Best 18 Festive & Fun Final Cut Pro Christmas Titles for Filmmakers

Final Cut Pro 02/12/2021 4 min read

Final Cut Pro is a great program to edit video, but it can’t do the work for you. If you’re building a holiday project, you’ll want to find the best FCPX Christmas titles to add to it. From glitter and glam to neon lights, these 18 festive titles can help you take your project from good to great. 

Top Christmas Titles for Final Cut Pro Editors

1. Christmas Shine Titles

This bright and colorful Final Cut template features stylish text animations, design, and transitions. If you’re looking for something bold and sparkly, Christmas Shine Titles are perfect for you.

Download Christmas Shine Titles Now

2. Titles Animator – Christmas Balls

With dynamic and fun snowflake and ornament transitions, Titles Animator – Christmas Balls is a great Final Cut Pro holiday pick. There are 8 full-screen titles to choose from to enhance your Christmas-themed presentation.

Download Titles Animator – Christmas Balls Now

3. Christmas Titles Pack

These animated cartoon-looking fullscreen titles are the perfect way to add a little joy to your holiday project. The Christmas Titles Pack features 23 placeholders for text and plenty of variety to choose from. 

Download Christmas Titles Pack Now

4. Christmas Titles Collection

From a title riding off in a sled to one appearing between two clinked glasses, Christmas Titles Collection is perfect for your New Year or Christmas-themed project. Full of hand-drawn illustrations, there’s plenty to love about this pack.

Download Christmas Titles Collection Now

5. Christmas Titles Pack

Featuring 10 animated titles ranging from reindeer against the moon to gloves wiping frost off the window, the Christmas Titles Pack is the perfect addition to your holiday presentation. You can edit all the text and colors, so the end project is truly your own. 

Download Christmas Titles Pack Now

6. Christmas & New Year Titles

The Christmas & New Year Titles pack features nine hand-drawn titles that will elevate your next holiday presentation. These titles are full-screen and the text and colors are easy to edit.

Download Christmas & New Year Titles Now

7. Snowy Titles

If you’re looking for a chilled winter collection for Final Cut Pro, Snow Titles is for you. This pack features 8 hand-drawn titles and two snowy transitions that will help customize your next project. 

Download Snowy Titles Now

8. Christmas Magic Titles

To kick your presentation up a notch, you need the Christmas Magic Titles. Featuring 10 neon light-inspired titles that burst onto the screen, you can easily edit the colors and text for your next customized project. 

Download Christmas Magic Titles Now

9. Christmas Cartoon Titles

Featuring bubbly animated text that you can edit and recolor, Christmas Cartoon Titles is a fun addition to your next holiday project. There are 10 different titles that you can pick, from a car zooming by to a half-eaten cookie.

Download Christmas Cartoon Titles Now

10. Beautiful Christmas Titles

Whether you’re a beginner to Final Cut Pro or a seasoned editor, the Beautiful Christmas Titles pack was built for you. These 10 unique fullscreen titles are sure to spice up the Christmas mood in your project. 

Download Beautiful Christmas Titles Now

11. Christmas Motion Titles V2

Featuring five colorful, animated titles, Christmas Motion Titles V2 is the perfect addition to your holiday project. From presents to bows, these red and white themed titles are elegant but not overwhelming.

Download Christmas Motion Titles V2 Now

12. Christmas & New Year Titles

If you want to add just a touch of holiday cheer to your Final Cut Pro project, the Christmas & New Year Titles pack is for you. With fun-filled animated titles that up the seasonals spirit, you’re bound to find something you love.

Download Christmas & New Year Titles Now

13. Christmas Neon Titles

The Christmas Neon Titles pack features 8 dynamic, colorful titles that are the perfect addition to your next funky holiday presentation. Whether you’re making your next YouTube vlog or you’re putting together an event slideshow, these will slide right in. 

Download Christmas Neon Titles Now

14. Winter Holiday Titles

The Winter Holiday Titles pack features 10 different full-screen holiday-themed animations that are perfect for your next project. Festive and fun, these Christmas titles are available for both Final Cut Pro and After Effects. 

Download Winter Holiday Titles Now

15. Christmas Call Out Titles

Christmas Call Out Titles is a powerful seasonal pack of 12 text animations that you can customize for yourself. Whether you want to edit these in Final Cut, After Effects, or Premiere Pro, there are plenty of ways to incorporate them into your presentation.

Download Christmas Call Out Titles Now

16. Titles Animator – Confetti Flow

For a simple, colorful transition that could be used any time of year (including the winter holidays), Titles Animator – Confetti Flow is what you’re looking for. There are 8 different title reveals with colorful particle flows to choose from.

Download Titles Animator – Confetti Flow Now

17. Snowy Titles

For some snow-filled fun, Snow Titles is your go-to pack. It features eight hand-drawn titles and two snowy transitions that can be dropped into your next wintery project.

Download Snowy Titles Now

18. HandDrawn Christmas Pack

For bouncy, seasonal titles, the HandDrawn Christmas Pack is the perfect pick. You can easily create your own Christmas-themed titles with the seasonal objects you’ll find here — from stars to snowflakes, there’s a ton to choose from.

Download HandDrawn Christmas Pack Now

From snow-filled backdrops to carefully drawn seasonal objects, these FCPX Christmas titles can help make sure your project leaves a real impression with your audience. There are tons out there to choose from and some of the best Final Cut Pro templates can be found on Motion Array. 

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