which makes it a nice punchy beginning for your videos. Perfect for promotions, commercials, segues and more! 

Download Stylish Bass Opener Now

29. Flat 3D Opener

Clean and funky is the new modern design! If you are looking for a template that is simple using primary colors yet interactive with geometric shape animations, the Flat 3D Opener is great for your next promo or channel intro.

Download Flat 3D Opener Now

30. Dynamic Instagram Opener

Infuse your Instagram stories with a dash of energy! Incorporating smooth transitions and advanced title animations, this template is a great intro to your sports or fashion brand and new product releases. Give your audience something they want to watch more than once!

Download Dynamic Instagram Opener Now

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