14 Top Notch Final Cut Pro Social Media Icons & Packs for Editors

Final Cut Pro 16/03/2022 5 min read

Linking and promoting all your social media accounts together is important when growing your brand online. One great way to engage your audience is using animated elements, lower thirds, and social media icons that are placed within your video in intervals. Similar to stickers or calls to action, using these fun designs will open up new ways to improve your following and share valuable content in a meaningful way. You can start today, by using any of one the top 14 social media icons and packs for Final Cut Pro on our list.

Part 1: Most Popular Social Media Icons & Packs for Final Cut Pro

1. Social Icons Pack

Decorate and design your social videos with this amazing icon pack for Final Cut Pro, featuring smooth animations that create fun titles that you can easily edit. Feature your different social accounts to promote your content or link to additional information and promos online.

Download Social Icons Pack Now

2. Social Media Pack 3D

Use these cool 3D animated social icons to properly display and promote your other online brand profiles on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube as well as Behance and Dribble. With a total of 9 logos, you can choose from, easily edit the stylish titles to your liking and fit it into any of your upcoming projects.

Download Social Media Pack 3D Now

3. Social Media Pack

This amazing pack with 70 assets, featuring lower thirds, follow us icons and titles, end screens, quotes with photos, and also animated logos and icons. Easily feature your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts on your videos and grow your following.

Download Social Media Pack Now

4. Instagram Elements Toolkit

If you are working mainly on Instagram, this toolkit full of amazing elements is perfect for your arsenal. In this pack, you get 26 animated icons, such as swipe-ups, overlays that frame your posts, and other call-to-action buttons and items. Easily change the color, text, and size to create more engaging Instagram posts and stories.

Download Instagram Elements Toolkit Now

5. 63 Social Media Lower Thirds

With 3 amazing styles and 63 smoothly animated icons and titles, adding lower thirds to your videos has never been easier. Get full control over the color, duration, position, and size to link to your own accounts or partnership social profiles.

Download 63 Social Media Lower Thirds Now

6. Gradient Social Media Lower Thirds

If you are looking for bright social media lower thirds, this pack of neon gradient-style icons and elements is very useful for displaying important online profile links. Ready to use and add into any video for promotions, product reveals, or big announcements. 

Download Gradient Social Media Lower Thirds Now

7. Subscribe Elements

Adding animations and sticker-style elements to your videos makes them more engaging and fun for viewers. This Final Cut Pro pack of 9 subscribe elements, with 3 options for likes, subscriptions, and notifications, is perfect for your YouTube videos to grow your following and share upcoming news. 

Download Subscribe Elements Now

8. Social Media Starter Pack

If you are looking for a basic starter pack of animated icons to use in your videos, use this Final Cut Pro template to style your videos with professional and cool-looking logos, titles, and end screens. Engage your viewers and remind them how best to find more of your content online.

Download Social Media Starter Pack Now

9. Neon Elements Pack

This one-stop shop neon elements pack for Final Cut Pro is perfect if you are looking for something different and colorful. The template features arrows, particles, scribbles, doodles, and also cool social media icons that you can easily overlay on top of your social videos. 

Download Neon Elements Pack Now

10. Social Media Pack 4

Modern and creatively designed, this social media pack features different styles of lower thirds with icons and text animations. Now you can display all your online social profiles in any area of your video, at the top, bottom, or any side of the screen. Add them to your end screens for a professional look.

Download Social Media Pack 4 Now

11. Social Media Lower Thirds

Dynamic with a sleek design, this pack of 27 modern social lower thirds is bold and can match all of your video projects. Alongside popular social media icons, you can easily add in your profile photos and account handles. Definitely a perfect match for your YouTube videos.

Download Social Media Lower Thirds Now

12. Follow Us Title Pack

If you are looking for an all-inclusive pack to feature your social media accounts, do not skip the Follow Us Title Pack template! From circular to more square, you can find over 45 different icons and also 9 animated bold text, you can now generate the perfect Follow Us titles.

Download Follow Us Title Pack Now

13. YouTube Pack

When it comes to social media videos, no other platform is better than YouTube, and using this comprehensive pack for Final Cut Pro is all you need to promote your account. With over 50 subscription elements, social icons, and even opener screens, engage and draw the attention of your audience.

Download YouTube Pack Now

14. Social Media Pack

With a more modular and smooth animation, the Final Cut Pro Social Media Pack with a total of 48 icons and elements is everything you need for your channel. It’s perfect and versatile for any style of video, including presentations, promos, intros, and even slideshows.

Download Social Media Pack Now

Part 2: 4 Cool Tips to Use FCPX Social Media Icons & Packs

Social media is an extremely important tool to use for any kind of marketing, sharing content, and creating brand awareness. Embedding your social account using icons and template packs not only speeds your video editing and processing but also allows you to form consistency across all your profiles. But now that you have the icons and packs you need, it might be difficult to know which element to use for what purpose. Here is a short guide to consider as you choose between like, follow, swipe up, or notification icons.

  1. Use icons and elements to promote your other channels in a creative way and generate a following by creating meaningful visibility. Do not just share your Instagram or TikTok links on your YouTube account for following only, but think of showing additional tips and tricks that follow your initial tutorial or promo video: one in longer form and the other in shorter form. Learn more about the similarities and differences of both TikTok and YouTube in our recent article.
  2. Use social elements to enhance important points in your video or even funny moments that you intentionally put in. You can use animated elements, such as swipe-ups, neon arrows, or pop-ups, to add movement and a new dimension to your videos. 
  3. Do not overdo lower thirds but use them naturally – when you mention previous tutorials your viewers should look at or at the beginning of your welcome speech (about who you are or about the section changes in your video), and even at the end of your video. A general rule is that animation occurring at the mid-segment of your video might potentially be very distracting.
  4. Make sure to use a readable font in your lower thirds or icons, the templates are designed that way, but if you want to use your own brand font, make sure the space that the lower third occupies is the right size and at the title safe area for all screens. You can also easily turn on the title-safe area view in your editing software.

Linking between your online accounts is a must for displaying your brand and content online in a successful way. If you are new to this, you can do this fast and easily using social media icon templates and packs for Final Cut Pro. You can also try to create your own elements, but be sure to check the Terms of Service for each platform, before modifying or creating your own buttons or call-outs. Using the logo and branding icons without knowing the basics could result in your videos or posts possibly being penalized. We recommend starting off with this list of top  FCPX social icons and element packs to avoid any issues and get comfortable using them in your new projects.