Top 15 Wedding Video Templates for Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro 29/08/2022 5 min read

A wedding should be one of the most important days of a couple’s life, and capturing that event is a big responsibility. One thing that can help take the pressure off any wedding videographer is the use of templates. Motion Array has a ton of incredible Final Cut Pro wedding templates, from title elements and animated flourishes to complete animated slideshows. Let’s look at our top 15 wedding templates for Final Cut Pro to give you some ideas.

Part 1: Top 15 Wedding Templates for Final Cut Pro

Wedding videos are a unique style of event coverage. There will always be specific shots that need to be included; exchanging of rings, cake cutting and the first dance are all must-have shots. However, as each couple is different, so too will be the specifics of their happy day; customizable templates are a fantastic tool as there really is something for every occasion. 

1. Wedding Titles & Lower Thirds

Download Wedding Titles & Lower Thirds Now

The Wedding Titles and Lower Thirds pack includes 12 beautiful title badges with a unique hand-drawn style. Each badge contains 2 title placeholders ideal for names and dates, and 4 designs include media placeholders for photos/video clips of the happy couple.

2. Floral Wedding Slideshow

Download Floral Wedding Slideshow Now

The Floral Wedding Slideshow is an excellent template for Save the Date videos or wedding highlights reels. The project includes minimal title cards, beautiful black and white split screen media dropzones, and animated watercolor flowers.

3. Wedding And Memories Slideshow

Download Wedding And Memories Slideshow Now

The Wedding And Memories Slideshow template is the ideal photo slideshow for your wedding snaps. The animation feels like photos being dropped on a surface while playful light leaks and bokeh shapes dance across the screen.

4. Wedding Invitations Pack

Download Wedding Invitations Pack Now

The Wedding Invitations Pack offers 3 short video designs ideal for sharing dates for your engagement, wedding and party invites. Each template uses a red heart theme and a 3D letter opening animation to reveal your message.

5. Love Lyric Animations 02

Download Love Lyric Animations 02 Now

The Love Lyric Animations pack includes 25 stunning, hand-drawn scribble elements for your wedding and valentines projects. The cute characters, hearts and flowers are ideal for giving your videos a cartoony splash of color.

6. Valentine Transitions Pack

Download Valentine Transitions Pack Now

The Valentines Transition Pack offers 9 beautiful and dynamic full-screen transitional elements. The red heart and rose theme is ideal for adding a colorful element to your video transitions.

7. Wedding Slideshow

Download Wedding Slideshow Now

The Wedding Slideshow project is an elegant and stylish video template featuring 25 media placeholders. The stunning split screen effects drift across the screen with beautiful light leak and lens flare effects.

8. Wedding Unique Titles

Download Wedding Unique Titles Now

The Wedding Unique Titles pack includes 9 fantastically designed badge elements with a hand-drawn, sketch-like feel. Each title works perfectly as a fullscreen title, laid over footage or colorful background, or scale them down for stunning lower thirds.

9. Elegant Wedding Titles

Download Elegant Wedding Titles Now

The Elegant Wedding Titles pack includes 9 fun titles with a unique scribble transition. The titles are boxed with customizable background colors, allowing you to add titles on top of any footage or background.

10. Wedding Color Corrections

Download Wedding Color Corrections Now

The Wedding Color Corrections set is a massive collection of 100 LUT styles to make color grading the happy day a piece of cake. From bright, overexposed looks to vintage feeling light leaks and noise and grain, you’ll find something to suit any wedding theme.

11. Wedding Slideshow

Download Wedding Slideshow Now

The Wedding Slideshow project is a stunning video, ideal for creating wedding and engagement highlights reels. The template has 17 media placeholders and 32 customizable titles for the perfect 90-second slideshow.

12. Love Story Slideshow

Download Love Story Slideshow Now

The Love Story Slideshow is a beautiful template with a unique heart framing device featuring 10 editable media and title dropzones. The smooth wipe transitions and subtle light leaks create a seamless, dynamic composition.

13. Wedding Love Story

Download Wedding Love Story Now

The Wedding Love Story includes 11 media and 12 title placeholders in a modern and dynamic design. The white circular transitions move your viewers swiftly through your clips, with simple titles ideal for save-the-date invitations.

14. Typographic Logo 

Download Typographic Logo Now

The Typographic Logo template includes 8 hand-drawn title badge designs with a cute pop-up animation. The badge designs include flowers, feathers and arrows, ideal for weddings and valentines content.

15. Hand-Drawn Wedding Titles

Download Hand-Drawn Wedding Titles Now

The Hand-drawn Wedding Titles Pack includes many elements with fun, wiggly animations. Ideal for adding sticker-style on top of your compositions, the pack contains hearts, balloons, wedding cars, champagne glasses and a wedding cake.

Part 2: 3 Top Tips for using Final Cut Pro Wedding Templates

Templates are fantastic for saving time and money on your wedding videos, but there are some mistakes editors often make when working with stock assets. Check out our top tips for using FCP templates for your wedding videography.

Fit the Wedding Theme

It can cost a lot of money to ensure a wedding is everything the happy couple wants for their special day. Most weddings will have themes, from full-on period or movie-style weddings to more specific color themes and motifs. 

You must consider the wedding theme when choosing a template for your video. If the event is full of bright colors, replicate that in your compositions; if the couple uses a more traditional tone, find templates that work for the style.

Don’t Ever do the Effects

With so many cool effects templates available, it can be tempting to go all out on your video editing. So when editing a wedding video or highlights reel, always remember the end goal – creating a lasting memory of a happy day.

Keep your compositions simple; the photos and clips should be the video’s primary focus. Only use effects, titles and flourishes when it adds to the story you are telling.

Use Music for Emotional Cues

Music is a big part of any celebration, and weddings have several points when the music is vital. Therefore, whatever track is chosen for your wedding video, it is essential to ensure the template and animation fit, but remember, you’re not making a music video.

Sometimes you’ll have several suggested tracks, and mixing them can be a great way of changing the style and pace of your compositions between, for example, the ceremony and the reception. If you’re looking for wedding music, Motion Array has tons of fantastic songs available royalty-free.

Whether you’re working as a wedding videographer or looking to edit your own wedding video, Final Cut Pro Wedding Templates are a fantastic option. Not only can templates help you save time, but they can also help you create a stunning composition in just a few clicks, even if you’re starting your editing journey. And if you’re a Premiere Pro user, check out this handy guide for Premiere Pro wedding templates.