30 Impressive & Eye-Catching Final Cut Pro Titles for 2021

Final Cut Pro 19/03/2021 5 min read

When working on a video project, selecting the correct titles is crucial. It will either attract or bore your audience. Placing titles successfully within your final composition requires finding the right style that fits the theme. These multi-functional Final Cut Pro Titles will definitely cover all types of project needs!

30 Amazing Final Cut Pro Titles for Your Projects

1. Street Style Titles 

Street Style Titles contain eight different animated titles you can apply to your editing suite. These are ideal for slideshows, television, product ads, and many other project styles. 

Download Street Style Titles Now

2. Full Screen Titles

Minimalism is a visual style that relies on emphasizing the spatial difference between an object and an otherwise empty canvas. These minimalist and uniquely animated full-screen titles for Final Cut Pro are some of the best available for free.

Download Full Screen Titles Now

3. Glitch Titles

This 4K set of 20 animated titles is perfect for adding a smooth and simple glitch effect. You can adjust the duration and easily reveal your text for an effortless transition effect between your shots.

Download Glitch Titles Now

4. Elegant Typo Titles

This versatile set of Final Cut Pro titles comes with 12 different title types you can load onto your project timeline. These titles will captivate your viewers with their fashionable animations.

Download Elegant Typo Titles Now

5. 20 Titles Pack

The 20 Titles pack of Final Cut Pro titles will give you a plentiful mix to download and apply. These are great for business presentations, corporate slideshows, and other professional intro videos.

Download 20 Titles Pack Now

6. Big Titles

Big Titles for Final Cut Pro are dynamic and versatile titles that give you options with typography, size, and animation. Spruce-up your titles with the kinetic style details and add a professional and organized look to your projects. 

Download Big Titles Now

7. Kinetic Typography Titles

These professionally designed free Final Cut Pro titles have a greater focus on lower thirds and color manipulation compared to other packs. These are some of the most fashionable Final Cut Pro titles you can download today.

Download Kinetic Typography Titles Now

8. Glitch and Minimal Titles

This is a flexible Final Cut Pro titles set that caters to those looking to utilize minimalism in their videos while keeping their titles fresh and animated. There are 23 different titles to choose from in this pack and 26 placeholders for text.

Download Glitch and Minimal Titles Now

9. Creative and Clean Titles Package

The Creative and Clean Titles Package delivers on its name and gives you great flexibility with simple-to-use templates. It contains 7 full-screen animations available in 4K. 

Download Creative and Clean Titles Package Now

10. Ultra Minimal Titles

The Ultra Minimal Titles pack for Final Cut Pro is exactly what it sounds like and offers a great variety of full-screen titles for presentations, social media videos, and more.

Download Ultra Minimal Titles Now

11. Typography Titles Slides

These are nine quick and clean titles available in this pack for use. They are very easy to control and perfect for business videos, travel capsules, and vlogs.

Download Typography Titles Slides Now

12. Urban Glitch Titles

These dynamic titles are some of the most unique available for free. The Urban Glitch Titles pack will make even the flattest videos seem more vibrant and animated by comparison. These are ideal for vlog introductions and videos that require your viewer to become immediately engaged.

Download Urban Glitch Titles Now

13. Kinetic Modern Titles

Kinetic Modern Titles offer lively 4K animation to be implemented into your editing project. The titles in this pack will stand out and keep your viewers glued to their screen when watching the final product.

Download Kinetic Modern Titles Now

14. Neon Liquid Titles

Neon Liquid Titles are some of the flashiest and most exciting free titles available for immediate download. The slick, colorful titles in this pack are easy to use and can be used well for children’s programming.

Download Neon Liquid Titles Now

15. Clean Titles

Clean Titles gives neat and modern-looking styles for video projects. They are all uniquely designed and offer both 4K and 60fps alterations.

Download Clean Titles Now

16. Fast and Stylish Titles

The Fast and Stylish Titles are creatively animated 4K titles for Final Cut Pro that will give your video a boost. All you need to do is edit the titles, adjust colors accordingly, and get to rendering. 

Download Fast and Stylish Titles Now

17. Romantic Titles

Romantic Titles are terrific for wedding sequences and love videos in general. They will make any festive event appear more professional and generally brighter. You cannot go wrong with the Romantic Titles for videos highlighting special occasions.

Download Romantic Titles Now

18. Creative Colorful Videos

The Creative Colorful Videos pack delivers vibrant 4K resolution titles with a flair that ranges from vintage to high-energy. No plug-in is required for this pack of colorful titles.

Download Creative Colorful Videos Now

19. Follow Us Title Pack

The Follow Us Title Pack will keep your followers and new visitors absolutely hooked with its 54 animated elements. Easily add your own touch and style to the end of your YouTube or TikTok videos!

Download Follow Us Title Pack Now

20. Christmas Shine Titles 

Put your viewers in the mood for the holiday season with this festive pack of Final Cut Pro titles. They are perfectly designed for Christmas and New Years’ party invitations, holiday vlogs, and other seasonal videos.

Download Christmas Shine Titles  Now

21. Titles 

These 9 smoothly animated Motion titles for Final Cut Pro are some of the most visually stunning available. The Titles pack is excellent for presentations, social media posts, and YouTube videos especially.

Download Titles Now

22. Big Simple Titles

The Big Simple Titles pack for Final Cut Pro offers 6 minimalist title animations which fit into any layout or design. They are exclusively in 1080p and are great for any YouTube or social media vlogs.

Download Big Simple Titles Now

23. Juicy Fashion Titles

This collection of adjustable titles are so modern and slick that will add a splash of style. The Juicy Fashion Titles pack for Final Cut Pro are perfect for your social media promos and announcements.

Download Juicy Fashion Titles Now

24. Bold Titles

The Bold Titles in this pack are full-screen 4K renditions that can help speed up your workflow. These creative titles are great in layering a visual flair using subtle means that won’t go unnoticed.

Download Bold Titles Now

25. Neon Titles Toolkit

Neon visual touches have come back in a big way, and you can hop in on this trend by downloading the free Neon Titles Toolkit for Final Cut Pro. With the adjustable neon titles, you can make an impressive spectacle of your videos.

26. Sales Titles Pack

This flashy illustrated pack of titles for Final Cut Pro is vibrant and creative. The titles range from cartoon to a scrapbook look and will make your product and sales videos stand out!

Download Sales Titles Pack Now

27. Abstract Lines Titles

6 clean and simple to use abstract line titles you can load into your project timeline for absolutely free. These are great for business intros, presentations, and corporate videos.

Download Abstract Lines Titles Now

28. Modern Trendy Titles

There are 14 fresh and dynamically animated titles that fit today’s mood in this pack for Final Cut Pro. You can very simply match these to your own brand colors by tabulating the titles appropriately. These creative, full-screen animations will leave your audience stunned.

Download Modern Trendy Titles Now

29. Heroic Trailer Titles

These Heroic Trailer Titles are an absolute must if you’re looking to match with the aesthetic of the big blockbuster epics of today. Capture the vibe of Hollywood action films and their trailers with this easily adjustable pack featuring 4 variations.

Download Heroic Trailer Titles Now

30. Dark Minds Titles

The Dark Minds Titles pack is excellent for capturing a gloomy tone of somber or black and white films. Create eerier-looking vibes within your modern dark tone clips with this stylish pack of Final Cut Pro titles.

Download Dark Minds Titles Now

Using Final Cut Pro Titles is necessary for just about any project being worked on, whether personal or professional. You can create a specific style with ease depending on the kind of titles you choose to utilize. The animations and visual flair in the 30 packs listed are professional and will surely impress audiences. To learn more about installing titles in Final Cut Pro, we have an awesome tutorial to sharpen your skills.

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