35 Amazing Final Cut Pro Templates (Plus Tutorial)

Final Cut Pro 19/08/2021 9 min read

Final Cut Pro templates allow you to easily add professional titles, graphics, transitions, and effects with a unified style. There are many types of templates to suit your creative project, whether you’re looking for quirky YouTube graphics or a professional broadcast package. 

We’ve rounded up some of the best templates, titles, and effects for FCPX. Stick around to learn more about how to use templates and create them on your own. Let’s dive in! 

Part 1: Top FCPX Templates, Titles & Effects

We’ve put together an extensive list of downloadable templates for Final Cut Pro. Scrolling down, you’ll find dozens of our favorite packages organized into common categories to fit your video editing needs. All of them are a cinch to download, install, and start using—and we’ll cover how to do that in part two!

Intros & Openers

These templates make a great start for your video, with animated titles and image sequences. Just download and plug in your own footage for a turn-key intro with high production value.

1. Stomp Intro

Use this versatile intro template to capture the attention of your audience in mere moments. Perfect for promoting a new product, service, or introducing your YouTube channel.

Download Stomp Intro Now

2. Classic Intro

This is a classy geometric presentation for any kind of promo opener or portfolio display presentation. Polished camera movements and striking visual elements bring together your footage with a chic display. Perfect for introductions, slideshows, and corporate presentations.

Download Classic Intro Now

3. Stomp Logo Intro

A snappy, dynamic display of images, dramatically ending on one final image (or logo). Great for quick introductions or segue between segments. There are plenty of spots to add your own images, as well as placeholders for text.

Download Stomp Logo Intro Now

4. Urban Style

This is a great template for creating a professional image sequence, perfect for commercials, TV show intros, or any other high-energy video. All the transitions, lighting effects, textures, and colored backgrounds are prearranged, so all you need to do is add your images and text.

Download Urban Style Now

5. Atmospheric Opener

An atmospheric and inspiring template for Final Cut Pro X. It’s stylishly designed and animated with subtle light leaks. It works great for corporate presentations, documentary sequences, or advertisements.

Download Atmospheric Opener Now

Logo Templates

Logo stings are a popular request for video editors because they’re an important part of any company’s branding that will be reused over and over again. These logo templates allow you to produce a custom logo animation in seconds.

6. Logo Reveal Pack

This is a must-have logo template bundle with three uniquely designed logo reveals. The animations are sleek, colorful, and modern, and the template is easily customized to match your brand with integrated color controllers.

Download Logo Reveal Pack Free

7. Logo Reveal Glitch Cubes

A short, simple, and modern logo reveal using glitch effects. This template is a good fit for tech or media company’s logo stings. There are two versions, one of which you can add a background.

Download Logo Reveal Glitch Cubes Now

8. Logo Opener

Wow your audience right out the gate with this pair of skillfully animated logo reveals. Easy to drag and drop your logo and customize the text, color, and background to fit your brand. This quick logo sting would be a great fit for a YouTube Channel, startup brand, or product.

Download Logo Opener Now

9. Simple Logo Reveal

These spinning shape logo reveals deliver a burst of production value in just two seconds—so they’re perfect if you’re looking for a short logo sting.

Download Simple Logo Reveal Now

10. Minimal Clean Logo FCPX

Easily impress your audience by adding this smart, clear, and elegantly animated logo opener to your videos. Includes a text line below the logo, which is a great place to add your web address or company slogan.

Download Minimal Clean Logo FCPX Now

11. Elegant Dark Logo Reveal

This sleek animation includes lighting and 3D effects for a grandiose logo reveal. It’s simple and cinematic, befitting a brand that wants to be big but not flashy. Just import your logo, change the tagline, and you are ready to render.

Download Elegant Dark Logo Reveal Now

Titles & Text

On-screen text is a great opportunity for you to add stylistic flair to your project. Choose a title template that matches the overall feel of your composition and meshes with your other effects and transitions. Many of the templates below include packs with a variety of ways to animate your text and keep those titles feeling fresh. 

12. Simple Titles

10 beautiful typography templates with smooth intro and outro animations. This is a fantastic all-purpose title pack to capture your viewers’ attention with every title.

Download Simple Titles Now

13. Minimal Titles

Making amazing videos just got easier with this 20-pack of minimal creative titles. Includes a bonus background overlay adjustment effect controlling the color of your footage, the blending mode, the opacity, the blur amount, and the ability to switch to black and white.

Download Minimal Titles Now

14. Modern Call Out Titles

Sleek, clean, and modern titles for your project. Great for directing your viewers’ attention to a single point in your footage for infographics. You can easily customize the location of the “call out” points, as well as change the text and color of the template.

Download Modern Call Out Titles Now

15. Film Credits Pack

This pack of professional, cinematic opening, and closing credits are ready for your next great feature film. You can overlay these credits over blurred footage or blank background.

Download Film Credits Pack Now

16. Motion Text Animator

6 awesome glitchy text animations for Final Cut Pro. Great for presentations, advertising, videos, or movies, especially those with a high-tech feel. 

Download Motion Text Animator Now

17. Titles Animator Digital Glitch

If you’d like a smooth digital glitch effect to grab your audience’s attention, this is the title pack for you. It contains 8 cool digital-looking animations with a glitch effect that will fit in perfectly with your project. This template is easy to use, just drag and drop the title on the timeline, then edit it.

Download Titles Animator Digital Glitch Now

18. Text Animation

Working with a lot of text? Download the Text Animation bundle for an all-in-one text animation suite. With 50 distinct in and out animations that you can mix and match, this massive template pack gives you a plethora of dynamic animations to get your text moving.

Download Text Animation Now

19. 2DFX Smoke Elements and Titles

Stand out from the crowd with this unique title pack. A quirky, cartoony set of hand-drawn smoke animations for your transitions and titles. This effects pack works great for any fun and colorful project that needs a little explosive action.

Download 2DFX Smoke Elements and Titles Now


There’s nothing wrong with a hard cut from one scene to the next, especially if you’re producing something cinematic. But if you’d like your video to have high energy or want to communicate a relationship between two clips—transitions are a great way to do that. Templates offer a variety of options for bringing life to your transitions. 

20. 170+ Transitions

Download this pack to double the number of transitions at your disposal in FCPX. All of these high-quality transitions are both subtle and stylish. If you only download one all-purpose transition pack, it should be this one.

Download 170+ Transitions Now

21. Fast Transitions

Impress your viewers with these 30 uniquely designed and dynamically animated transitions. Great for use in promos, commercials, and other high-energy projects.

Download Fast Transitions Now

22. Move Transitions

Make your video feel like it’s been shot with complex camerawork. These transitions simulate zooms, pans, and spins between your clips. The thumbnails display easy-to-read arrows so you can quickly browse and find the movement you’d like to use.

Download Move Transitions Now

23. Light Leaks Transitions

Create a natural smooth feeling between one scene and the next with this pack of elegant transitions. Great for slow, sentimental compositions like wedding videos or cinematic sequences.

Download Light Leaks Transitions Now

24. RGB Split Glitch Transition

Powerful, colorful transitions, great for modern, horror, or futuristic compositions. RGB transitions separate the red, green, and blue channels from your video to simulate a chroma aberration between two clips for a cool glitch effect.

Download RGB Split Glitch Transition Now

25. VHS Transitions

Scroll-stopping retro vibes that make viewers want to click and see more. These 8 retro transitions simulate VHS tape static artifacts to give your video a cool 80’s and 90’s feel. 

Download VHS Transitions Now


Video is a great way to show off photos! Tweaking a photo slideshow can be tedious, especially if there are dozens of pictures–but a slideshow template makes the process easy and painless. Here are some of our favorite slideshow templates below. 

26. Slideshow

A great choice for photo albums, presentations, or special occasions. The Slideshow features geometric transitions combined with subtle lighting effects and polished animations. It also includes simple text animations so you can add narrative to your montage.

Download Slideshow  Now

27. Ink Slideshow

Watch your photos materialize and dissolve as drops of ink that splatter across the page. This slideshow is rich and dynamic and would suit documentaries, yearbooks, and historical slideshows.

Download Ink Slideshow Now

28. Bold Slideshow

Colorful and full of motion, with simulated camera movements and animated backgrounds, this slideshow resembles browsing a colorful scrapbook with text labels and several page layouts to arrange your photos.

Download Bold Slideshow Now

29. History Slideshow

Create a dramatic and impactful video presentation combining photos, reflections, dark backgrounds, and custom text overlays. This template is a fantastic fit for documentaries, TV show openings, dramas, or commercials.

Download History Slideshow Now

30. Modern Slideshow

Let your photos tell the story—full screen—with sleek motion transitions, lighting effects, and glowing text overlays. This slideshow template is an easy drag and drop solution for a simple, modern photomontage. Perfect for photo narratives, montages, advertisements, and short snippets.

Download Modern Slideshow Now

Social Media

Social media videos need to be snappy, attention-grabbing, and trendy. They generally have a different look and feel than other media, which is why we’ve given social media its own category. Check out a few of our favorite Final Cut Pro templates for Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook below.

31. Instagram Stories

Custom-built just for Instagram stories, this template pack is a must-have for professional influencers and Instagram personalities. It will set you far apart from ordinary uploaders, with 30 trendy animations that fit right in with Instagram’s unique story formatting.

Download Instagram Stories Now

32. Facebook Video Banner

Friendly design with a refreshing style, simple text animations, and smooth transitioning effects. The template has 16 drop zones for photos and videos, 9 text placeholders, and 1 drop zone prepared for your logo

Download Facebook Video Banner Now

33. Social Media Lower Thirds

Featuring some of the internet’s most popular websites, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and more. If you’d like to direct viewers to your social media presence, this is the pack for you.

Download Social Media Lower Thirds Now

34. Social Media Titles

Get your point across, tell your story, and capture your audience’s attention with these vibrant pop-ups designed just for social media content creators. These titles are a fun way to add narrative to your video while playing music, or at the beginning of an autoplay video before the viewer has unmuted it.

Download Social Media Titles Now

35. Motion Graphics Pack

This bundle has a wide variety of high-quality templates! This is a great all-in-one pack for anyone looking to produce a large amount of attention-grabbing social media content.

Download Motion Graphics Pack Now

Part 2: How to Use Final Cut Pro Template

Templates are designed to be straightforward and user-friendly to save you time. If you would like to add any of the templates listed above, you can follow these three easy steps to download and install it into Final Cut Pro. Once installed, templates will integrate seamlessly right alongside the built-in effects, transitions, titles, and generators.

Step 1: Download and Unzip Your Templates

  1. Once you’ve identified the template you’d like to use, hit the Download button. You’ll also need to log in to your account first.
  2. Download the template file from the website.
  3. Locate the file in the folder where you downloaded it.

Step 2: Moving Template Files to the Correct Folder

Next, you’ll need to move the template files into the appropriate folder. The location of this folder will depend on whether you have Apple Motion installed or just Final Cut Pro.

  1. Motion installed on your Mac, the folder you should navigate to is:
    /Movies/Motion Templates
  2. If you do not have Motion installed then the folder you should navigate to is:
    /Applications/Final Cut Pro/Contents/Plugins/MediaProviders/MotionEffect.fxp/Contents/Resources/Templates
  3. Determine whether your template is an Effect, Generator, Title, or Transition. This information should be available on the page you downloaded from, or in the documentation included in the zip file.
  4. Drag the folder containing your new template into the appropriate subfolder. If it’s an Effect, then you would move it into the Effects folder. If it’s a Transition, then the Transitions folder, and so on.

Step 3: Use Your Template in Final Cut Pro

Now that you’ve added your template files into their appropriate folder, the new content should appear inside Final Cut Pro right alongside the other built-in  Titles, Transitions, Effects, and Generators. 

  1. If you haven’t already, open up Final Cut Pro.
  2. If your template is an Effect or Transition, you can find it by opening those menus on the right side of the screen. If it’s a Title or Generator, you can find it on the sidebar at the top left. 
  3. You can find it by typing in the name of your template, the thumbnail should appear. 
  4. Drag the template’s thumbnail into the timeline to add it to your project. 
  5. Click the template in your timeline and open the Inspector. This is where you will add your media files and can adjust any options such as color, background, and so on.

Individual templates may vary somewhat, so you can check the documentation included with your download for specific instructions about your template’s customizable controls. You can also add your own effects on top, like hue effects, to personalize your opener further.

Final Cut Pro is amazing editing software and using templates can enhance and better your editing experience as a beginner. As you build up your confidence working with FCPX, you will attract a lot of buzz around your videos. Download as many templates and graphics as you need, you can even use them together to create something even more amazing. Check out our additional resources, such as logo reveals, plugins, and even text effects for Final Cut Pro!