Top 16 Final Cut Pro Trailer Templates for Your Next Film Project

Final Cut Pro 10/05/2021 5 min read

A vital element of marketing a film is creating a fantastic, engaging trailer. Selecting the footage to use in your trailer is just the first step. A trailer also needs titles, music, and transitions to match the genre, mood, and feel of your project. Fortunately, there are plenty of Final Cut Pro trailer templates you can download and customize to suit your needs, and we’ve put a list together of the best modern and trendy templates.

Part 1: 16 Most Popular Film Trailer Templates for Final Cut Pro

1. Epic Trailer

The Epic Trailer template is a Cinematic title-based project, with 7 variations included. The 3D text floats in place before zooming toward the screen, with unique twisting lettering set against a stunning moody gradient background with light leaks and floating dust flourishes.

Download Epic Trailer Now

2. Cinematic Trailer

The Cinematic Trailer template combines media placeholders and full-screen text elements on dynamic particle backgrounds, tied together with smooth wipe transition. The modular template allows you to mix and match the media and title elements, removing or adding as needed.

Download Cinematic Trailer Now

3. Horror Trailer

The Horror Trailer project includes six text and ten media placeholders in a dramatic and suspenseful video. With slow zooms and smokey effects, this project is atmospheric and chilling, ideal for your Horror, Thriller, and Fantasy films.

Download Horror Trailer Now

4. Trailer for FCP X

This modern trailer project is fast-paced and energetic, with 6 titles and 26 media dropzones. Blue gradient backgrounds and futuristic lens flares text effects make this template ideal for your Sci-Fi and Technology films.

Download Trailer for FCP X Now

5. Dominion

Dominion is a stunning and uniquely designed template, utilizing cut-out freeze frames to add detail to each slide. With a grungy, hand-drawn feel, this project is ideal for documentaries, dramas, and thrillers.

Download Dominion Now

6. Walking Man

The Walking Man template could be used as both a Trailer and a Title Sequence, ideal for comedic and whimsical projects. Still cut-out images are overlaid on colorful background, with smoke and ink splash flourishes for a fun look.

Download Walking Man Now

7. Untouchable Guys

Untouchable Guys is a unique trailer or title sequence project featuring image cut-outs on full-screen title background. The film grain and light leak effects, combined with the dramatic title transitions, make this template an ideal choice for gangster, crime, or thriller-themed projects.

Download Untouchable Guys Now

8. Colorful Mir Trailer

The Colorful Mir Trailer project is ideal if you want to release a film announcement but have no footage to use. The entirely text-based video is a modern design with beautiful particle backgrounds and dynamic title animations.

Download Colorful Mir Trailer Now

9. Portal

Portal is a fantastically designed trailer sequence with a dark and creepy atmosphere. The template duplicates your footage and reverses it in small ‘portal’ windows surrounded by floating neon particle light, ideal for Sci-Fi and Supernatural-based projects.

Download Portal Now

10. Vintage History

As you might expect, the Vintage History template is ideal for historical documentaries and period films. With ink splash media drop zones and hand-written paper style backgrounds, the whole template is bought together with a beautiful sepia LUT and Light Leaks effect.

Download Vintage History Now

11. Short Inspire Trailer

Short Inspire is a title-based trailer template, ideal for kids and family films. The glittering gold titles float slowly toward the camera before bursting into golden fireworks-style particles, a magical-looking sequence sure to grab your viewer’s attention.

Download Short Inspire Trailer Now

12. Dark Horror Trailer

As the title suggests, the Dark Horror Trailer is a dark and spooky opener or promo for your film. With a red and black color palette, inkblot style transitions, and dark, glass shard background, you are sure to unsettle your audience.

Download Dark Horror Trailer Now

13. Memory Frames

Memory Frames is a beautifully designed and dynamically animated film reel template. The old film reels containing your media scroll swiftly across the screen, highlighted by soft lights leaks and modern text animations; perfect for documentaries.

Download Memory Frames Now

14. Innocence Files

Innocence Files is a versatile sequence that can suit a range of project types. While the template is stylized, with smoky backgrounds and cloudy transitions, the music, titles, and colors you choose for this template would allow it to work across various genres.

Download Innocence Files Now

15. The Documentary

The Documentary project is a graphically designed template featuring bold title elements and split-screen media dropzones. With light leaks, glitches, film grain and noise, and shape-based flourishes, this interesting sequence gives you a lot to look at.

Download The Documentary Now

16. Ancient War

Weapons and armor imagery float in the background, highlighting the stone-like text elements and drifting ash flourishes. Ideal for your period, war, or fantasy set project, the Ancient War template comes with all the footage you need. 

Download Ancient War Now

Part 2: Tips and Tricks for Creating the Best Film Trailer in Final Cut Pro

Once you have your chosen template, you can add your footage and titles, but you don’t need to stop there; add flourishes and customizations to suit your film’s mood and style.

Use Title Fonts

Fonts are a great way of customizing your templates to match the genre of your film trailer. Whether you are producing a Horror, Thriller, or Rom-Com, the font you use can tell a viewer as much about your story as the title itself. Motion Array has some awesome fonts you can use in your projects; check them out here.

Use Film LUTs to Match All Your Footage

LUTs are neat little presets that allow you to drag and drop color grading effects to your clips or sequence. While your footage may need color correction before adding a LUT, these presets can give your film the horror, thriller or comedy look you need. Check out Motion Array’s collection of Final Cut Pro LUT downloads.

Create Cool Effects with Slow Motion

Sometimes the clip you want to use is too short for the template, but this could be advantageous. Many trailers utilize slow motion effects to build suspense or drama; not only can using speed effects help you fit your clips to the template, but it can also look cool.

Use Transitions 

Straight cutting from shot to shot is the best way of telling a narrative story, but when it comes to your trailers, transitions can be vital. Since your trailers will be created from small scenes and shots from your film, Transitions can be used between shots and titles to help the audience understand the shortened narrative. Motion Array has a huge range of transitions to suit a variety of genres and styles. 

Add Effects such as Flares

Final Cut Pro has a lot of built-in effects that you can use to enhance your trailers, but you can also download effects plugins to add to your toolkit. From light leaks and glitches to VHS and vintage looks, adding effects to your sequence can assist in telling your story and engaging your audience.

Final Cut Pro Trailer Templates are an excellent way to create engaging content to promote your creative projects. The customizable design of these templates allows you to use as much or as little of the template design as you need, making them a great way to start your trailer project.

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